Oaths sworn at The George, Kingsbridge, 5 November 1723 before William Cholwich, John Fowell esq

John Piles (Piels) of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Agnes Priston, wife of John Priston of Kingsbridge [Marked]
William Wed of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Mary Milman, wife of Richard Milman of Kingsbridge [Marked]
Thomas Bidlake of Kingsbridge [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth White, wife of Robert White of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Mary Gilbert, widow of Kingsbridge [Marked "G"]
Frances Randle (Randall), wife of Henry Randle of Kingsbridge [Signed]
Elizabeth Stidson, wife of John Stidson of Kingsbridge [Marked "S"]
Wilmot Grant of Churchstow [Marked "G"]
Mary Grant of Churchstow [Signed]
Thomazin Fariweather of Churchstow [Marked "F"]
Joanna Cranch, wife of Joshua Cranch of Chivelstone [Marked "C"]
Joan Cranch of Chivelstone [Marked "JC"]
William Partridge of Chivelstone [Signed]
Anne Partridge of Chivelstone [Marked "P"]
Joshua Cranch of Chivelstone [Signed]
Peter Ellis of Alvington, West [Marked "E"]
Alice Abraham of Alvington, West [Marked "A"]
Elizabeth Hingston of Alvington, West [Marked "H"]
Thomazin Townshend of Alvington, West [Marked "T"]
Joan Pearse, wife of William Pearse of Charleton [Marked "P"]
Nicholas King of Charleton [Marked "K"]
Thomas Steel of Charleton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Stone of Charleton [Marked "S"]
Joan Cleave, wife of Thomas Cleave of Charleton [Signed]
Dorothy Helmore, wife of John Helmore of Charleton [Marked "H"]
Richard Skelly (Skelley) of Harberton [Signed]
Elizabeth Phillips of Kingsbridge [Marked "P"]
Mary Taylor of Kingsbridge [Marked "T"]
Thomas Hoyles of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Thomas Wills of Stokenham [Marked "W"]
Bartholomew Hyne of Stokenham [Marked]
Martha Coker of Bigbury [Marked "C"]
William Hurrall of Sherford [Signed]
Richard Weekes jun of Sherford [Signed]
Elizabeth Hurrell, wife of William Hurrell of Sherford [Marked "H"]
Joanna Hurrell, wife of John Hurrell of Sherford [Marked "J"]
Agnes Tolchard of Stokenham [Marked "T"]
Mary Butson of Stokenham [Signed]
Sarah Brown, wife of William Brown of Stokenham [Marked "S"]
Thomazin Warrin, widow of Stokenham [Marked "W"]
Thomazin Cawse, wife of Solomon Cawse of Stokenham [Marked "C"]
Joanna Prettijohn, wife of Nathaniel Prettijohn of Stokenham [Marked "P"]
Jane Prettyjohn (Prettijohn) of Stokenham [Marked "P"]
Peter Gillard of Stokenham [Signed]
Joan Hingston of Milton, South [Marked "H"]
Agnes Luckham of Malborough [Marked "L"]
Thomas Fursman of Dodbrooke [Signed]
Grace Cocker, wife of Richard Cocker of Dodbrooke [Marked "C"]
Salathiel? Easton of Kingsbridge [Signed]
William Hamblin of Portlemouth, East [Marked "H"]
Alice Hamblyn (Hamblin), wife of William Hamblyn of Portlemouth, East [Marked "H"]
Richard Garland of Pool, South [Signed]
Elizabeth Tolchard, wife of George Tochard of Pool, South [Marked "T"]
Richard Cartwright of Allington, East [Marked "C"]
Mary Stabb, widow of Loddiswell [Marked "S"]
Catherine Paine of Alvington, West [Marked "P"]
John Hurrell of Sherford [Signed]
Nicholas Cole of Churchstow [Signed]
Mary Gold of Charleton [Marked "G"]
Benedict Perrot (Perrott) of Dodbrooke [Marked "P"]
Philip Waymouth of Huish, South [Signed]
Elizabeth Tope, wife of Richard Tope of Charleton [Marked "T"]
Julian Wills, widow of Milton, South [Marked "W"]
John Tucker of Charleton [Marked "T"]
Mary Adams of Bigbury [Marked "A"]
Catherine Barnes of Bigbury [Marked "B"]