Oaths sworn at Newton Bushel, Highweek, 13 November 1723 before John Lear bart and Richard Reynell esq

Mary Kingwell, wife of Richard Kingwell of Ashburton [Marked "K"]
Robert Smerdon of Dean Prior [Signed]
Richard Webber of Ogwell, West [Signed]
John Caunter of Ogwell, East [Not signed]
John Mortimer of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Agnes Chafe of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Anstis Hamlyn of Ilsington [Not signed]
Joan Windeat of Kingskerswell [Marked "W"]
George Connet (Connett) of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
Josias Breaker (Bracker) of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Anthony Forse of Bishopsteignton [Marked "F"]
Henry Hamlyn of Bishopsteignton [Marked "H"]
John Isaac of Bishopsteignton [Entered by clerk, not signed or marked]
Josiah Richards, clerk of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Julian Snelling, widow of Hennock [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Cade of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Benjamin Prowse of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Peter Philsom of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "PP"]
Richard Jervas (Jarvis) of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "J"]
William Bickford of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
John Row jun of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
John Reed of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
Jeffery Nichols of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "N"]
William Cock of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
William Colliton of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "WC"]
Robert Cowle of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "RC"]
Richard Wilkins of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
John Morrish of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "M"]
Abraham Latimer of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
John Ridgway of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
William Sampson of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
Alexander Elliott of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "E"]
Edward Philp of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
William Hussey of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
Peter Coyle of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Sarah Ridgeway of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
Joan Payne, ?spinster of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
William Pooke of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
John Lux of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
Alexander Dey of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "D"]
John Chinick of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
John Courtis of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Webber of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Paynter of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
John Stuckey of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Stephen Payn (Payne) of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
John Jervas of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "J"]
Robert Seager of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "S"]
Ezekias Bowden of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Sampson Stephens of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Anthony Wood of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Abigail Kelly (Keley) of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Richard Bale of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
John Parr of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "JP"]
Mark Rowe (Row) of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
John Tucker of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "T"]
William Owens of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "O"]
William Band of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
Ann Bond, wife of William Bond of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
Peter Soper of Bovey Tracey [Marked "S"]
Mary Langmead of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
John Carell of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Richard Barter of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Lewis Prowse of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Elias Prowse of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Thomas Full of Abbotskerswell [Marked "F"]
