Oaths sworn at William Passmore, Stoke Canon, 30 November 1723 before Bampfylde Rodd and Thomas Brown esq

William Pasmore, gent of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Elizabeth Pasmore (Pasmor), wife of William Pasmore gent of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Mary Willcocks, wife of Phillip Willcocks of Broadclyst [Marked "W"]
Edward Flood of Brampford Speke [Marked "F"]
John Triggs of Brampford Speke [Signed]
John Tucker of Stoke Canon [Marked "T"]
Joan Tucker of Stoke Canon [Marked "JT"]
Wilmot Dewdney, wife of Richard Dewdney of Stoke Canon [Marked "D"]
Dorothy Warren of Stoke Canon [Marked "W"]
Julian Fursdon, wife of John Fursdon of Stoke Canon [Marked "F"]
Sarah Smith, wife of Samuel Smith of Stoke Canon [Marked "S"]
William Smith of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Jane Rutley of Thorverton [Marked "R"]
Thomas Lidgould, clerk of Rewe [Signed]
Honour Lidgould, wife of Thomas Lidgould clerk of Rewe [Signed]
Joan Osmond, wife of Henry Osmond of Stoke Canon [Marked "O"]
Thomazin Smeth, wife of Nicholas Smeth of Brampford Speke [Marked "S"]
John Collins, clerk of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Elizabeth Glass, wife of Michael Glass of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Mary Osmond, wife of Philip Osmond of Tiverton [Marked "O"]
Priscilla Glass, wife of Thomas Glass of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Grace Short, wife of Richard Short of Cadbury [Signed]
John Fort of Stoke Canon [Signed]
Elizabeth Eveleigh, widow of Rewe [Marked "E"]
John Pomeroy (Pomery) of Broadclyst [Signed]
Honour Dewdney, wife of Henry Dewdney of Stoke Canon [Marked "D"]