Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 5 Dec 1723. Justices' names not given.

Elizabeth Spry, wife of Joseph Spry of Crediton [Signed]
Katherine Comyns, wife of George Comyns clerk of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "K"]
Richard Henly (Henley) jun of Doddiscombsleigh [Signed]
Elizabeth Leigh, wife of Edward Leigh of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
John Hurrell of Charleton [Marked "H"]
Robert Bryan, clerk of Clyst St. Mary [Signed]
Giles Stokes of Powderham [Signed]
Anne Stokes, wife of Giles Stokes of Powderham [Marked "A"]
Mary Blackmore, wife of John Blackmore of Cullompton [Marked "B"]
Agnes Shilston, wife of William Shilston of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Robert Mills of Stoke Canon [Marked "M"]
Joane Dewdney, wife of William Dewdny of Stoke Canon [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Thorne, spinster of Combeinteignhead [Marked "T"]
Catherine Throne, wife of Henry Thorn of Combeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Richard Weekes (Weeks) of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Tapley of Teignmouth, West [Marked "R"]
John Kemp jun of Teignmouth, West [Marked "K"]
Thomas Matthews of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Ambrose Viccary (Vicarey) of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Joan Viccary (Vicarey), wife of Ambrose Viccary of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Edward Glass of Teignmouth, West [Marked "G"]
James Knight of Shobrooke [Marked "K"]
Robert Jordan of Teignmouth, East [Marked "J"]
John Pearn of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
John Matthews (Mathews) of Dawlish [Signed]
Elizabeth Viccary, wife of John Viccary of Teignmouth, West [Marked "V"]
Mary Towell, wife of Mark Towell of Teignmouth, West [Marked "T"]
Sarah Risdon, wife of Humphry Risdom of Teignmouth, East [Marked "S"]
Hannah Babb, wife of Edward Babb of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Bawdon, spinster of Teignmouth, West [Marked "E"]
Catherine Davis, wife of John Davis of Teignmouth, West [Marked "C"]
Richard Bully (Bulley) of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Isabella Bully (Bulley), wife of Richard Bully of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Thomas Edwards of Dawlish [Marked "E"]
Rebecca Edwards, wife of Thomas Edwards of Dawlish [Marked "R"]
John Rowell of Bishopsteignton [Marked "J"]
John Truslade of Bishopsteignton [Marked "T"]
Henry Knill of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Rose Ammery, widow of Bishopsteignton [Marked "A"]
Agnes Coysh, wife of John Coysh of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Mary Paddon, wife of Richard Paddon of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Susanna Paddon, wife of John Paddon of Bishopsteignton [Marked "P"]
John Jewell of Ideford [Marked "J"]
Dorothy Merdon, wife of Nicholas Merdon of Teignmouth, East [Marked "D"]
Mary Friend, widow of Kenton [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Hemson of Kenton [Marked "E"]
George Blackdon of Cadeleigh [Marked "B"]
Mary Relley, spinster of Cadeleigh [Marked "M"]
Joshua Rowe of Alphington [Signed]
Alice Rowe, wife of Joshua Rowe of Alphington [Marked "A"]
John Watkins of Teignmouth, West [Marked "W"]
Jane Watkins, wife of John Watkins of Teignmouth, West [Marked "J"]
John Ashford (Ayshford) of Topsham [Signed]
William Blagdon of Tiverton [Signed]
Sarah Blagdon, wife of William Blagdon of Tiverton [Signed]
John Stretchly [Not signed]
Honour Harris of Aveton Gifford [Signed]
Sarah Harris of Thurlestone [Signed]
Mary Mogridge (Moggridge), wife of Michael Mogridge of Topsham [Signed]
Honour Weare, wife of Philip Weare of Topsham [Signed]
John Cobley of Ide [Marked "Jo"]
Abraham Pyne of Ide [Signed]
Benjamin Cobley of Ide [Signed]
Mary Searle, wife of Joseph Searle of Sidbury [Marked "S"]
Amy Welsman, wife of John Welsman of Sidbury [Marked "A"]
Melony Searle, wife of Joseph Searle of Sidbury [Marked "M"]
Prudence Hayman, widow of Sidbury [Marked "H"]
John Green of Sidbury [Marked "G"]
Thomas Davy of Sidbury [Marked "D"]
Sarah Braddick, wife of William Braddick of Sidbury [Marked "S"]