Robert Bulley of Abbotskerswell [Marked "B"]
Ezekiel Abraham of Abbotskerswell [Marked "A"]
Richard Garret (Garrett) of Abbotskerswell [Marked "G"]
Thomas Codner of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
William Wallis of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
Grace Alexander of Abbotskerswell [Marked "A"]
Peter ?Githam of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
Abraham Creed of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Mary Creed of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Jonas Barter of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Samuel Neck of Kingskerswell [Marked "N"]
John Yeabsly (Yeabsleigh) of Kingskerswell [Marked "Y"]
Mary Bennet of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Philip Caunter (Canter) of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Samuel Hannaford (Hanneford) of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Samuel Codner of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Sarah Sarrell of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Edward Codner of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Joseph Codner of Kingskerswell [Marked "JC"]
Richard Colliton of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
John Hill of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Joan Wood, widow of St. Nicholas [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Goss, widow of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
Thomas Rich of St. Nicholas [Marked "R"]
Mary Rich, widow of St. Nicholas [Marked "R"]
John King of St. Nicholas [Marked "K"]
Alice Ford of St. Nicholas [Marked "F"]
John Rich of St. Nicholas [Marked "R"]
Mary Davy of St. Nicholas [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Ebdon of St. Nicholas [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Goodman of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
Mary ?Grant of St. Nicholas [Not signed]
Mary Drew of St. Nicholas [Not signed]
John Stephens of Denbury [Signed]
Anne Stephens, widow of Denbury [Signed]
William Bully of Ipplepen [Not signed or marked]
Margery Bulley, wife of William Bulley of Ipplepen [Not signed or marked]
John Drew (Drewe) of Ipplepen [Marked "D"]
Mary Langmead of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
Thomas Tothill of Kingsteignton [Not signed]
John Langdon of Lustleigh [Not signed]
John Elliot (Elliott) of Kingskerswell [Marked "E"]
John Selman of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "S"]
John Lyles of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
Mary Rich of St. Nicholas [Not signed]
Joan Howard of St. Marychurch [Marked "J"]
Avis Cater of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
Edward Metherell of Marldon [Signed]
Christopher Adams of Marldon [Signed]
John ?Dashper of Marldon [Not signed]
John Wheadon of Marldon [Marked "W"]
Stephen Smith of Churston Ferrers [Signed]
Katherine Blackford of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Zachary Drew of Coffinswell [Signed]
Katherine Pepper of Paignton [Marked "P"]
Jane Barter, widow of Teignmouth, East [Marked "B"]
Humphrey Palmer of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
John Wilkin of Teignmouth, East [Not signed]
George Bowden of Churston Ferrers [Marked "B"]
Lawrence Lang of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
John Bussell of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Joseph Tapley of St. Marychurch [Marked "T"]
Thomas Hutchins of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
John Emlinge of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Mary Langmead of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
Richard Barter of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
Christopher Lang of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
Thomas Jackson of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
James Wilkin of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
John Stabb of Tormoham [Signed]
Caleb Call (Cole) of Tormoham [Signed]
Jeffery Bickford of Tormoham [Signed]
Thomas Brand of Tormoham [Not signed]
Robert Priston of Tormoham [Marked "P"]
James Withecombe of Tormoham [Marked "W"]
Thomas Hurrell of Tormoham [Marked "H"]
John Harcombe of Tormoham [Marked "JH"]
William Efford of Tormoham [Marked "E"]
William Blatch of Tormoham [Marked "B"]
Daniel Pomeroy, gent of Brixham [Signed]
Agnes Jeffery of Tormoham [Marked "J"]
Dorothy Ball of Bishopsteignton [Not signed]
Katherine Way of Kingsteignton [Not signed]
Christopher Edwards of Teignmouth, West [Not signed]
