Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, 18 Dec 1723 before Bampfylde Rodd; Richard Beavis John Gibbs esqs

Roger Chilcot (Chilcott) of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Mary Chilcot of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Bartholomew Davey (Davy) of Tiverton [Marked "D"]
Sarah Davy of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
John Wills of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Joan Davy of Tiverton [Marked "D"]
John Cork of Awliscombe [Marked "C"]
Baldwin Harris of Washfield [Marked "B"]
Henry Walker [Not signed]
William Piddesly of Newton St. Cyres [Not signed]
Peter Piddesly [Not signed]
William Radford of ?Newton St. Cyres [Marked "R"] [Residence unclear due to previous crossings out.]
Elizabeth Carslake, wife of Arthur Carslake of Brampford Speke [Marked "C"]
Thomasin Frost of Sanford Courtenay Exbourne [Marked "F"]
Ann Pooke of Exbourne [Marked "P"]
Eleanor Wyat of Willand [Marked "W"]
William Beer of ?Samford [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Pooke of Willand [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Tristram of Bampton [Marked "T"]
Mary Tristram of Bampton [Marked "M"]
Francis Wyndham (Windham), clerk of Bampton [Signed]
Thomas Yeandall (Yendall) of Bampton [Marked "C"]
William Yeandall (Yendall) of Bampton [Marked "Y"]
Robert Lang of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
Anne Lang of St. Marychurch [Marked "A"]
Mary Churchward of St. Marychurch [Marked "M"]
John ?Bolley (Bulley) of Ipplepen [Marked "B"]
Petronel Croker of Yealmpton [Marked "C"]
Alice Knowling of Harberton [Marked "K"]
Joseph Hodge of Harberton [Marked "H"]
John Baily of Ipplepen [Not signed]
John Prowse of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
John Berry of Abbotskerswell [Not signed]
Joan Partridge of Witheridge [Not signed]
John Tindall of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Signed]
Richard Hawkings of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Marked "R"]
Mary Battin of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Marked "M"]
George Hawton of Sydenham (Marystowe) [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Newton, widow of Inwardleigh [Marked "N"]
John Lethbridge of Jacobstowe [Marked "L"]
Edward Arthur of Ide [Marked "A"]
Giles ?Welchford [Not signed]
John ?Rowe [Not signed]
John ?Lampaine [Not signed]
Richard Place [Not signed]
Mary Hutchings (Hutchins) of Moretonhampstead [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Hellings of Culmstock [Marked "E"]
Katherine Baker of Culmstock [Marked "B"]
Thomas Wright jun of Heavitree [Signed]
Frances Hall of Heavitree [Marked "H"]
John Bastone of Harpford [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Matthew, wife of John Matthew of Silverton [Marked "M"]
Thomas Hayter of Chagford [Signed]
Grace Haytor, wife of George Haytor of Chagford [Marked "H"]
Joseph Cheesworth (Cheeseworth) of Drewsteignton [Marked "C"]
William Hill of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Judith Hill, wife of William Hill of Budleigh, East [Marked "J"]
Margaret Pope of Budleigh, East [Marked "P"]
Amy Hooke of Budleigh, East [Marked "H"]
Joan Carslake, wife of Abraham Carslake of Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Edward Coombe of Budleigh, East [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Coombe of Budleigh, East [Marked "E"]
John Satchell of Budleigh, East [Marked "S"]
Martha Satchell, wife of John Satchell of Budleigh, East [Marked "M"]
Nicholas Jope of Budleigh, East [Marked "J"]
Henry Arscott of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "A"]
Joanna Clarke, wife of Jacob Clarke of Bicton [Marked "B"]
Titus Priest of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "P"]
James Hayman of Aylesbeare [Marked "H"]
Joseph Long of Aylesbeare [Marked "L"]
Mary Carslake of Aylesbeare [Marked "M"]
Rebecca Carslake of Aylesbeare [Marked "R"]
Susanna Potbury of Aylesbeare [Marked "P"]
George Skinner of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "G"]
John Channon of ye same Budleigh, East [Marked "C"]
Robert Smith of Exminster [Marked "S"]
Ann During of Chudleigh [Not signed]
Elizabeth Randle of Whitchurch [Not signed]
Elizabeth Chave, wife of John Chave of Uplowman [Marked "C"]
Susan Rich, wife of John Rich of Uplowman [Marked "R"]
Rebecca Burrige (Burridge), wife of John Burrige jun of Topsham [Signed]
Thomazin Ewings, wife of John Ewings jun of Topsham [Marked "E"]
Ephraim Bradbeer of Exminster [Marked "B"]
Joan Lang, wife of Zachary Lang clerk of Clyst Honiton [Marked "L"]
Joanna Rowe, spinster of Sampford Peverell [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Pitts, wife of John Pitts of Drewsteignton [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Bragg, wife of William Bragg jun of Drewsteignton [Marked "B"]
Henry Hitchcock jun of Culmstock [Marked "H"]
Francis Hitchcock of Culmstock [Marked "H"]
Mary Hitchcock of Culmstock [Marked "M"]
Sarah Starte of Uffculme [Marked "S"]
Robert Sweeting, clerk of Belstone [Marked "S"]
Susanna Sweeting of Belstone [Marked "S"]