Thomas Phillipps of Puddington [Not signed or marked]
Elizabeth Blagdon of Puddington [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Fugars, wife of George Fugars of Puddington [Marked "F"]
John Risson of Puddington [Marked "Riss"]
Hannah Risson, wife of John Risson of Puddington [Marked "H"]
Robert Brewer of Puddington [Marked "B"]
George Kerslake of Puddington [Marked "K"]
Margaret Sanger of Puddington [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Bullead, wife of Nicholas Bullead of Puddington [Marked "E"]
Joane Allen, spinster of Puddington [Marked "A"]
Edmund Reynell, esq of Sherford [Signed]
Margaret Reynell, wife of Edmund Reynell esq of Sherford [Signed]
William Battishill of Drewsteignton [Signed]
Peter Glanvill of Drewsteignton [Marked "P"]
James Battishill of Tawton, South [Signed]
John Battishill of Tawton, South [Marked]
John Knapman of Tawton, South [Marked "K"]
Jonas Knapman of Tawton, South [Marked]
Edward Knapman of Tawton, South [Marked "K"]
Samuel Holmes of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "S"]
John Battishill of Spreyton [Marked]
Benedict Nethercott of Spreyton [Marked]
Thomas Nowell of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Thomasine Moore, wife of Daniel Moore of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "M"]
John Brown of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "B"]
Sarah Wanhill of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
William Brownscombe (Brownscomb) of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
Joan Hooper, wife of Michael Hooper of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Dorothy Parker, widow of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
Henry Tribby Treby of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
Hannah Frost of Crediton [Marked "H"]
John Prine of Sandford [Not signed]
Mary Haydon of Tiverton [Signed]
Thomas Dunsford of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Dunsford of Tiverton [Signed]
Joan Deyman, wife of William Deyman of Tiverton [Signed]
William Edwards of Cullompton [Marked "E"]
William Taylor of Cullompton [Signed]
Peter Luxton of Cullompton [Marked "L"]
William Broadmead of Cullompton [Marked "B"]
Henry Joyce of Cullompton [Marked "H"]
Robert Broadmead of Cullompton [Marked "B"]
Robert Vinicomb of Cullompton [Not signed]
Judith Edwards, widow of Cullompton [Marked "J"]
Richard Turner of Cullompton [Marked "T"]
Robert Melhuish of Washford Pyne [Marked "R"]
Mary Melhuish of Washford Pyne [Marked "M"]
Walter Bradford of Washford Pyne [Marked "B"]
Mark Bradford of Washford Pyne [Marked "B"]
Thomas Coren of Washford Pyne [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Wood of ?Woolfardisworthy [Marked "W"]
John Edbury jun of Bampton [Marked]
Elizabeth Edbury, wife of John Edbury sen of [Residence not stated] [Marked]
John Shorland of Puddington [Marked "J"]
John Deyman of Puddington [Marked "D"]
Richard Pound of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "P"]
Robert Strong of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "S"]
Thomas Hamling of Stockleigh Pomeroy [Marked "H"]
Rebecca Maning of Poughill [Marked "R"]
Richard Heward (Heaward) of Coffinswell [Marked "H"]
Richard Heward jun of Coffinswell [Marked "R"]
Joan Elliott, widow of Stoke Fleming [Marked "E"]
Walter Patridge of Rose Ash [Marked "P"]
Joan Viccary, wife of Peter Viccary of Woodbury [Marked "V"]
Mark Alford of Drewsteignton [Marked "A"]
Andrew Preston of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "P"]
John Tucker of Kenn [Signed]
Margaret Chapman of Heavitree [Marked "C"]
John Stamp of Pinhoe [Signed]
John Yolland of Pinhoe [Marked "J"]
John Raynolds of Pinhoe [Marked "R"]
William Newbury of Pinhoe [Not signed]
William Saunders of Whimple [Marked "S"]
Abraham Parker of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Not signed]
Thomas Sarell of Ide [Marked "T"]
John Godfrey of Ide [Marked "G"]
Robert Hollett of Ide [Marked "H"]
John Hollett of Ide [Marked "J"]
John Bowden of Ide [Marked "B"]
William Sarell of Ide [Signed]
Christopher Odam of Ide [Signed]
Francis Nicks of Ide [Marked]
Christopher Hunt of Ide [Marked "C"]
Francis Darke of Ide [Marked "D"]
