Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 6 November 1723 before John Gibbs and Thomas Brown

Richard King, clerk of Topsham [Signed]
Thomas Higgons, clerk of Kenton [Signed]
George Comyns, clerk of Doddiscombsleigh [Signed]
Philip Fish, gent of Sandford [Signed]
Roger Pyne, gent of Heavitree [Signed]
Roger Pyne jun, gent of Heavitree [Signed]
Simon Brooking, gent of Alphington [Signed]
William Long (Longe), esq of Mamhead [Signed]
Roger Cheek (Cheeke), esq of Heavitree [Signed]
Anne Cheek (Cheeke), wife of Roger Cheek esq of Heavitree [Signed]
John Snell, clerk of Heavitree [Signed]
Susanna Snell, wife of John Snell clerk of Heavitree [Signed]
David Berchinsha (Birchinsha) of Clyst St. Lawrence [Signed]
Thomas Wright, esq of Heavitree [Signed]
Langdon Full, esq of Cornworthy [Signed]
Mary Ceely of Topsham [Signed]
James Spurway of Heavitree [Marked "I"]
William Ilbert jun, gent of Alvington, West [Signed]
Grace Connybere (Conybeare), widow of Pinhoe [Signed]
John Turner of Thorverton [Signed]
William Escott of Woodbury [Marked]
Joan Perry of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
John Palmer of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
Jonas Leonard of Woodbury [Marked "L"]
Anthony Copplestone of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Samuel Palmer of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
Elias Sandford of Woodbury [Marked "E"]
Sarah Adams of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
William Leonard of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
Ephraim Dalley (Dally) of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
Richard Haley of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
J...? Leonard of Woodbury [Not signed]
William Hellmore (Helmor) of Upton Pyne [Signed]
Jonas Tucker of Nether Exe [Marked "T"]
Mark Barnes of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "B"]
Mary Mole, wife of John Mole of Exminster [Marked "M"]
Mary Lee, wife of John Lee of Exminster [Marked "L"]
William Dicks of Chagford [Marked "D"]
William Clift Cleefe of Chagford [Marked "C"]
Oliver Clift (Clffe) of Chagford [Signed]
Roger Trend of Chagford [Signed]
Margaret Rowe of Chagford [Marked "R"]
Robert Ellis of Chagford [Signed]
Gregory Soper of Chagford [Marked "G"]
John Clement of Chagford [Marked "C"]
John Northcott of Chagford [Marked "J"]
Thomas Osborn of Chagford [Not signed]
Thomas Osburn (Osborne) of Chagford [Marked "O"]
Martha Buckingham, wife of John Buckingham of Crediton [Signed]
Samuel Nosworthy of Kenn [Signed]
William Smale of Whitestone [Marked "S"]
Richard Splatt of Whitestone [Signed]
Chris: Warren of Whitestone [Signed]
Richard Roberts of Whitestone [Marked "R"]
William Selly of Whitestone [Marked "S"]
Alice Pyke of Whitestone [Marked "A"]
Alice Fox, widow of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "F"]
Argentum Edmonds of Holcombe Burnell [Marked "A"]
George Farman Jarman of Holcombe Burnell [Marked "G"]
John Pulley of Holcombe Burnell [Marked "P"]
Charles Bicknell of Holcombe Burnell [Marked "B"]
Tuball? Caseley of Holcombe Burnell [Signed, signature unclear.]