Eleanor Clapp, wife of John Clapp of Farringdon [Marked "E"]
Elizabeth Meffling, wife of John Meffling of Pinhoe [Marked "M"]
Grace Ball, wife of Roger Ball of Exminster [Marked "B"]
Sarah Maynard, wife of Samuel Maynard of Bovey Tracey [Marked "M"]
Mary Shobrook, wife of Richard Shobrook of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
William Aller of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "A"]
Mary Aller of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth ?A... of Sampford Courtenay [Not signed]
John Rowe of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "R"]
John Hopkins of Sampford Courtenay [Not signed]
John Legg of Sampford Courtenay [Marked "L"]
John Harden of Broadhembury [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Ellis of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "E"]
Mary Ellis of Upton Pyne [Marked "M"]
Sarah Clerke of Brampford Speke [Marked "C"]
Mary Tucker of Brampford Speke [Marked "T"]
Susanna Quick of Brampford Speke [Marked "Q"]
Martha Chamberlain of Brampford Speke [Marked "M"]
Hannah Sowdon (Sowden), wife of Henry Sowden of Brampford Speke [Marked "S"]
Margaret [Surname illegible] of Brampford Speke [Not signed]
Alice Roberts of Upton Pyne [Marked "R"]
Martha Roberts of Upton Pyne [Marked "M"]
Robert Jenkins of Stoke Canon [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Rogers of Bondleigh [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Rugg of Ide [Marked "R"]
Mary Maynard, wife of John Maynard of Ide [Not signed]
Katherine Symons, wife of Isaiah Symons of Exmouth [Marked "K"]
Mary Symons jun of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Sarah Symons, spinster of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Sarah Peryman (Perryman), wife of James Peryman of Exmouth [Marked "P"]
William Lee of Exmouth [Marked "L"]
Richard Axford jun of Lew, North [Marked "A"]
Honour Butson, wife of John Butson of Otterton [Marked "B"]
William Saunders of Budleigh, East [Marked]
Thomazin Cawley of Sidbury [Not signed]
Edward Cawley jun of Sidbury [Marked "C"]
Jane Nosworthy, wife of Thomas Nosworthy of Bovey Tracey [Marked "J"]
Deborah Mardon, wife of Nicholas Mardon of Bovey Tracey [Marked "M"]
John Courtaill (Courtail), clerk of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Signed]
Sarah Lane, wife of Roger Lane of Topsham [Signed]
John Coull of Upton Hellions [Marked]
John Martyn of Sandford [Marked "M"]
Michael ?Knip of Shobrooke [Marked "K"]
Charles Adams of ?South Zeal {monachorum} [Signed]
William Fry of Sandford [Marked "W"]
Sara Elliott, wife of Henry Elliott of Topsham [Marked "S"]
John Woodman of Morchard Bishop [Marked "W"]
Bartholomew Southord of Upton Hellions [Marked "S"]
Roger ?Ristle of Upton Hellions [Not signed]
William Wyatt of Halberton [Marked "W"]
Margaret Wyatt, wife of William Wyatt of Halberton [Marked "M"]
Mary Coombe of Halberton [Marked "C"]
Benjamin Chapman of Halberton [Marked "C"]
Mary Chapman of Halberton [Marked "M"]
Alice Cook of Halberton [Not signed]
Katherine Vinicombe of Halberton [Not signed]
John Bully of Ipplepen [Not signed]
John Tucker of Rattery [Marked "T"]
Giles Burt of Dartington [Marked "B"]
Thomas Hodge [Residence not stated] [Marked "H"]
Joan Stephens, wife of Arthur Stephens of Silverton [Marked "J"]
John Rich jun of Harberton [Marked "R"]
Susanna Chave, wife of Ed: Chave of Uplowman [Marked "C"]
Mary Martyn, wife of Michael Martyn of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
Joan Bass, wife of John Bass of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
Isett Weeks (Weekes), wife of John Weeks of Chagford [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Northcott, wife of John Northcott of Chagford [Marked "N"]
Alice Rowe, wife of Andrew Rowe of Chagford [Marked "R"]
Mary Wills, wife of John Wills of Chagford [Marked "W"]
Thomasin Horrill, wife of John Horrill of Chagford [Marked]
Joan Sloman, wife of Joseph Sloman of Chagford [Marked "S"]
Joan Martin, wife of James Martin of Throwleigh [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Burwell, wife of Harvy Burwell of Ottery St. Mary [Marked "B"]
Edward Bradford, clerk of Tiverton [Signed]
Margaret Bradford, wife of Edward Bradford clerk of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Hunt, wife of George Hunt of Tawton, South [Marked "H"]
Mary Rennell, wife of John Rennell of Chudleigh [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Greenslade [Altered, original spelling unclear], widow of Woodbury [Marked "G"]
Christopher Hagedot (Hagdot) of Withycombe Raleigh [Signed]
Thomas Badford of Chawleigh [Not signed]
Andrew Parsons of Chawleigh [Marked "P"]
Michael Mole of Upton Pyne [Not signed]
Susanna Mole, wife of Michael Mole of Upton Pyne [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Conniby [Residence not stated] ?Upton Pine [Marked "C"]
Timothy Helmore of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Smith, spinster of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
Thomas Smith of Lympstone [Not signed]
Joan Smith, spinster of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