Aminadab Arthur of Ide [Marked "A"]
Henry Odam of Ide [Marked "O"]
John White of Ide [Marked "W"]
Mathew Barton of Ide [Marked "B"]
Ann Windsor of Ide [Marked "A"]
Jochebed Hollett of Ide [Marked "H"]
John Syms of Broadclyst [Marked "S"]
Mary Syms, wife of John Syms of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
John Clarke of Broadclyst [Marked "C"]
Margaret Clarke, wife of John Clarke of Broadclyst [Marked "M"]
William Meffling of Broadclyst [Marked "W"]
George Clarke of Sowton [Marked "G"]
Mary Clarke, wife of George Clarke of Sowton [Marked "M"]
John Yeo of Sowton [Marked "Y"]
Robert Cowd of Sowton [Marked "R"]
William Rowe of Sowton [Marked "R"]
Susanna West of Sowton [Marked "W"]
William Gould of Heavitree [Marked "W"]
Alexander Maunder of Crediton [Marked "M"]
Joseph Wilson of Crediton [Not signed]
Christopher Bellamy of Crediton [Marked "B"]
Edward Skinner of Throwleigh [Signed]
Francis Leaman of Throwleigh [Marked "L"]
Mary Skinner, widow of Throwleigh [Marked "S"]
John Leaman of Throwleigh [Marked "J"]
Humphrey Gay of Gidleigh [Marked "G"]
Robert Browning [Not signed]
Stephen Hatherly of Throwleigh [Marked "S"]
Alexander Hatherly of Throwleigh [Marked "A"]
William Vogwell of Throwleigh [Marked "W"]
Peter Lendon of Throwleigh [Marked "P"]
Alexander Bennett of Throwleigh [Marked "A"]
John Rundell of Hittisleigh [Marked "J"]
Richard Jarman of Shobrooke [Marked "R"]
Stephen Lyle of Dunchideock [Signed]
Jeffery Hellier of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
William Harris of Payhembury [Marked "H"]
John Parker jun of Zeal Monachorum [Marked "P"]
Agnes Frank, widow of Poughill [Marked "A"]
Martha Jefford, widow of Heavitree [Marked "M"]
Grace Full of Heavitree [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Ham, wife of Edward Hamm of Southleigh [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Miller, wife of Ellis Miller of Southleigh [Marked "M"]
Joseph Newton of Southleigh [Signed]
Clement Batstone of Southleigh [Signed]
William Whicker of Southleigh [Marked "W"]
Humphrey Spurway of Southleigh [Marked "H"]
Francis Pratt jun of Colyton [Signed]
John Salter of St. Marychurch [Signed]
William Fox of St. Marychurch [Signed]
Henry Wollacott of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Gregory of Cruwys Morchard [Signed]
Sarah Gregory, wife of John Gregory of Cruwys Morchard [Marked "S"]
John Pope of Sout Poughill [Marked "P"]
Sarah Pope, wife of John Pope of Poughill [Marked "S"]
John Chrispin of Dunsford [Marked "C"]
Moses Arscot (Arscott) of Topsham [Signed]
Mary Saunders, wife of Meffling Saunders of Rockbeare [Marked "S"]
Grace Whiting, wife of John Whiting clerk of Shillingford St. George [Signed]
Grace Langdon, wife of John Langdon of Drewsteignton Lustleigh [Marked]
William Browning of Drewsteignton [Marked "W"]
Wilmot Alford of Drewsteignton [Marked "A"]
Katherine Alford of Drewsteignton [Marked]
Lewis Skibbow of Hittisleigh [Marked "L"]
Samuel Frost of Cheriton Bishop [Marked "SF"]
Henry Hooper jun of Chagford [Signed]
Stephen Woodley of Chagford [Marked "W"]
William Tanner of Creacombe [Marked "T"]
Humphrey Tucker of Creacombe [Marked "H"]
John Partridge of Rose Ash [Marked "P"]
Henry Marshall of Rose Ash [Marked "M"]
Peter White of Rose Ash [Marked "P"]
Richard Eveleigh of Anstey, West [Signed]
George Spencer of Mariansleigh [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Andrews, wife of John Andrews of Nether Exe [Marked "A"]
John Legg of Colyton [Marked "J"]
William Fursdon of Crediton [Marked "WF"]
Agnes Holmeyard (Homeyard) of Cadeleigh [Marked "A"]
Gertrude Holmeyard of Cadeleigh [Marked "G"]
William Trencher of Heavitree [Signed]
Thomas Stiggins (Stigins) of St. Nicholas [Signed]
Elizabeth Stiggins, wife of Thomas Stiggins of St. Nicholas [Marked "E"]
Mathew Hudson of Topsham [Marked "H"]
Mary Lake, wife of John Lake of Broadclyst [Marked "L"]
John Halfyard Hillford of Butterleigh [Marked "JH"]
John White of Cullompton [Signed]
Henry Hooper jun of Chagford [Not signed]
John Pering of Stoke Fleming [Signed]
Joan Melhuish, wife of James Melhuish of Crediton [Marked "J"]
Christopher Ballamy of Crediton [Not signed]
John Williams jun of Crediton [Marked "W"]