John Bickford of St. Nicholas [Signed]
Roger Evans of St. Marychurch [Not signed or marked]
George Credeford (Credeford) of Ipplepen [Signed]
Joan Credeford, wife of George Credeford of Ipplepen [Marked "C"]
Mary Fathers, wife of Stephen Fathers of Chudleigh [Marked "F"]
Grace Delve of Chudleigh [Marked "D"]
Ann Puddicombe of Chudleigh [Signed]
Anna Collings of Chudleigh [Signed]
Nicholas Cunnet of Chudleigh [Not signed or marked]
Mary Collings, wife of Joseph Collings of Hennock [Not signed or marked]
Nicholas Petherbridge of Brixham [Marked "P"]
William Petherbridge of Brixham [Marked "W"]
John Petherbridge of Brixham [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Petherbridge of Brixham [Marked "EP"]
Elizabeth Southcot (Southcott), wife of William Southcot of Dawlish [Signed]
James Bickford of Tormoham [Signed]
Philip Stooke of Tormoham [Signed]
Joseph Tooly of Tormoham [Marked "T"]
Christopher Collwell (Colwell) of Tormoham [Marked "C"]
Thomas Bawdon of Denbury [Marked "B"]
Giles Pope of Denbury [Marked "P"]
John Ashford of Denbury [Marked "A"]
John Latch of Denbury [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Hooper of Denbury [Marked "H"]
Edward Witheren of Denbury [Marked "W"]
John Hingston of Denbury [Marked "H"]
John Davis of Denbury [Marked "D"]
John Bickford of Denbury [Signed]
Thomas Bowdon of Woodland [Signed]
Samuel Bickford of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Andrew Hayward of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
John Goswell (Goswill) of Denbury [Signed]
Judith Bully of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Henry Brawn of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
John Collin (Collins) of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
William Meardon of St. Nicholas [Marked "M"]
Anne ?C...ens of St. Nicholas [Not signed or marked]
John Brayne, clerk of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Jane Brayne, wife of John Brayne clerk of Abbotskerswell [Marked "B"]
Henry Browse of Brixham [Signed]
Lawrence Eaton of Kingskerswell [Signed]
John Dinham, gent of Highweek [Signed]
Samuel Gale of Abbotskerswell [Marked "G"]
Isaac Gilling, clerk of Wolborough (Newton Abbot) [Signed]
Elizabeth Gilling of Wolborough (Newton Abbot) [Signed]
Elizabeth Drake of Ipplepen [Signed]
Richard Philip Blackler of Broadhempston [Signed]
Henry Blackaller of Stokeinteignhead [Not signed]
John Bickford of ?Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Margaret Kingwell of Ashburton [Marked "K"]
Alice Cawsey of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
John Newcombe of Kingskerswell [Not signed or marked]
Jane Adams of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "A"]
Valentine Apter of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "V"]
John Rendle of Combeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
Mary Clampit of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
John Trott of Combeinteignhead [Marked "T"]
Thomas Codner of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Roger Gascoigne (Gasking) of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Richard Palk (Palke) of Littlehempston [Signed]
Joan Lang of Coffinswell [Marked "L"]
John Thorn of Highweek [Marked "T"]
John Pater of Highweek [Marked "P"]
John Langworthy of Highweek [Marked "L"]
John Collings of St. Nicholas [Not signed]
William Wood of ?St. Nicholas [Marked "W"] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Thomas Westlake of Kingsteignton [Signed, signature unclear]
James Ball of Kingsteignton [Marked "B"]
John Martin of Kingsteignton [Marked "M"]
Joan Howard of Kingsteignton [Marked "H"]
Peter Beare of Kingsteignton [Not signed]
George Goddard of Kingsteignton [Marked "G"]
William Gildon of Kingsteignton [Marked "G"]
Richard Way of Kingsteignton [Marked "W"]
Robert Mawry of Kingsteignton [Marked "M"]
Christian Norman of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Joan Ham, widow of Kingsteignton [Marked "H"]
William Badcock of Kingsteignton [Not signed]
Richard Jackson of Kingsteignton [Marked "J"]
John Emlyn of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
Elias Gascoigne of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
John Fox of St. Nicholas [Marked "F"]
Elias Stiggins of St. Nicholas [Marked "S"]
William ?Scrittots of St. Nicholas [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Thorne of Combeinteignhead [Marked "T"]
Mary ?Cerly of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Margery Soper of Bovey Tracey [Marked "B" [sic]] [Forename altered from "Mary".]
