Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 18 Dec 1723 before Richard Beavis; Bampfylde Rodd; John Gibbs esqs

Mary Disting, wife of Richard Disting of Dartington [Marked "D"]
Sarah Tett, wife of Christopher Tett of Farringdon [Marked "T"]
Mary Reed of Coldridge [Marked "R"]
Richord Snell of Chawleigh [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Bond, wife of Roger Bond of Morchard Bishop [Marked "B"]
Anne Quicke of Morchard Bishop [Marked "Q"]
Christian Morrish, wife of James Morrish of Morchard Bishop [Marked "M"]
Joane Godbeere (Godbeer), widow of Morchard Bishop [Marked "G"]
Susannah Brayley, widow of Morchard Bishop [Not signed]
John Heywood of Winkleigh [Marked "J"]
John Letheren of Winkleigh [Marked "L"]
Margery Letheren of Winkleigh [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Bowden of Winkleigh [Marked "B"]
Susanna Heywood of Winkleigh [Marked "S"]
Rebecca Jope of Winkleigh [Marked "J"]
Margaret Weekes of Winkleigh [Marked "W"]
Mary Bulled of Winkleigh [Marked "M"] [Surname has been altered.]
Mary Collwill of Winkleigh [Marked "C"]
Iset Weekes of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "I"]
Sarah Weekes of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "S"]
Joane Pincomb of Roborough [Marked "P"] [Surname has been altered.]
Mary Hawkins, wife of John Hawkins of Chawleigh [Marked "H"]
Mary Hartnoll, widow of Burrington [Marked "M"]
Catherine Young, wife of Richard Young of Dawlish [Marked "Y"]
Mary Taylor of Dawlish [Marked "T"]
Eliza Kingdom of Dawlish [Marked "E"]
William Pearne of Dawlish [Marked "W"]
Mary Roper of Dawlish [Marked "R"]
Margaret Grey of Dawlish [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Ford of Dawlish [Marked "E"]
Richard Wise of Dawlish [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Wise of Dawlish [Marked "E"]
Catherine Vinicomb, wife of Simon Vinicomb of Halberton [Marked "V"]
James Mogridge of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Ann Mogridge of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
William Sellick of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
William Sellick of Tiverton [Marked]
Elizabeth Sellick of Tiverton [Marked "E"]
Edward Keen of Woodbury [Marked "K"]
Dorothy Litten of Woodbury [Marked "D"]
Eleanor Webber of Huntsham [Marked "W"]
Hugh Thomas of Sidmouth Butterleigh [Marked "T"]
John Reed of Butterleigh [Marked "R"]
Gawen Baker of Butterleigh [Marked "G"]
William Manley of Butterleigh [Marked "M"]
Bernard Walsford of Crediton [Marked "B"]
Giles Walsford of Crediton [Marked]
John Bowe of Crediton [Marked "J"] [Surname altered from "Broad".]
John Harris of Crediton [Marked "H"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations.]
Elizabeth Harris of Crediton [Marked "H"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations.]
John Prowse of Crediton [Marked "J"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations.]
John Barry of Crediton [Marked] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations.]
Richard Please of Crediton [Marked "P"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations.]
Eliza: Arscott of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "A"] [Residence unclear due to previous alterations.]
Margery Eastchurch of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "M"]
George Sumpter of Broadclyst [Marked "S"]
Mary Hewish, wife of Andrew Hewish of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Marked "M"]
John Nossiter, gent of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Marked "N"]
George Mortimore of Clyst St. Mary [Marked "M"]
Susanna Mortimore, wife of George Mortimore of Clyst St. Mary [Marked "S"]
Christopher Tett of Farringdon [Marked "T"]
Anne Pridham, wife of John Pridham of Kenton [Marked "A"]
Philip Baker of Woodbury [Marked "B"]
Mary Shobbrook, wife of Robert Shobbrook of Coldridge [Marked "S"]
Charity Tucker, wife of William Tucker of Down St. Mary [Marked "T"]
William Sargent of Crediton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Fletcher, widow of Crediton [Marked "E"]
Robert Peek of Coldridge [Marked "P"]
Mary Collings, wife of John Collings of Coldridge [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Summers (Summers), wife of John Summers of Tawton, North [Marked "S"]
Christian Lewis, wife of Thomas Lewis of Chulmleigh [Marked "L"]
Mary Crossman, wife of Edmund Crossman gent of Chulmleigh [Marked]
Elizabeth Snow, wife of William Snow of Chulmleigh [Marked "S"]
Israel Foss, wife of John Foss of Chulmleigh [Marked "I"]
Catherine Lawrence, wife of John Lawrence of Chulmleigh [Marked "L"]
Mary Lawrence, spinster of Chulmleigh [Marked "M"]
Richord Snell of Chulmleigh [Not signed]
Mary Pasmore of Chulmleigh [Marked "M"]
Grace Rosier of Chulmleigh [Marked "R"]
Mary Heale of Chulmleigh [Marked "H"]
John Mann of Chulmleigh [Marked "M"]
Hannah Mann, wife of John Mann of Chulmleigh [Marked "H"]
Mary Osmund, wife of James Osmund of Harberton [Marked "O"]
Susanna Drewe, wife of Robert Drewe of Harberton [Marked "D"]
John Egerton, clerk of Lympstone [Signed]
Sarah Withall of Lympstone [Marked "W"]
Mary Filmore of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
Sarah Jagoe, wife of Edri' Jagoe of Topsham [Marked]
Sarah Richards of Topsham [Marked "R"]
Sarah Elliott of Topsham [Not signed or marked]
Dorothy Moore of Topsham [Marked "D"]
William Northmore, esq of St. Thomas (Exeter) (Cleave) [Signed]
Arthur Chichester, esq of Shirwell [Signed]
Deborah Nett, wife of Robert Nett of Shirwell [Marked "N"]
William Taylor of Shirwell [Signed]
Mary Taylor of Shirwell [Marked "T"]
John Cawley of Topsham [Marked "C"]
Peter Pidsley of Newton St. Cyres [Not signed]
Thomas Bayly of Sidmouth [Marked "B"]
Joseph Evans jun of Sidmouth [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Evans of Sidmouth [Marked "E"]
Grace Saunders, wife of John Saunders of Sidmouth [Marked "G"]
Dorothy Purchass of Sidmouth [Marked "D"]
Ann Buckinhole of Sidmouth [Marked "A"]
Margaret Lyde of Sidmouth [Marked "L"]
Sarah Carpenter, wife of Henry Carpenter of Sidmouth [Marked "S"]
Sarah Carpenter, wife of John Carpenter of Sidmouth [Marked "C"]
Thomasin Cawley of Sidmouth [Marked "T"]
Richard Brooks of Sidmouth [Signed]
Stephen Nias of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "N"]
John Flood of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "J"]
Priscilla Horwood, widow of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Oliver Hooper of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "O"]
Isett Collacott, wife of John Collacott of Chagford [Marked "I"]
Mary Woodley, wife of William Woodley of Chagford [Marked]
Anne Collacott of Chagford [Not signed]
Henry Cadbury of Bovey Tracey [Marked "C"]
Sarah Banks of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "B"]
Mary Manley of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "M"]
John Gibbons of Sandford [Not signed]
Mary Lee, wife of Walter Lee of Sowton [Marked "L"]
Mary Elliott of Sowton [Marked "E"]