Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 4 Dec 1723 before John Ivie, John Short, Bampfylde Rodd and Richard Beavis esqs

Sr John Colleton, bart of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
John Colleton, esq of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
John Raymond, esq of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Anna Maria Raymond, wife of John Raymond esq of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Andrew Norton of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Richard Gay, clerk of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Charles Courtice (Curtis), clerk of Brixham [Signed]
John Prowse, clerk of Harford [Signed]
Joan Holcomb sen of Sandford [Marked]
Robert Wood of Washfield [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Grace Knight, widow of Heavitree [Marked "K"]
Prudence Rogers, wife of Gregory Rogers of Cullompton [Marked "R"]
Mary Clarke, wife of Richard Clarke of Holbeton [Marked "C"]
Samuel Short of Uffculme [Signed]
Agnes Short, wife of Samuel Short of Uffculme [Signed]
Joseph Langworthy of Moretonhampstead [Marked "J"]
John Elford of Moretonhampstead [Marked "E"]
Thomas Hill of Moretonhampstead [Signed]
John Parrett of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Glass of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Lane of Tiverton [Marked]
Thomas Reed of Tiverton [Signed]
Nicholas Tucker of Tiverton Nicholas Tucker of Tiverton [Marked "T"]
John Rice of Tiverton [Signed]
Joan Whitefield, wife of John Whitefeild of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
John Mortimore (Mortimer) of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
John Webber of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Webber, wife of John Webber of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Martha Bond, wife of James Bond gent of Dunchideock [Signed]
Martha Bond jun of Dunchideock [Signed]
Agnes Cowse, wife of Thomas Cowse of Teignmouth, West [Marked]
Isett Braddon, wife of Thomas Braddon of Teignmouth, West [Marked "I"]
John Mathews of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Richard Huntly of Dawlish [Signed]
Treophilus Cooke (Coke) of Dawlish [Signed]
Mary Tripe of Dawlish [Marked "T"]
Mary Hingston, wife of John Hingston of Moreleigh [Marked "M"]
Giles Painter of Dawlish [Marked]
Richard Arscott of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "A"]
Joshua Spark (Sparke) of Chudleigh [Signed]
Anne Heath, wife of Staplehill Heath gent of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Mary Honeychurch (Honychurch), wife of Thomas Honeychurch of Tawton, North [Signed]
Hannah Underhill, wife of William Underhill of Tawton, North [Marked "U"]
Temperance Luxton, wife of Robert Luxton of Tawton, North [Marked "T"]
Susannah Stanbury (Stanbury) of Exbourne [Signed]
George Tattershall of Exbourne [Marked]
Mark Garret (Garrett) of Exbourne [Marked "M"]
Frances Burrington (Burington), widow of Exminster [Signed]
John Pearce, yeoman of Exminster [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Stephens (Stevens), wife of Thomas Stephens of Topsham [Signed]
Dorothy Parsons, wife of Benjamin Parsons of Topsham [Signed]
Thomas Crockhay of Woodbury [Signed]
Henry Beadle (Beedle) of Tiverton [Signed]
Bampfylde Rodd, esq of Stoke Canon [Signed]
John Pitman, clerk of Alphington [Signed]
Sarah Walkey, widow of Alphington [Marked "W"]
Ann Walkey of Alphington [Signed]
Elizabeth Stone, wife of Richard Stone gent of Alphington [Signed]
Elizabeth Parr, wife of Stephen Parr of Kenn [Marked]
Frances Brooking, wife of Simon Brooking of Alphington [Signed]
Mary Duck jun of Dunchideock [Signed]
Margaret Stone, spinster of Exminster [Marked]
Elizabeth Duck of Dunchideock [Signed]
John White of Ide [Signed]
John Bartlett, clerk of Ide [Signed]
Mary Lyde of Wolborough [Signed]
Elizabeth Force, wife of William Force of Farringdon [Marked]
William Spry of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "S"]
John Cudmore of Shobrooke [Marked "C"]
Susannah Stocker of Farringdon [Marked "S"]
Sarah Morris, wife of George Morris of Topsham [Signed]
William Shower of Topsham [Signed]
Malachi Shower of Topsham [Signed]
Joan Vass, wife of Hezekiah Vass of Topsham [Signed]
Frances Morris, wife of Isaac Morris of Topsham [Marked "M"]
Mary Westlake, widow of Topsham [Marked "W"]
Thomas Brewer of Shobrooke [Marked]
Anne Saunders jun, wife of John Saunders jun of Pinhoe [Marked "S"]
Mary Saunders, wife of Henry Saunders of Pinhoe [Marked "M"]
John Richards, gent of Tiverton [Signed]
John Richards jun, gent of Tiverton [Signed]
Henry Bennett, esq of Topsham [Signed]
Sarah Grant, spinster of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Richard Symonds of Kenton [Marked "R"]
William Penny of Kenton [Marked "P"]
Jane Symonds of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Jane Drake, wife of Thomas Drake of Kenton [Signed]
Joane Smith, wife of Richard Smith of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Rebecca Rowe, wife of Lawrence Rowe of Shobrooke [Signed]
Margaret Frost, wife of Joseph Frost of Shobrooke [Signed]
Edward Bray of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "B"]
Lewis Batten (Batting) of Shobrooke [Signed]
Mary Batten (Battin), wife of Lewis Batten of Shobrooke [Marked "B"]
John Tucker of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "+"]
John Saunders of Pinhoe [Marked "J"]
Zacharias Milford of Thorverton [Signed]
Amy Milford, wife of Zacharias Milford of Thorverton [Marked "A"]
Hugh Thomas of Poughill [Signed]
Catherine Thomas, widow of Poughill [Marked "T"]
John Courtenay, esq of Buckland Tout Saints [Signed]
Mary Pridie (Priddy), wife of George Pridie of Otterton [Marked "M"]
Mary Marwood, wife of Thomas Marwood of Otterton [Marked "M"]
William Pyne of Colaton Raleigh [Not signed or marked]
James Sanders of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
George Gregory of Down St. Mary [Marked "G"]
Richard ?Hewish of Buckland Tout Saints [Not signed or marked] [Surname has been altered and is partly illegible.]