Wilmot Caseley (Casely), widow of Holcombe Burnell [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth ?Scanes, spinster of Holcombe Burnell [Marked "S"]
George Larkham of Rewe [Signed]
Nicholas Warren of Dunsford [Signed]
William Scutt of Chagford [Marked]
William Milford of Nether Exe [Signed]
Alice Milford, wife of William Milford of Nether Exe [Marked "A"]
Robert Pewtner of Alphington [Marked "P"]
Trephenia Pewtner of Alphington [Marked "T"]
Joanna Lovering of Woodbury [Marked "L"]
Henry Critchard (Crichard) of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
William Clapp of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
Anne Leat of Woodbury [Marked "A"]
Eliza. Warnell of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
John Perry of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
Edward Yard (Yarde), esq of Churchstow [Signed]
Susan Yard (Yarde), wife of Edward Yard esq of Churchstow [Signed]
John Yard (Yarde) of Churchstow [Signed]
Francis Yard (Yarde) of Churchstow [Signed]
Richoard Duck of Heavitree [Marked "Rich"]
Judith Isaack of Heavitree [Signed]
Jane Pinse (Pince) of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Pinse (Pince) of Topsham [Signed]
Anne Pinse (Pince) of Topsham [Signed]
Humphrey Holman of Dunsford [Marked "H"]
Thomas Connett of Dunsford [Marked "C"]
John Roberts of Dunsford [Marked "R"]
John Hill of Dunsford [Marked "H"]
Margery Connett of Dunsford [Marked]
Thomas Lee of Dunsford [Marked "L"]
Margaret Lee of Dunsford [Marked "L"]
Wilmot Trend of Dunsford [Marked "T"]
John Ridaway (Reddaway) of Dunsford [Signed]
William Taverner of Dunsford [Marked "W"]
Robert Yendal (Yendell) of Dunsford [Signed]
John Jarvis of Dunsford [Signed]
Elizabeth Dyamond of Dunsford [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Strong of Dunsford [Marked "S"]
Hester Lamacraft of Bridford [Marked "H"]
Richard Mortimore of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Hare of Shillingford St. George [Signed]
William Sampson of Shillingford St. George [Signed]
James Fletcher (Flutcher) of Shillingford St. George [Signed]
John Hayman of Heavitree [Marked]
Robert Ford of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed] [Signature unclear.]
Joan Seaward of Farringdon [Marked "S"]
William Archer of Christow [Marked "A"]
Christopher Connett (Connet) of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Zachary Thorne of Kenton [Signed]
Edward Wills of Kenton [Marked]
Mary Townsend of Christow [Marked "+"]
John Archer of Christow [Signed]
Joseph Hore of Christow [Signed]
Thomas Havell of Christow [Marked "H"]
Peter Tucker of Christow [Marked "T"]
Robert Salter of Crediton [Marked "R"]
Lawrence Splatt of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "S"]
Philip Reed of Tiverton [Signed]
John Wills of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "W"]
Best Splatt of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
Richard Hexter of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "H"]
Paul Triggs of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "P"]
John Tippett of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "J"]
Agnes Clash, widow of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "A"]
John Browning of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Smart of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
Joan Tremlett, spinster of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "T"]
Agnes Trump, widow of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "A"]
Andrew Preston of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "A"]
Agnes Moore of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "M"]
Lawrence Smallridge of Whitestone [Marked "L"]
John Gould of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
George Bellary of Christow [Marked "B"]
Robert Venn of Woodbury [Signed]
Robert Perry of Woodbury [Signed]
Edward Knight of Woodbury [Marked "K"]
John Shovell of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
Richard Bevis (Beavis) of Woodbury [Marked "B"]
Mary Trapnell of Woodbury [Marked "M"]
Mary Lovering of Woodbury [Marked "L"]
William Ridge of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
Joanna Johns of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
John Farrant of Woodbury [Marked "I"]
Peter Chowne of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
Ephraim Daley of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
Jane Horrwood of Woodbury [Marked "H"] [Surname altered, original spelling unclear]
Thomas Jackson of Woodbury [Marked "I"]
Mary Ritley of Woodbury [Marked "M"]
Constance White of Woodbury [Marked "C"]
Dorothy Elliott of Woodbury [Signed]
Sarah Webber, widow of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
Dorothy Turner of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
Robert Podger of Woodbury [Marked "P"]
Edward Bayly of Woodbury [Marked "E"]
John Gribbell of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
Anstice Symmons of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
George Pring (Pringe) of Woodbury [Signed]
James Wyatt of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
William Wyatt of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
Margaret Trapnell of Woodbury [Signed]