Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 5 Dec 1723 before John Gibbs and Bampfylde Rodd esqs

Robert Saunders of Ide [Signed]
John Strechly of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "J"]
William Pyne of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "W"]
Jonathan Morraine of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "M"]
Samuel Stogdon of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Martha Thomas, wife of John Thomas of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "M"]
Thomasine Hopping, widow of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Jacob Rossiter of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Nicholas Kenwood (Kinwood) of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Susanna Connaut (Conaut), spinster of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "S"]
John Saunders of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "J"]
John Pike of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Philip Cox of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "C"]
Joane Cox, wife of Philip Cox of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "J"]
Francis Raymond of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "R"]
Joanna Raymond, wife of Francis Raymond of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "R"]
Francis Raymond jun of Colaton Raleigh [Signed]
Robert Livermore of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "R"]
Henry Pope of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "P"]
Elias Farrant of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "E"]
Anstis Farrant, wife of Richard Farrant of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "A"]
Susanna Hallet, spinster of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "H"] ["Susanna Hallett".]
Mary Venn, wife of Robert Venn of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "M"]
Thomas Carpenter of Otterton [Marked "C"]
Richard Downe of Harford [Marked "D"]
Richard Waldron of Cullompton [Signed]
Robert Preston of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "P"]
Mary Preston, wife of Robert Preston of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "M"]
Ann Hayman, wife of Henry Hayman of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "A"]
James Fortescue of Cullompton [Signed]
John Davy (Davie) of Cullompton [Signed]
Sarah Davy, wife of John Davy of Cullompton [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Hake of Cullompton [Marked "H"]
Joseph May jun of Halberton [Signed]
Robert Wood of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Thomas Goss (Goos) of Templeton [Signed]
Roger Voysey of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Isaac Kerslake of Tiverton [Marked "I"]
Thomas Parkhouse of Tiverton [Signed]
Margaret Parkhouse, wife of Thomas Parkhouse of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Thomas Cleake of Clyst St. Lawrence [Marked "TC"]
Edith Cleake, wife of Thomas Cleake of Clyst St. Lawrence [Marked "EC"]
John Ponsford of Drewsteignton [Signed]
William Ponsford jun of Drewsteignton [Signed]
Elizabeth Snell of Drewsteignton [Marked "S"]
Sampson Mortimer of Drewsteignton [Marked "S"] [Surname spelling altered from "Mortimore"]
Prudence Mortimer, wife of Sampson Mortimer of Drewsteignton [Marked "P"]
Anne Ball of Drewsteignton [Signed]
William Berry of Drewsteignton [Marked "B"]
Richard Williams of Drewsteignton [Marked "W"]
John Dicker of Drewsteignton [Marked "J"]
John Collihall of Cheriton Bishop [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Webber of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Thomas Warren of Tiverton [Marked "TW"]
Richard Price of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Margaret Gribble, spinster of Fremington [Marked "G"]
John Copleston, clerk of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
William Copleston of Tedburn St. Mary [Signed]
Charles Mundy, gent of Crediton [Signed]
Jane Warren (Warrin), spinster of Aylesbeare [Signed]
Mary Clotworthy of Sidbury [Marked "M"]
James Foweracres (Fourackres) of Ottery St. Mary [Signed]
Barbara Raynolds (Rayndole), wife of John Raynolds of Pinhoe [Signed]
Sarah Hill of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Edward Cross (Crosse) of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Manston of Woodbury [Signed]
Joan Manston, wife of Richard Manston of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Kingman (Kingman), wife of Thomas Kingman of Woodbury [Signed]
Elizabeth Elliott, wife of Jacob Elliott of Woodbury [Marked "E"]
William Pince of Woodbury [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Hayman, widow of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
James Raynolds (Reynolds) of Rockbeare [Signed]
Sarah Reynolds, wife of James Reynolds of Rockbeare [Marked "S"]
Ann Pyle, wife of William Pyle of Rockbeare [Marked "P"]
Sarah Churchill, wife of Ambrose Churchill of Rockbeare [Marked "S"]
Mary Chown (Chowne) of Rockbeare [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Jent, wife of Richard Jent of St. Marychurch [Signed]
John Rowland of St. Marychurch [Marked "R"]
John Legg of Colyton [Not signed]
Mary Warren, wife of Charles Warren of Colyton [Marked "M"]
Anne Hellyer of Colyton [Marked "A"]
Dorothy Putt, wife of Thomas Butt of Cornworthy [Marked "P"]
Mary Heard of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Susanna Osmond, wife of Robert Osmond of ?Tiverton [Signed]
Joan Beadon, wife of Richard Beadon of Oakford [Marked "B"]
Robert Beadon of Oakford [Signed]
Robert Beadon of Morebath [Signed]
William Endacott of Throwleigh [Marked]
Cornelius Endacott of Tawton, South [Marked "E"]
Margery Holwill, wife of Edward Holwill of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Joan Cann, wife of John Cann of Drewsteignton [Marked "J"]
Mary Ponsford, wife of William Ponsford of Drewsteignton [Marked "P"]
John Moore of Tawton, South [Marked "M"]
Simon Moore of Tawton, South [Signed]
Joanna Smith, wife of Henry Smith of Lympstone [Marked]
Rose Hayman, wife of Samuel Hayman of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Robert Bence of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Robert Tuckerman of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
John Ugler (Uglar) of Broadclyst [Marked "U"]
Uriah Thomas of Kenton [Marked "T"]
William Reed of Southleigh [Signed]
Thomas Philips (Phillips) of Puddington [Marked "T"]
Edward Charles of Tiverton [Signed]
Margaret Charles, wife of Edward Charles of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Thomas Charles of Tiverton [Marked "T"]
Thomas Copp of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Mathew Stone of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Mary Stone of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
James Beedle of Tiverton [Marked "J"]
Thomas Beedle of Tiverton [Marked "T"]
John Duckham of Tiverton [Marked "D"]
John Bright of Tiverton [Marked "B"]