Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 6 November 1723 before Thomas Brown, John Gibbs and William Long

Richard Rouse of Farringdon [Signed]
Andrew Holwell of Farringdon [Signed]
William Force of Farringdon [Signed]
John Taylor of Farringdon [Signed]
William Please of Farringdon [Marked "P"]
John Taylor of Farringdon [Signed]
John Philips (Phillips) of Farringdon [Marked]
Henry Pullyn of Farringdon [Marked "P"]
William Hayman of Farringdon [Marked "H"]
William Baron of Farringdon [Marked]
Francis Burfett of Farringdon [Marked "B"]
Jane Westcott of Farringdon [Marked]
Jone Walrdon of Farringdon [Marked]
Lawrence Northcott of Farringdon [Marked]
John Clapp of Farringdon [Signed]
Anthony How of Farringdon [Signed]
Humphrey May of Farringdon [Marked "M"]
Anne Barons, widow of Farringdon [Marked "B"]
Thomas Downton of Farringdon [Marked "D"]
William Bartholomew of Farringdon [Signed]
Mary Tross (Trosse), wife of Peter Tross esq of Clyst St. George [Signed]
John Holwell of Woodbury [Signed]
Edward Holwell of Woodbury [Signed]
Mary Holwell, wife of Edward Holwell of Woodbury [Marked]
Edward Holwell jun of Woodbury [Signed]
John Holwell (Holwill) jun of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
William Sweetland (Swetland) of Budleigh, East [Signed]
Hannah Sweetland, widow of Budleigh, East [Marked "HS"]
Mary Cookney, widow of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Enoch Muttlebury (Muttleberry) of Budleigh, East [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Bagwell, widow of Budleigh, East [Marked]
George Barons of Clyst Honiton [Signed]
Mary Bennett of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "B"]
John Sheeres of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "S"]
Anne Pullen of Kenton [Marked "P"]
Joseph Jarman of Pinhoe [Signed]
Elizabeth Halse of Pinhoe [Marked "H"]
Eliza Tucker of Nether Exe [Marked "T"]
Hester Budd of Powderham [Marked "B"]
Margaret Baker of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "M"]
John Eveleigh of Clyst Hydon [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Seaman of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Mary Bastable, widow of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "B"]
Robert Fish of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "F"]
William Pridham of Newton St. Cyres [Marked]
William Payne of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
John Maidenhead of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
William Southwood of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "W"]
Peter Mutton of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "M"]
William Gittsham of Newton St. Cyres [Marked]
Henry Lampen (Lamen) of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Bridget Pitt, widow of Newton St. Cyres [Marked]
Godfrey Will of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Humphrey Bawden (Bawdon) of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Hugh Langworthy of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
James Pyke (Pike) of Topsham [Signed]
Richard Pyke (Pike) of Topsham [Signed]
Emmett Pike (Pyke), widow of Pinhoe [Marked "E"]
Robert Shilston of Dunsford [Signed]
Elizabeth Stabback of Rockbeare [Marked]
Tryphaenia Gibbs, widow of Topsham [Marked "T"]
Susanna Bond, widow of Topsham [Signed]
Susannah Hunt, widow of Brampford Speke [Marked "SH"]
Jeffery Reddicliffe of Tavistock [Marked "R"]
Samuel Cornish of Farringdon [Marked "C"]
John Rous of Topsham [Signed]
Hannah Labbdon (Labdon) of Stockleigh Pomeroy [Marked]
Anne Stanney, widow of Topsham [Signed]
Susanna Stoneman, widow of Dunsford [Marked "S"]
Mary Palmer of Clyst Honiton [Marked]
Elizabeth Warrin of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Spyrin, widow of Clyst Honiton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Pyke, widow of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "P"]
Jane Miller (Mill) of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth ?Ellylott of Colebrooke [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Elliott, widow of Colebrooke [Marked "E"]
Mary Pridham, wife of Richard Pridham of Rockbeare [Marked "M"]
John Turner of Thorverton [Not signed]
Sarah Blackmore, wife of Gregory Blackmore of Topsham [Signed]
Joseph Comber (Comer) of Topsham [Signed]
Robert Salter of Crediton [Not signed]
Thomas Ley of Kenn [Signed]
Emanuel Dingle of Kenn [Signed]
Susanna Dingle of Kenn [Signed]
Henry Maning (Manning) of Kenn [Signed]
Mathew Ridlake (Redlake) of Kenn [Signed]
Mary Ellicombe (Elicoum), wife of John Ellicombe of Kenn [Signed]
William Coombes of Exminster [Signed]
John Disting of Powderham [Signed]
Margaret Osmond of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
William Dyer of Broadclyst [Signed]
Robert Wilcox of Broadclyst [Marked]
Nicholas Gould of Broadclyst [Signed]
Mary Wilcox of Crediton [Marked "W"]
John Connett of Dunsford [Marked "C"]
John Taverner (Tavernor) of Dunsford [Signed]
Robert Preston of Dunsford [Signed]
William Woodley (Woodly) of Dunsford [Signed]
John Flood of Dunsford [Marked]
John Worth of Crediton [Signed]
Roger Saunders of Crediton [Marked "R"]
John Harris jun of Crediton [Signed]
Robert Harris of Crediton [Signed]
Samuel Lake of Crediton [Marked]
Joan Eastabrook (Eastabrooke) of Hittisleigh [Marked "E"]
Joan Seagar of Drewsteignton [Marked]
