Oaths sworn at , Axminster, 16 Dec 1723 before John Drake bart; Robert Fry esq

Sr John Drake, bart of [Ash] [Signed]
Robert Fry, esq of Membury (Yarty) [Signed]
Frances Fry, wife of Robert Fry of Membury (Yarty) [Signed]
Sarah Kate (Keat), wife of William Keate clerk of Colyton [Signed]
Anne Clapp, wife of Robert Clapp of Colyton [Signed]
Susanna Barber, wife of John Barber of Colyton [Marked "B"]
Anne Horne, wife of George Horne of Colyton [Marked "H"]
Thomazin Pope, wife of Nathaniel Pope of Colyton [Marked "P"]
Mary Speed, wife of Thomas Speed of Colyton [Signed]
Elizabeth Spence, wife of James Spence of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Dorothy Beed, wife of John Beed of Colyton [Signed]
Nathaniel Sweet jun of Colyton [Signed]
Avis White, wife of Francis White of Colyton [Marked "W"]
John Sampson of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Mary Turpin of Colyton [Marked "Tur:"]
Eliza Stangeways, wife of Robert Stangeways of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Mary Mayne, wife of Joell Mayne of Colyton [Signed]
Joan Skarr of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Mary Seaward of Colyton [Marked "S"]
John Speed of Colyton [Signed]
Robert Hooper of Colyton [Marked "H"]
Mary Moore (Moor) of Colyton [Marked "M"]
John Abrahams of Colyton [Marked "A"]
John Tillman (Tilman) of Colyton [Signed]
Mary Banks, wife of Samuel Banks of Colyton [Signed]
Nathaniel Hawker of Colyton [Signed]
James Bole (Boll) of Colyton [Signed]
Anne Raymond of Colyton [Marked "R"]
Joseph Marwood of Colyton [Signed]
William Vicary of Colyton [Signed]
Sarah Wislade of Colyton [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Wislade of Colyton [Marked "EW"]
Robert Munden [Altered from Mundey] of Colyton [Marked "M"]
Sarah Blackaller, wife of Peter Blackaller of Colyton [Marked "B"]
Ellen Bowdage, spinster of Colyton [Signed]
Mary Lewis (Lewes), wife of Thomas Lewis clerk of Axmouth [Signed]
Elizabeth Kyle of Musbury [Signed]
Edward Burnard of Colyton [Signed]
Daniel Hore of Uplyme [Marked "H"]
Thomas Berry of Uplyme [Marked "B"]
Samuel Berry of Uplyme [Marked "S"]
Thomas Lovering of Uplyme [Marked "L"]
Thomas Moore of Uplyme [Marked "M"]
John Moore of Uplyme [Marked "JM"]
Thomas Fowler of Uplyme [Marked "F"]
James Seaward of Uplyme [Marked "S"]
Samuel Seaward of Uplyme [Marked "S"]
Joan Smith, wife of Henry Smith of Uplyme [Marked "S"]
Martha Berry of Uplyme [Marked "B"]
Susanna Anley of Uplyme [Marked "A"]
Emlin Anley of Uplyme [Marked "EA"]
Mary Hooke, wife of John Hooke of Uplyme [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Dabtston (Dapston) of Uplyme [Marked]
Samuel Whitmore of Honiton [Marked "W"]
Mary Bishop, wife of Roger Bishop of Awliscombe [Marked "B"]
Joseph Lymbury of Seaton and Beer [Marked]
Armorel Guppy, wife of Joseph Guppy of [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Whitty, wife of Thomas Whitty of [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Lyddon, wife of Samuel Lyddon of [Marked "L"]
Susan Anning, wife of Henry Anning of [Marked "A"]
Sarah Whitty, wife of Thomas Whitty of [Marked "W"]
Mary Whitty, wife of Nathaniel Whitty of [Marked "W"]
William Prince of Shute [Signed]
John Loveridge of Shute [Marked "L"]
Francis Samuel Parsons of Shute [Marked "P"]
George Follet of Shute [Marked "F"]
Margaret Ayres of Shute [Marked "A"]
Mary Smith, widow of Shute [Marked "S"]
