Oaths sworn at The Dolphin, Honiton, 25 November 1723 before John Drake bart and Thomas Carew esq

Simon Smith, weaver of Hemyock [Marked]
John Holway, husbandman of Hemyock [Signed]
Mark Scadding, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
John Manley jun, yeoman of Hemyock [Signed]
William Kellond, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
John Wilmington, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
Philip Manley, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
Peter Manley, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
Roger Maney, brazier of Hemyock [Marked]
Thomas Leaman, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
Elizabeth Leamon (?Lemon) of Hemyock [Signed, signature unclear]
John Kellond (Kelland), blacksmith of Hemyock [Signed]
John Colman, yeoman of Hemyock [Signed]
William Henson (Hanson), yeoman of Hemyock [Signed]
John Lugg, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked "I"]
William Quick, yeoman of Hemyock [Signed]
Bridget Manley (Manly), spinster of Hemyock [Marked]
Margaret Bussell, widow of Hemyock [Marked]
Robert Apling (Aplinge), weaver of Hemyock [Signed]
Susannah Serle, spinster of Hemyock [Marked]
Robert Manning, miller of Hemyock [Marked]
John Manly, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked "X"]
Moses Scadding, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked "S"]
Aaron Scadding, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked "A"]
Robert Farrant, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked "F"]
Malachi Wilmeton, yeoman of Hemyock [Marked]
Thomas Cordwent, yeoman of Hemyock [Signed]
John Somerhayes (Somerhay), innholder of Hemyock [Signed]
James Cooke, sergemaker of Culmstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Cooke, wife of James Cooke sergemaker of Culmstock [Marked "E"]
Sarah Cooke, wife of John Cooke of Culmstock [Marked "S"]
Anne Churley (Churly), wife of Nicholas Churley of Culmstock [Signed]
George Fry, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked]
John Bond, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Nicholas Leamon, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "+"]
Joseph Blackmore, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "I"]
Robert Stone, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Margaret Burrow, widow of Culmstock [Marked]
George Leamon, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "G"]
William Burrow, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "+"]
John Hartnoll, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "H"]
William Blackmore, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Richard Blackmore, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Joane Court, spinster of Culmstock [Marked "+"]
John Marks, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Edward Studely (Studley), yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "E"]
Thomas Studely (Studley), yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
John Hurford, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
William Hurford, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
John Hurford jun of Culmstock [Marked]
John Boone (Boon), yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "B"]
John Sheppard, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "I"]
Joane Redwood, widow of Culmstock [Marked "R"]
Charity Somerhayes, spinster of Culmstock [Marked "C"]
Edward Hatchett, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked]
John Frank, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "I"]
Thomas Blackmore, miller of Culmstock [Signed]
William Lockyer (Lokyer), yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Thomas Lane, taylor of Culmstock [Signed]
John Mills, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "X"]
John Page, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked "P]
Simon Chard, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked]
William Redwood, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked]
William Lea, yeoman of Culmstock [Marked]
William Pocock, yeoman of Culmstock [Signed]
Mary Pocock (Pococke), widow of Culmstock [Signed]
John Mark (Marke), yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked]
Thomas Warren, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked "T"]
Thomas Warren jun of Clayhidon [Marked "+"]
Elizabeth Bennett, spinster of Clayhidon [Marked]
James Troke (Troak), yeoman of Clayhidon [Signed]
Mary Troake (Troke), widow of Clayhidon [Marked "M"]
William Poole, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked]
Alexander Rowsewell, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked]
Henry Jennings, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked]
Thomas Palmer, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked "P"]
Robert Hutchins, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked]
William Hutchins, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked]
Elias Harris, yeoman of Clayhidon [Marked "H"]
James Lutley, cooper of Clayhidon [Marked "I"]
John Dawe, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Marked "I"]
Thomas Davey, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Marked "T"]
Benjamin Callow (Callowe), yeoman of Dunkeswell [Signed]
Thomas Russell, yeoman of Dunkeswell [Marked]
Edmund Hitchcock, yeoman of Challacombe (Buscombe) [Marked "H"]
Samuel Tucker, yeoman of Uffculme [Marked "S"]
William Cooke, yeoman of Uffculme [Marked]
Bridget Cooke, wife of William Cooke of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
John Hurley, yeoman of Uffculme [Signed]
Elizabeth Kitchell, widow of Uffculme [Marked]
Mary Ackland, spinster of Uffculme [Marked "M"]
Peter Dumett (Dummett), yeoman of Uffculme [Signed]
Edward Pring, taylor of Sheldon [Marked "E"]
Francis Blackmore, yeoman of Sheldon [Marked "B"]
Mark Crosse, yeoman of Sheldon [Marked "C"]
Amos Marke, yeoman of Sheldon [Signed]
Jonathan Blackmore, yeoman of Sheldon [Marked "J"]
Humphrey Pring, miller of Sheldon [Marked "+"]
Samuel Burford, yeoman of Churchstanton [Marked]
Joan Pike, spinster of Churchstanton [Marked "I"]
Thomas Baxter, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
Thomas Rosewell, yeoman of Churchstanton [Signed]
Henry Doble, yeoman of Churchstanton [Marked]
Robert Boon, yeoman of Churchstanton [Marked "R"]
Thomas Streett, yeoman of Churchstanton [Marked "S"]
Hannah Hackham, spinster of Upottery [Marked "+"]
Agnes Herne, spinster of Upottery [Signed]
Alexander Frank, yeoman of Upottery [Marked]
Zacheus Berry (Burrey), yeoman of Upottery [Marked "Z"]
Edward Pearse jun of Luppitt [Signed]
Rebecca Pearse, wife of Edward Pearse sen of Luppitt [Marked "P"]
William Lee jun of Luppitt [Signed]
Grace Lee of Luppitt [Signed]
Andrew Gould, gent of Luppitt [Signed]
George Bradley of Luppitt [Marked "GB"]
Elizabeth Force of Luppitt [Signed]
Elizabeth Rownsabell, widow of Buckerell [Marked "R"]
Joan Marwood, wife of Thomas Marwood of Widworthy [Marked "M"]
John Bond of Colyton [Signed]
Daniel Power of Colyton [Signed]
John Hellier (Hellear) of Colyton [Signed]
Aaron Tanner of Colyton [Marked "T"]
Peter Bagwill of Colyton [Marked "B"]
Joanna Tiller of Upottery [Signed] [Surname has been altered and is illegible. Spelling derived from signature.]
Mary Farrer, wife of John Farrer of Luppitt [Signed]
Deborah Clode, wife of Samuel Clode of Upottery [Signed]
James Fry of Culmstock [Signed]
John Stephens of Dunkeswell [Signed]
Thomas Townsend jun of Uffculme [Signed]
Jane Townsend, wife of Thomas Townsend of Uffculme [Marked "T"]
Edward Bonifant of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
Joseph Smith of Shute [Marked "S"]
John Dyer of Shute [Marked "D"]