Oaths sworn at The George, Kingsbridge, 4 November 1723 before Courtenay Croker; William Ilbert, William Cholwich and John Fowell esqs

Courtenay Croker, esq of Yealmpton (Lineham) [Signed]
Katherine Ilbert, wife of William Ilbert esq of Alvington, West [Signed]
Amy Gilbert, wife of William Gilbert esq of Alvington, West [Signed]
Sarah Gilberd, wife of William Gilberd esq of Stokenham [Signed]
Amy Gilberd, spinster of Alvington, West [Signed]
Mary Pearse of Alvington, West [Signed]
Mary Hele, spinster of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Elizabeth Gilberd, spinster of Alvington, West [Signed]
Sarah Gilberd, spinster of Alvington, West [Signed]
Katherine Cornish, wife of Samuel Cornish of Portlemouth, East [Marked "C"]
Mary Kennaway, wife of Robert Kennaway of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Jane Downing, spinster of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Alice Downing, spinster of Kingsbridge [Signed]
John Gilberd, gent of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Hurrell of Alvington, West [Marked "H"]
Hannah Davis, wife of Richard Davis of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Frances Brudenell, wife of Harthory Brudenell of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Mary Holditch (Holdich), wife of Silvester Holditch of Slapton [Signed]
Mary Sloute (Slout), wife of John Sloute of Slapton [Signed]
Letitia Isabella Bastard, wife of John Bastard of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Sarah Chappell, wife of James Chappell of Diptford [Signed]
Anne Lock (Locke), wife of Edward Lock clerk of Thurlestone [Signed]
Ruth Jellard, wife of Philip Jellard of Sherford [Marked "J"]
Agnes Perring (Pering), wife of Thomas Perring of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Mary Sweet, wife of Philip Swwet of Slapton [Marked "S"]
Walter Ratcliffe (Radcliffe), esq of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Mary Luscomb (Luscombe), wife of Nicholas Luscomb of Pool, South [Signed]
Dorothy Hayman, wife of Gawen Hayman of Pool, South [Signed]
Mary Gillard, wife of George Gillard of Dodbrooke [Marked "G"]
Ann Duer, wife of John Duer of Alvington, West [Signed]
Samuel Cornish of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Gertrude Langworthy of Loddiswell [Marked "L"]
Anthony Luke of Yealmpton [Signed]
John Sarell of Alvington, West [Marked "S"]
William Lee of Alvington, West [Marked "L"]
Dorcas Hawkins, wife of Richard Hawkins of Kingsbridge [Not signed]
Elizabeth Ford, wife of James Ford of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Amy Garland (Ford) of Kingsbridge [Marked "F"] [Second entry has surname as "Ford".]
John Bear (Beare) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Honour Bayne of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Sarah Harbin of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Elizabeth Sherston of Dodbrooke [Signed]
James Leigh of Aveton Gifford [Marked "L"]
Nicholas Garland of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Arthur Roope of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Richard Roope of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Agnes Shepherd (Shipheard) jun of Thurlestone [Signed]
Joan Bidgood of Kingsbridge [Marked "J"]
Hannah Seaman of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Benjamin Jarvis of Huish, South [Marked "J"]
Jonathan Jarvis of Huish, South [Signed]
Philip Cleave of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Joan Furlong of Loddiswell [Marked "F"]
Joan Hurrell of Loddiswell [Marked "H"]
Eleanor Hurrell of Loddiswell [Marked "H"]
Mary Brown of Alvington, West [Signed]
Agnes Bastard of Alvington, West [Marked "B"]
Lucy Prettyjohn of Stokenham [Marked "P"]
Richard Came of Chivelstone [Signed]
Elizabeth Oldriffe of ?Milton [Not signed ]
John Oldriffe of ?Milton [Not signed ]
Joan Stidston (Stidston) of Brent, South [Signed]
Elizabeth Cornish, wife of Philip Cornish of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Richard Snowdon of Loddiswell [Signed]
Joan Smith of Loddiswell [Signed]
Frances Stephens of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
John Oldriffe of Milton, South [Signed]
Elizabeth Oldriffe, wife of John Oldriffe of Milton, South [Marked "O"]
Ann Bastard, wife of Sampson Bastard of Churchstow [Marked "A"]
Joan Lavers, wife of John Lavers of Diptford [Marked "J"]