Joan Harris, wife of Thomas Harris of Shute [Signed]
Thomas Smith jun of Shute [Signed]
Miles Streat of Shute [Marked "S"]
William Searle of Shute [Marked "S"]
Mary Thompson, wife of Henry Thompson of Colyton [Marked "T"]
Judith Gribble of Colyton [Marked "G"]
Anne Stoaks, wife of Richard Stoaks of Colyton [Marked "S"]
Alice White, wife of John White of Colyton [Marked "W"]
Jonathan Leighton jun of Colyton [Signed]
Joan Palmer, wife of John Palmer of Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Marked "P"]
Anne Collyer, wife of John Collyer of Widworthy [Marked "C"]
Joan Aubrey, wife of James Aubrey of Widworthy [Marked "A"]
Joan Clapp jun of Northleigh [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Peirce, wife of William Peirce of Honiton [Marked "P"]
Robert Cole, clerk of Widworthy [Signed]
Anne Cole, wife of Robert Cole clerk of Widworthy [Marked "C"]
Charity Gill, wife of William Gill of Shute [Marked "G"]
Joan Gill of Shute [Marked "G"]
William Smith of Shute [Marked "S"]
Mary Hawker, wife of Ephraim Hawker of Colyton [Marked "H"]
Thomas Drake, gent of Combeinteignhead [Signed]
Mary Hayne, wife of John Hayne of Uplyme [Signed]
Mary Stringfellow, wife of John Stringfellow of Axminster [Marked "S"]
Susanna Gould, wife of Thomas Gould of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Warren, wife of William Warren of Axminster [Marked "W"]
Hannah Battiscombe, wife of Giles Battiscombe of Uplyme [Marked "B"]
Richard Ham (Hamm) of Shute [Marked "H"]
William Bragg (Bragge), esq of Thorncombe (now Dorset) (of Sadborough) [Signed]
David Penleaze, clerk of Sidbury [Signed]
Susanna Bragg, wife of Abraham Bragg of Axminster [Marked "B"]
Susanna Perriam, wife of Samuel Perriam of Axminster [Marked "P"]
Margaret Fortiscue, widow of Axminster [Marked "F"]
Mary Collier (Collyer), wife of Jonathan Collier of Axminster [Signed]
Mary Pinney, wife of Francis Pinney of Axminster [Marked "P"]
Martha Daniel, wife of James Daniel of Axminster [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Green, wife of William Green of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Malachy Mallack jun of Axminster [Signed]
Mary Bunston, wife of Abraham Bunston of Axminster [Marked "B"]
Anne Welch, wife of John Welch of Axminster [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Govis, wife of William Govis of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Robert Wooley of Axminster [Marked "W"]
Mary Wooley, wife of Robert Wooley of Axminster [Marked "Wo"]
William Browne (Brown) of Offwell [Signed]
Joan Guppy, wife of William Gupps of Farway [Marked "G"]
Sarah Carter, widow of Farway [Marked "C"]
Mary Gill, wife of William Gill of Colyton [Marked "G"]
Katherine More, wife of Walter More of Musbury [Signed]
Joan Farthing, wife of John Farthing of Axminster [Marked "F"]
William Champ jun of Axminster [Marked "C"]
Anne Champ, wife of William Champ of Axminster [Marked "C"]
Susannah Gray of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Grace Taylor, wife of Giles Taylor of Axminster [Marked "T"]
Grace Gillet, wife of John Gillet of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Joseph Morgan jun of Axminster [Signed]
Elizabeth Whittey, wife of Henry Whittey of Axminster [Marked "W"]
John Maddaford of Axminster [Signed]
Grace Lyddon, wife of William Lyddon of Axminster [Marked "L"]
John Sprague of Shute [Marked "S"]
Sarah Smith of Shute [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Newberry of Colyton [Marked "N"]