Thomas Watling of Hennock [Signed]
William Pinson of Hennock [Marked "P"]
John Richards of Teignmouth, East [Marked "R"]
Mary Shilston of Chudleigh [Marked "S"]
Susanna Bully of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
Elizabeth Ford of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
Ann Full of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
James Parrot of Denbury [Not signed]
Thomas Jackson of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Thomas Harris of Bovey Tracey [Marked "H"]
William Clift of Coffinswell [Not signed]
Thomas Lang of Coffinswell [Signed]
William Cridiford (Crideford) of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
Stephen Alexander of Coffinswell [Not signed]
George Sampson of Coffinswell [Marked "S"]
Richard Sampson of Coffinswell [Marked "S"]
George Reed of Coffinswell [Marked "R"]
Richard Crockwell of Coffinswell [Signed]
William Howard of Coffinswell [Not signed]
William Ball of Coffinswell [Signed]
Thomas Huchings of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
Thomas Bowdon of Denbury [Not signed]
Edward ?Wetherdon of Denbury [Not signed]
John ?Pyne of Teignmouth, East [Not signed]
Elizabeth Hooper of Denbury [Not signed]
John Emlin of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
John Nosworthy of Manaton [Signed]
Thomas Pethebridge of Manaton [Not signed]
Nicholas Curtis of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
John Neck of Kingskerswell [Not signed]
Edward Codner of ?Kingskerswell [Not signed] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Thomas Drew of ?Kingskerswell [Signed] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Noah ?Helm... of >Kingskerswell [Not signed] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Robert West of ?Kingskerswell [Marked "W"] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Grace Codner of ?Kingskerswell [Marked "C"] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
John Murch jun of Allington, East [Signed]
William Andrew of Blackawton [Marked "A"]
John Elliot (Elliott) of Blackawton [Marked "E"]
Samuel Hyne of Blackawton [Marked "H"]
Richard Widger of Ilsington [Not signed]
Mary Widger, wife of Richard Widger of Ilsington [Not signed]
Wilmot Bickford of Coffinswell [Not signed]
Grace Chaplin of Coffinswell [Not signed]
Mary Rich of Coffinswell [Not signed]
Thomas Rennell jun of Ogwell, East [Not signed]
William Rennell of Ogwell, East [Not signed]
Grace Squarry of St. Nicholas [Marked "S"]
John Oakman of St. Nicholas [Signed]
Samuel Bickford of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Andrew Hayward of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Joan Cove, wife of Nicholas Cove esq of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Amy Eveleigh, wife of John Eveleigh clerk of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Agnes Ball, widow of Bishopsteignton [Marked "B"]
Anne Ball, wife of Nicholas Ball of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
John Taylor of Bishopsteignton [Marked]
John Humphry of Bishopsteignton [Not signed]
Richard Long of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Richard Clare of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Mary Gardner of St. Marychurch [Marked]
Richard Jackson of St. Marychurch [Marked "J"]
Isaac Peetle of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
William Sowdon (Soudon) of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Elizabeth Odams of Marldon [Not signed]
Michael Lawrence of Churston Ferrers [Marked "L"]
William Brooke (Brook) of Churston Ferrers [Marked "B"]
Nathaniel Pike of Churston Ferrers [Signed]
John Hannaford of Churston Ferrers [Marked "H"]
Daniel Wadland of Churston Ferrers [Signed]
John Gibbs of Churston Ferrers [Signed]
William Boon of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Richard Skerdon of Churston Ferrers [Signed] [signed "Richard Ske".]
William Janes of Chudleigh [Marked "J"]
Bernard Pitts of Coffinswell [Not signed]
Henry Dugdale of Churston Ferrers [Not signed]
Peter Chinnick (Chineck) of ye same Churston Ferrers [Signed]
John Alward of Tormoham [Marked "A"]
John Ford of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
George Parsons jun of Kingsteignton [Not signed]
William Paddon of Kingsteignton [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Paddon, wife of William Paddon of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Mary Colman of Kingsteignton [Marked "C"]
Mary Colman jun of Kingsteignton [Marked "M"]
Anne Edwards of Denbury [Not signed]
Sarah Saxton of ?Denbury [Marked "S"] [Residence unclear because previous entry crossed through.]