Sarah Head, wife of Thomas Head of Churchstow [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Prettyjohn jun of Stokenham [Signed]
Jane Winter of Stokenham [Marked "W"]
Barbara Groves, wife of Thomas Groves of Malborough [Marked "G"]
Walter Cook of Alvington, West [Marked "C"]
Alice Smith of Charleton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Kitt of Bigbury [Signed]
Robert Wotton of Bigbury [Signed]
Benjamin Crispin (Chrispin) of Bigbury [Signed]
Philippi Cooke of Modbury [Signed]
Mary Hoyles of Chivelstone [Marked "H"]
Joan Luke of Charleton [Marked "L"]
Joan Steer of Charleton [Marked "S"]
Mary Blank of Charleton [Marked "B"]
Nathaniel Smith of Charleton [Signed]
Margery Bastard of Charleton [Marked "B"]
Margaret Anger of Charleton [Marked "A"]
Mary Smith of Charleton [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Adams of Slapton [Signed]
Joan Adams, wife of Nicholas Adams of Slapton [Marked]
Thomas Hurrell of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Joan Phillips of Modbury [Marked "P"]
Robert Phillips of Modbury [Signed]
Robert Perrot (Perrott) of Alvington, West [Signed]
Joan Frost, wife of John Frost of Aveton Gifford [Marked "F"]
John Bower of Modbury [Signed]
Agnes Lidston, wife of Hugh Lidston of Milton, South [Marked "L"]
Richard Partridge jun of Chivelstone [Signed]
William Winchelsea (Winchelsy) of Charleton [Signed]
John Elliott of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Mathew Cornish of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Robert Elliott of Pool, South [Marked "RE"]
Jonathan Foster of Malborough [Not signed]
Nicholas Rundell (Rundel) of Malborough [Signed]
Philip White of Malborough [Marked "W"]
Stephen Goss of Malborough [Marked "G"]
William Lapthorn of Malborough [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Paddon, wife of James Paddon of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Thomas Grove of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Richard Penwarden of Cornwood [Marked "P"]
Honour Distin, wife of Thomas Distin of Kingsbridge [Marked "D"]
Joan King, wife of John King of Churchstow [Marked "K"]
John Mathew of Charleton [Signed]
Clement King of Charleton [Signed]
Caleb Elliott of Charleton [Signed]
William Easton of Charleton [Marked "WE"]
Roger Merrygame of Alvington, West [Marked "M"]
Michael Pearce of Blackawton [Marked "P"]
Thomas King of Loddiswell [Signed]
Stephen Bickford of Loddiswell [Signed]
William Chuke of Rattery [Signed]
Thomas Willing of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Anne Prestwood, wife of Thomas Prestwood esq of Huish, North [Signed]
Honour Prestwood, spinster of Huish, North [Signed]
Mary Cholwich, widow of Blackawton [Signed]
Admonition Ratcliffe (Radcliffe), wife of Walter Ratcliffe of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Petronel Bastard, spinster of Alvington, West [Signed]
Joanna Bastard of Alvington, West [Signed]
Susanna Perrin (Pering), wife of John Perrin of Blackawton [Signed]
John Adams, clerk of Blackawton [Signed]
Pollexfen Bastard, esq of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Rumbelow, clerk of Portlemouth, East [Signed]
Hester Rumbelow, wife of John Rumbelow of Portlemouth, East [Signed, signature unclear]
Anne Stephens, wife of Robert Stephens of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Amy Gilbert of Alvington, West [Not signed]
William Roope of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Elizabeth Roope of Milton, South [Signed]
Honour Knowling, wife of John Knowling of Loddiswell [Marked "K"]
Joanna Langworthy of Loddiswell [Marked "L"]
Winifred Reed of Dodbrooke [Marked "R"]
William Hesket of Sowton [Signed]
Dorothy King, widow of Loddiswell [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Fortescue of Allington, East [Signed]
Dorothy Fortescue of Allington, East [Signed]
Grace Fortescue of Allington, East [Signed]
Melony Scobell of Allington, East [Signed]
George Ley of Holbeton [Signed]
Dorothy Jutsham, wife of Richard Jutsham gent of Modbury [Marked "D"]
John Adams, gent of Dartington [Signed]
Grace Searle, wife of John Searle of Dartington [Marked "S"]
Dorcas Hawkins, wife of Richard Hawkins of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Robert Perrott of Alvington, West [Signed]
William Hingston of Blackawton [Signed]
Richard Adams of Blackawton [Marked "A"]
Nicholas Collaford of Blackawton [Signed]