Elias Bishop (Bishopp) of Crediton Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
Elias Bishop (Bishopp) jun of Crediton [Signed]
Gregory Manning of Crediton [Signed]
John Roberts of Sandford [Marked "R"]
Isaac Delve ?Sandford/?Crediton [Signed] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Anne Tucker ?Sandford/?Crediton [Marked "A"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Elizabeth Burrington ?Sandford/?Crediton [Marked "B"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Mary Howard ?Sandford/?Crediton [Marked "M"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Grace Lee ?Sandford/?Crediton [Marked "L"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Joshua Perry ?Sandford/?Crediton [Signed] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Alice Payne ?Sandford/?Crediton [Marked "P"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Margery Mudge ?Sandford/?Crediton [Marked "M"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Humphrey May ?Sandford/?Crediton [Signed] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations]
Arthur Ellis of Drewsteignton [Marked "E"]
Jane Grinden of Hittisleigh [Marked "G"]
Richard Weekes of Drewsteignton [Marked "W"]
John Frost of Hittisleigh [Marked]
Edward Hemar (Hemer) of Sandford [Signed]
William Hooper of Crediton [Signed]
John Roberts of Crediton [Marked "J"]
Mary Sellick of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
William Vinnicombe of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Anne Bayly of Tiverton [Marked]
Elizabeth Tooke of Shobrooke [Marked "E"]
Richard Collings of Heavitree [Marked "C"]
John Hickman of Heavitree [Signed]
Edmund Williams of Heavitree [Marked "E"]
Sarah Trenchard (Trenchar), widow of Heavitree [Marked "T"]
William Arthur of Heavitree [Signed]
William Mugford of Heavitree [Marked "M"]
David Hillman of St. Leonard (Exeter) [Signed]
Henry Osmond sen of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Henry Osmond jun of Stoke Canon [Signed]
John Pitt of Christow [Marked "J"]
William Hore of Christow [Marked "H"]
Samuel Cornish of Farringdon [Not signed or marked]
Melony Long, widow of Farringdon [Marked "L"]
Joane Holcombe (Holcomb), spinster of Sandford [Marked]
Ann Holcombe (Holcomb) of Sandford [Marked "A"]
Mary Holcombe (Holcomb) of Sandford [Marked "H"]
Richard Horrell of Whitestone [Marked "R"]
William Small of Whitestone [Not signed]
John Way of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "W"]
Benjamin Robins of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "R"]
Martin Selly (Selley) of Romansleigh [Signed]
Agnes Pope of Powderham [Marked "P"]
Wilmot Farlett of Tawton, South [Marked "W"]
Michael Hilman (Hillman) of Topsham [Signed]
Elizabeth Hilman (Hillman), wife of Michael Hilman of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Pounse (Pounce) of Topsham [Signed]
Charles Shenton of Mamhead [Marked "S"]
Sara Skinner, wife of John Skinner of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Hawkins of Topsham [Signed]
Sarah Walter, wife of John Walter of Silverton [Signed]
William Dicker of Crediton [Signed]
Aaron Moore of Broadclyst [Signed]
Joane Moore, wife of Aaron Moore of Broadclyst [Marked]
Edward Tucker of Broadclyst [Signed]
William Moore of Broadclyst [Not signed]
Thomasin Tucker, wife of Edward Tucker of Broadclyst [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Moore, wife of William Moore of Broadclyst [Signed]
Edward Martyn of Broadclyst [Signed]
Margaret Martyn, wife of Edward Martyn of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
John Perry of Broadclyst [Marked "P"]
Richard Moore of Broadclyst [Signed]
Merriam Wilson of Broadclyst [Marked "W"]
Richard Newbury of Broadclyst [Marked "N"]
Ralph Tucker of Broadclyst [Marked "R"]
Ellen Chappell, wife of Christopher Chappell of Broadclyst [Signed]
Robert Chamberlyn of Broadclyst [Signed]
Frances Chamberlyn, wife of Robert Chamberlyn of Broadclyst [Marked "C"]
Peter Cogan of Broadclyst [Marked "P"]
John Symms of Broadclyst [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Chappell of Broadclyst [Marked "E"]
Robert Taylor of Broadclyst [Signed]
Rebecca Taylor, wife of Robert Taylor of Broadclyst [Signed]
Edward Ratcliffe of Broadclyst [Signed]
Julian Heathfield of Broadclyst [Marked "J"]
Charles Evans of Broadclyst [Signed]
Mary Evans of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
William Symons of Broadclyst [Signed]
Mary Bennett of Broadclyst [Marked "B"]
James Dennis of Broadclyst [Marked "D"]
Richard Boucher (Boutcher) of Broadclyst [Signed]
Hester Foster of Broadclyst [Marked "H"]
Edward Martyn jun of Broadclyst [Signed]
Mary Martyn of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
Francis Stile of Broadclyst [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Vinicomb (Vinicombe) of Broadclyst [Marked "N"]
William Rewe of Broadclyst [Marked "W"]
Mary Taylor of Broadclyst [Marked "T"]
Henry Martyn of Broadclyst [Signed]
Chris: Hawkins of Broadclyst [Marked "C"]
Francis Palmer of Broadclyst [Marked "P"]
Henry Dennis of Broadclyst [Marked "D"]
George Arthur of Broadclyst [Marked "A"]
Henry Pomeroy of Broadclyst [Marked "P"]
Susanna Mountstephen of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
George Perry of Broadclyst [Signed]
Francis Palmer jun of Broadclyst [Marked "P"]
Wilmot Melhuish, wife of Saunder Melhuish of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]