Elizabeth Martyn of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Elias Hore of St. Nicholas [Marked "H"]
Mary Drew of St. Nicholas [Marked "D"]
Richard Hawkins of St. Marychurch [Not signed]
Rawleigh Gilbert (Gylbert), esq of Marldon [Signed]
Mary Browse of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Jane Webber of Paignton [Marked "W"]
Catherine Penny of Berry Pomeroy [Marked "P"]
Dorothy Downing of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "D"]
Catherine Way (Waye) of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Dorothy Ball of Kingsteignton [Marked "B"]
Anne Peek (Peeke) of [query] [Marked "P"]
Richard May of Coffinswell [Marked "M"]
Joan Cosens of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
Sarah Cade of St. Nicholas [Marked "SC"]
Julian Bickford of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Thomas Baggshaw (Bagshaw) of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
William Drew of Highweek [Marked "D"]
Henry Yarde, gent of Highweek [Signed]
John Evens (Evenes) of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Roger Philips (Phillips) of Loddiswell [Signed]
Thomas Stabb of Loddiswell [Signed]
Henry Thorning of Tormoham [Marked "T"]
Mary Ball, wife of Thomas Ball of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Hugh Whiteway of Bickington [Signed]
Robert Bowyer of Abbotskerswell [Signed]
Thomas Westlake jun of Kingsteignton [Signed]
Robert Burridge of Kingsteignton [Marked "B"]
William Campion of Kingsteignton [Signed]
John Langdon of Lustleigh [Signed]
Sarah Rudgway (Rudgeway) of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
Rufus Jordan of Teignmouth, West [Marked "J"]
John Ceely, clerk of Moreleigh [Signed]
Roop Hunt (Hunt), gent of Allington, East [Signed]
Thomas Venning (Vening) jun of Denbury [Signed]
John Fabyan of Wolborough [Signed]
Richard Northway of Ilsington [Signed]
Thomazin Northway of Ilsington [Marked "N"]
Richard Cater of Ilsington [Marked "C"]
Thomas Clampit of Ilsington [Marked "T"]
Christopher Hellier (Hellyer) of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
John Whiteway of Bovey Tracey [Marked "W"]
William Bond of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
John Harris of Stoke Gabriel [Marked "H"]
Agnes Davis of St. Marychurch [Marked "D"]
Samuel Godolphin of Teigngrace [Marked "G"]
William Hussey of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Anne Bond, wife of William Bond of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "AB"]
Thomas Pater of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
James Yarde, gent of Highweek [Signed]
Hugh Harris, gent of Wolborough [Signed]
William Venning (Vening) of Wolborough [Signed]
John Humphry of Bishopsteignton [Marked "H"]
William Langdon of Tormoham [Signed]
Mary Ceely of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Robert Butland of Paignton [Signed]
Thomas Ryder of Paignton [Signed]
Gregory Yabbicombe (Yabbacome) of Paignton [Signed]
William Goodridge of Paignton [Marked "G"]
Bryant Culling of Paignton [Marked "C"]
John Furneaux of Paignton [Marked "F"]
John Goodridge of Paignton [Signed]
John Courtis of Paignton [Signed]
John Bolt of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Joseph Beere of Paignton [Marked "B"]
John Austin of Paignton [Marked "A"]
Simon Dirbin of Paignton [Marked "D"]
Jane Browse of Cockington [Marked "B"]
Mary Manning of Cockington [Marked "M"]
Robert Baker of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Thomas Jeffery of Tormoham [Marked "J"]
Richard Lang of Combeinteignhead [Not signed]
Edward Leigh of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
Hugh Slowly of Wolborough [Not signed]
Gilbert Gale of Highweek [Marked "G"]
Crispin Collins of Halwell [Marked "C"]
William Cozens of Lustleigh [Marked "WC"]
William Cozens jun of Lustleigh [Not signed or marked]
Anne Helling of Lustleigh [Marked "H"]
Mary Langdon of Lustleigh [Marked "L"]
Eleanor Crediford of Lustleigh [Marked "C"]
Richard Splatt (Splat) of Highweek [Marked "S"]
Richard Howard of Highweek [Marked "H"]
Edward Hurrell of Highweek [Marked "E"]
John Wooton of Highweek [Marked "W"]
Peter Pater of Highweek [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Cole of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Agnes Partry of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Anne Varder of St. Marychurch [Marked "V"]
Joan Brown (Browne) of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Amy Waymouth (Weymouth) of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Caleb Hore of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Susanna Miller (Meller) of St. Marychurch [Marked "M"]
Joan Crockwell of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
William Cozens jun of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]