Roger Dennis (Denis) of Blackawton [Signed]
Andrew Jellard of Blackawton [Signed]
John Paine of Alvington, West [Signed]
Alice Algar of Dodbrooke [Marked "A"]
Thomas Jellard of Sherford [Signed]
Susanna Jellard of Stoke Fleming [Marked "J"]
Grace Nealle of Stoke Fleming [Marked "N"]
Robert Efford of Stoke Fleming [Marked "E"]
Richard Thomas of Stoke Fleming [Marked "T"]
Joan Full, wife of George Full of Allington, East [Marked "F"]
Francis Strath of Stokenham [Signed]
Margaret Luscomb of Sherford [Marked "M"]
Alice Smith of Charleton [Not signed ]
Katherine Perrot (Perrott) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Gertrude Hurrell of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Roger Hurrell of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Elizabeth Hele of Stokenham [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Prideaux of Allington, East [Marked "P"]
Grace Distin of Allington, East [Marked "D"]
Grace Wolcott of Dodbrooke [Marked "W"]
Judith Rawlinson of Pool, South [Marked "R"]
Katherine Every, wife of Samuel Every of Portlemouth, East [Marked "K"]
Jane Randall of Stokenham [Marked "R"]
Richard Weekes of Chivelstone [Marked "W"]
Joan Winter, wife of Peter Winter sen of Stokenham [Marked "I"]
Thomas Foster of Brent, South [Signed]
Cicely Sumpter, wife of Simon Sumpter of Charleton [Marked]
Elizabeth Weeks, wife of Richard Weeks of Sherford [Marked "W"]
Judith Edmonds, wife of John Edmonds of Stokenham [Marked "E"]
John Hingston of Alvington, West [Signed]
John Hingston jun of Alvington, West [Signed]
Thomas Tillum of Alvington, West [Marked "T"]
Joan Follet (Follett) of Huish, South [Marked]
Elizabeth Hawkins of Churchstow [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Wyat, wife of Benjamin Wyat of Churchstow [Marked "W"]
Mary Cranford als Loud of Dittisham [Marked "C"]
Grace Saunders of Dittisham [Marked "S"]
John Collings of Dittisham [Marked "C"]
Joan Garland, wife of Richard Garland of Pool, South [Signed]
Elizabeth Luscomb (Luscombe) of Pool, South [Signed]
Mary Phillips of Kingsbridge [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Wadland of Blackawton [Marked "E"]
James Wadland jun of Blackawton [Signed]
Roger Lavers of Blackawton [Signed]
Amy Perrot (Perrott), wife of William Perrot esq of Alvington, West [Signed]
Jane Perrott, spinster of Alvington, West [Signed]
Elizabeth Hine, wife of John Hine of Stokenham [Marked "E"]
Mary Phillips of Kingsbridge [Not signed]
Elizabeth Giles of Modbury [Marked "E"]
Francis Phillips (Phillips) of Modbury [Marked]
Margaret Beble of Modbury [Marked "B"]
Alice Lang of Ugborough [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Hill of Ugborough [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Steer of Ugborough [Marked "S"]
William Adams of Slapton [Signed]
Mary Full, wife of George Full of Ugborough [Marked "F"]
John Andrews of Ugborough [Signed]
Dorothy Andrews of Ugborough [Signed]
Elizabeth Revell of Ugborough [Marked "R"]
Joseph Edwards of Ugborough [Signed]
John Berry of Blackawton [Marked "IB"]
Stephen Bastard jun of Charleton [Signed]
Jonathan Fostreet of Malborough [Signed]
James Phillips of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Philip Cole jun of Stokenham [Signed]
Andrew Lambell (Lambel) of Stokenham [Signed]
Joyce Rumbelo of Stokenham [Marked "R"]
Grace Yebbacomb of Stokenham [Marked "Y"]
William Jellard of Stokenham [Signed]
George Jeffery of Stokenham [Marked "J"]
Richard Hodge of Thurlestone [Signed]
Susanna Bastard of Stokenham [Marked "B"]
Walter Knight of Buckfastleigh [Marked "K"]
Elizabeth Head of Stokenham [Marked "E"]
Hannah Pope of Kingsbridge [Marked "P"]
Robert Cortus of Malborough [Signed]
Joanna Cortus of Malborough [Marked]
Walter Vivyan (Vivian) of Malborough [Signed]
Thomas Withecomb of Malborough [Signed]
Samuel Blank of Malborough [Marked "B"]
James Paddon of Malborough [Signed]
Nathaniel More of Stokenham [Marked "M"]
Joan Collins, wife of Richard Collins of Stokenham [Marked "C"]
William Burgoyn (Burgin) of Stokenham [Signed]
Rebecca Brown, wife of John Brown of Stokenham [Signed, signature unclear]
Judith Trowt, wife of Robert Trowt of Stokenham [Marked "T"]
George Head of Stokenham [Signed]
Robert Stone of Stokenham [Marked "S"]
Robert Ewens of Stokenham [Marked "E"]
John How of Stokenham [Marked "H"]
Abraham Stone of Kingsbridge [Signed]
George Preston of Kingsbridge [Marked "P"]