John Martin of Colyton [Marked "M"]
William Hutchings of Axmouth [Signed]
Martha Hutchings, wife of William Hutchings of Axmouth [Signed]
Joan Hook (Hooke) of Axmouth [Signed]
Mary Hoar (Hoare), wife of Daniel Hoar of Axmouth [Signed]
Katherine White, wife of William White of Axmouth [Signed]
Frances Butter of Axmouth [Marked "B"]
Jone Woosely, wife of Richard Woosely of Axmouth [Signed]
Lydia Baker, wife of John Baker of Axmouth [Signed]
Maria Anley (Annly), wife of William Anley of Axmouth [Marked "A"]
Anna Hurlestone, wife of Christopher Hurlestone of Axmouth [Marked "H"]
Mary Ristarick, wife of Henry Ristarick of Axmouth [Marked "R"]
Sarah Tanner, wife of Jeffery Tanner of Axmouth [Marked "T"]
Joseph Gaich of Axmouth [Marked "G"]
Mathew Drake of Axminster [Signed]
Christian Fisher, wife of Bernard Fisher of Kilmington [Marked "F"]
Anne Pulman, wife of Henry Pulman of Kilmington [Marked "P"]
John Steward of Kilmington [Marked "S"]
John Cox of Kilmington [Marked "C"]
John Drew of Kilmington [Signed]
Henry Watkins of Kilmington [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Lee, wife of William Lee of Luppitt [Marked "L"]
John Farthing of Axminster [Signed]
Margaret Leaves of Shute [Marked "L"]
Mary Tucker, wife of William Tucker gent of Kilmington [Signed]
Mary Ashford (Ayshford), wife of John Ashford clerk of Uplyme [Signed]
Sarah Oke, wife of William Oke gent of Axmouth [Signed]
Elizabeth Upham, wife of Thomas Upham clerk of Offwell [Signed]
John Cox of Axmouth [Signed]
Sarah Bird of Axmouth [Marked "B"]
John Ervin (Erwin) of Axminster [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Streat, wife of John Streat of Axminster [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Cogan of Axminster [Marked "C"]
Thomas Streat of Axminster [Marked "S"]
John Lyndy of Axminster [Marked "L"]
John Turdle of Kilmington [Marked "T"]
Joan Gly, wife of Andrew Gly of Kilmington [Marked "G"]
Abraham Blackaller of Kilmington [Marked "B"]
Anne Humphry of Membury [Marked "H"]
Jon: Newbury of Membury [Marked]
William Newbury of Membury [Marked "W"]
Dorothy Searle of Axminster [Marked "S"]
Mary Pinny jun of Axminster [Marked "P"]
Susanna Liddon of Axminster [Marked "L"]
Jane Gammadge of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Jane Sugar of Axmouth [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Dinham of Axmouth [Marked "D"]
John Reed of Axmouth [Marked "R"]
Hannah Reed of Axmouth [Marked "H"]
Mary Legg of Axmouth [Marked "L"]
Mary Tomkins of Axminster [Signed]
Sarah Tomkins of Axminster [Signed]
Thomas Jeffry of Axminster [Marked "J"]
Joan Hoar (Hore) of Kilmington [Signed]
Nathaniel Levermore of Membury [Marked "L"]
Mary Comyns of Membury [Marked "C"]
Sarah Morgan, wife of Joseph Morgan of Axminster [Marked "M"]
Joan French, wife of William French of Musbury [Signed]
Bartholomew Baker of Shute [Marked "B"]
John Whitty of Axminster [Marked "W"]
Mary Blackway, wife of William Blackway of Shute [Marked "B"]
Abigail Hill, wife of John Hill of Axminster [Signed]
Anne Oxland, wife of Thomas Oxland of Axminster [Marked "O"]
James Newton of Axminster [Signed]
John Gaich of Axminster [Marked "J"]
Robert Guppy of Axminster [Marked "R"]
Lydia Dight, wife of Francis Dight of Axminster [Marked "D"]
Joan Gray, wife of Robert Gray of Axminster [Marked "G"]
Christopher Wade resident in Thorncombe (now Dorset) [Signed]