Alexander Mander of Crediton [Not signed]
William Taylor of Crediton [Marked "W"]
John Price of Crediton [Marked "P"]
William Stacy of Crediton [Marked "S"]
John Grudworthy of Crediton [Marked "JG"]
Mark Rowdon of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "R"]
Mary Rowdon of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "M"]
Mary Bragg, widow of Colebrooke [Marked "B"]
Richord Canter of Kingskerswell [Marked]
John Bickford of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Hiram Adams of Bovey Tracey [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Lock of Hatherleigh [Marked "L"]
Samuel Kiddel (Kiddell) of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "S"]
Sarah Kiddel (Kiddell) of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "S"]
Mary Godfrey, wife of William Godfrey of Clyst St. Lawrence [Marked "G"]
Joan Cann, wife of William Cann of Hittisleigh [Not signed]
Abraham Parker of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]
John Wood jun of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Wood, wife of John Wood sen of Tiverton [Marked "MW"]
William Haywood (Heywood) of Tiverton [Signed]
Thomas Dunn of Tiverton [Signed]
Daniel Woodley of Dunsford [Marked "W"]
Thomas Belworthy of Tedburn St. Mary [Marked "B"]
John Hallmin Hamlin of Hittisleigh [Marked]
Jane Hallmin Hamlin of Moretonhampstead [Marked "J"]
Mary Shute, wife of John Shute of Clyst Honiton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Holman of Bridford [Marked "H"]
John Wotton of Moretonhampstead [Marked "W"]
Mary Hitt, wife of Gilbert Hitt of Clyst St. Lawrence [Marked "H"]
John Crudge jun of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
John Crudge of Tiverton [Signed]
William Steere of Tawton, South [Signed]
Priscilla Brock of Tawton, South [Marked "P"]
Thomas Saunders of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "S"]
John Penny of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Thomas Jolly of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "J"]
Mary Treby of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "T"]
Sarah Treby of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked]
John Norman of Cullompton [Marked "N"]
John Pasmore of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Agnes Smith of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "A"]
John Harris of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Marke of Rockbeare [Signed]
John Murch of Throwleigh [Marked "M"]
James Quant of Cullompton [Marked "Q"]
Alice Perry of Cullompton [Marked "P"]
Ralph Fowler of Cullompton [Signed]
Thomas Jeffery of Cullompton [Signed]
Joan Selway, widow of Cullompton [Marked "S"]
Mary Hitt of Clyst St. Lawrence [Not signed]
William Mills of Cullompton [Marked "M"]
Robert Vinnicombe of Cullompton [Marked "R"]
Henry Gird of Cullompton [Marked]
William Newbury of Huxham [Marked "W"]
John Periam of Bicton [Signed]
William Brooks of Rewe [Marked "B"]
William Mortimer of Pinhoe Moretonhampstead [Marked "M"]
Joseph Wilson (Willson) of Crediton [Signed]
John Wilson of Crediton [Signed]
Mary Bellamy of Crediton [Marked "M"]
Joane Philp of Crediton [Marked "P"]
William Mortimer of Pinhoe [Marked "W"]
Thomas Haddon of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
John Penny of Ottery St. Mary [Not signed]
Eleanor Bellamey of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "B"]
Sarah Sage, wife of Joseph Sage of Upton Pyne [Signed]
Dowdall Bartlett (Bartlt) of Upton Pyne [Signed]
Robert Browning of Drewsteignton [Marked "R"]
Dorothy Frost of Moretonhampstead [Marked "D"]
John Wills of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "W"]
Joan Luccomb, wife of John Luccomb of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "J"]
John Luccomb (Lucomb) jun of Doddiscombsleigh [Signed]
Robert Tremlett of Broadclyst [Marked "R"]
Sarah Bidgood of Broadclyst [Marked "S"]
Peter Fursdon of Sandford [Marked "P"]
Roger Brewer of Washford Pyne [Marked "R"]
Joan Cann, wife of William Cann of Hittisleigh [Marked "C"]
Roger Ratcliffe of Heavitree [Marked "RR"]
Jane Hickman, widow of Heavitree [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Snell, widow of Heavitree [Marked "S"]