Elizabeth Davy, widow of Cheriton Bishop [Marked "X"]
James Hunt of Cheriton Bishop [Signed]
William Roberts, clerk of Jacobstowe [Signed]
Charles Tillett, clerk of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Iset Peachy, wife of Erlsman Peachy of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Richard Inglet (Inglett), gent of Chudleigh [Signed]
Katherine Dolman (Downman), wife of William Dolman esq of Alphington [Signed]
Katherine Hole, widow of Kenn [Marked] [Mark is poor attempt to sign name.]
Mary Tripe, widow of Dawlish [Signed]
Anne Bradford, wife of John Bradford clerk of Newton St. Cyres [Signed]
Mary Heathfield, widow of Broadclyst [Marked "H"]
James Bulgin, clerk of Holcombe Rogus [Signed]
Alice Ford, widow of Poltimore [Marked]
William Penneck, esq of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
John Butler of Clyst Hydon [Marked "B"]
William Hellier (Helyar), esq of Christow [Signed]
William Hole, gent of Christow [Signed]
John Doidge, gent of Lamerton [Signed]
David Yeaw of Templeton [Marked]
George Venn of Templeton [Signed]
Humphrey Hooper of Templeton [Marked "H"]
John Doble of Tiverton [Marked "D"]
William Tozer of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "T"]
Margaret Hatherlay (Hatherly) of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "H"]
Thomas Neck, mariner of Kenton [Signed]
Martha Pidgeon, wife of Richard Pidgeon of Exminster [Marked "P"]
Dorothy Hutchings, wife of John Hutchings of Exminster [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Tucker, wife of William Tucker of Kenn [Not signed or marked]
Katherine Tucker, wife of Thomas Tucker of Kenn [Marked "K"]
Mark Towill (Towell) of Teignmouth, West [Marked "T"]
Josiah Eveleigh of Crediton [Signed]
Elizabeth Eveleigh (Eveigh), wife of Josiah Eveleigh of Crediton [Signed]
John Madge of Crediton [Signed]
Elizabeth Salter, wife of John Salter sen of Crediton [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Pike, wife of Christopher Pyke of Broadclyst [Marked "P"]
Jane Forse, widow of Shobrooke [Marked "F"]
Elizabeth Payne, wife of Edri' Payne of Rockbeare [Marked "E"]
Martha Payn (Payne), wife of Philip Payn of Clyst St. George [Signed]
John Enon of Kenn [Marked "E"]
Bethia Adams, widow of Woodbury [Marked "A"]
Mary Baker, wife of William Baker of Dawlish [Signed]
Richard Hellyar (Helyar), clerk of Ashcombe [Signed]
Jane Hellyar (Helyar) of Ashcombe [Signed]
Elizabeth Hamm (Ham) of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Clarke, wife of Thomas Clarke of Kenton [Marked "C"]
Mary Bulford, wife of Richard Bulford of Kenton [Marked "B"]
Mary Carter of Kenton [Marked "M"]
Catherine Jennings, wife of Charles Jennings of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Venn, officer of excise of Topsham [Signed]
Susannah Branscomb, wife of Nicholas Branscomb of Dawlish [Marked]
Eliza. Cooksley, wife of William Cooksley of Malborough [Marked "C"]
Sarah Parrett, wife of James Parrett of Malborough [Marked "P"]
Mary Parr, wife of John Parr of Dawlish [Marked]
Mary Michell, wife of Daniel Michell of Exminster [Signed]
Joan Hunt, wife of Thomas Hunt of Ide [Marked "X"]
Elizabeth Partridge, wife of James Partridge of Witheridge [Marked "P"]
Hannah Wilcocks (Willcocks), wife of John Wilcocks of Heavitree [Signed]
Samuel Coffin of Heavitree [Marked]
Gideon Fleg of Heavitree [Signed]
Joan Coffin (Coffin), wife of Samuel Coffin of Heavitree [Marked "J"]
Anne Crees, wife of Stephen Cres of Heavitree [Marked "A"]
Joan Tucker, widow of Heavitree [Marked "J"]
John Smalridge jun of Bridford [Signed]
Charles Colridge of Bridford [Marked "C"]
Charity Broadmead of Exminster [Signed]
Thomas Scott of Exminster [Signed]
James Smart of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Marked "S"]
Robert Ayre of Sandford [Not signed]
Thomasin Tucker, widow of Sandford [Not signed]
William Rugg of ?Ott [Not signed]
Eliza. Bastable of Newton St. Cyres [Marked]
John Bastable of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "X"]
Elizabeth Baxter of Newton St. Cyres [Marked]
John Hurrell of Charleton [Not signed]