William Smith of Lympstone [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Smith of Lympstone [Marked "E"]
Mary Hart of Lympstone [Marked "M"]
Margaret Whiting, spinster of Shillingford St. George [Not signed]
Joseph Shebbear (Shebbeare), clerk of Moretonhampstead [Signed]
Christopher Ewings of Feniton [Signed]
John Ward of Cadeleigh [Marked "W"]
Michael Payne of Cadeleigh [Marked "P"]
James Tremlett of Cadeleigh [Marked "J"]
Dorothy Melhuish, widow of Cadeleigh [Marked "M"]
Robert Pudner of Cadeleigh [Marked "P"]
Joan Tremlett Truman, wife of Robert Truman of Cadeleigh [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Ireland, wife of Solomon Ireland of Ashburton [Marked "E"]
Catherine Pounsford, wife of William Pounsford of Sandford [Not signed]
Richard Maunder jun, clerk of Lympstone [Signed]
Amos Matthews of Tiverton [Signed]
Elizabeth Matthews, wife of Amose Matthews of Tiverton [Marked "E"]
Abraham Passmore of Littleham (Exmouth) [Signed]
William Spiring of Topsham [Signed]
Eleanor Spiring, wife of William Spiring of Topsham [Marked "S"]
John Cleake of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Morgan of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Honour Parkhouse of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Agnes Bartow of Tiverton [Marked "A"]
Mary Green of Tiverton [Not signed]
Michael Farmer of Tiverton [Not signed]
Mary Hutchings of Tiverton [Not signed]
Isabella Newte, wife of Samuel Newte clerk of Tiverton [Signed]
Richard Densham of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Margaret Densham of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Clement Govett of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Leonard Blagdon of Tiverton [Marked "L"]
Margaret Thomas of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Benjamin Wood of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Eleanor Bale of Tiverton [Marked "E"]
Eleanor Westerne of Tiverton [Marked "E"]
Benjamin Mills of Tiverton [Marked "B"]
John Mills of Tiverton [Not signed]
Joane Venn of Tiverton [Marked "J"]
Rachel Roberts of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Hugh Thomas of Tiverton [Not signed]
Bartholomew Davie of Tiverton [Not signed]
Joane ?Davie of Tiverton [Not signed]
Gawin Baker of Tiverton [Not signed]
John Gill of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Hannah Gill, wife of John Gill of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
John Cooke of Tiverton [Not signed]
Thomasin Vinicomb of Tiverton [Marked "V"]
Elizabeth Nix of Tiverton [Marked "N"]
William Vinicomb jun of Tiverton [Marked]
William Gorton of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
John Upcott of Tiverton [Signed]
Mary Upcott, wife of John Upcott of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Randell of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Berry of Tiverton [Marked "B"]
Richard Williams of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Alice Whitney of Tiverton [Marked "A"]
Robert Gibbons of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Susannah Podger of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Mary Upham, wife of Roger Upham of Tiverton [Marked "U"]
Jane Poole of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Ann Ackland of Tiverton [Marked "A"]
Humphrey Marshjutsam of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
William Shephard (Sheppard) of Tiverton [Signed]
Susanna Cowlen of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Mary Westcombe of Tiverton [Marked "W"]
Alexander Steall of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Voysey of Tiverton [Marked "T"]
Jane Gorton of Tiverton [Marked "J"]
William Gill of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Christopher Ewings of Tiverton [Not signed]
Robert Sanders (Saunders) of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Mary Sanders (Saunders) of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
Thomasin Norrish of Tiverton [Marked "N"]
William Gill of Tiverton [Not signed]
Eleanor Webber of Tiverton [Not signed]
William Merson of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Alice Merson of Tiverton [Marked "A"]
Thomas Blackmore of Tiverton [Not signed]
John Blackmore of Tiverton [Not signed]
Ann Baggs of Tiverton [Marked "B"]
Richard Heard of Tiverton [Not signed]
Joan Venn of Tiverton [Not signed]
Honora Ford, wife of Thomas Ford of Bridford [Marked "H"]
Mary West of Bridford [Marked "W"]
Edward Polsue of Bridford [Marked "P"]
John Honiborne (Honiborn) of Bridford [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Ireland of Bridford [Not signed]
Mary Richards, wife of William Richards of Cullompton [Not signed]
John Shepheard of Cullompton [Marked "S"]
Edmonds Kelly of Halwell [Signed]
John Christopher of Bovey Tracey [Marked "J"]
Grace Ellis, wife of Robert Ellis of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "E"]
Joan Westland, wife of John Westland of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "W"]
John Reed of Pinhoe [Marked "R"]
Francis Lawrence of Chulmleigh [Marked "F"]
Joan Lawrence of Chulmleigh [Marked "J"]
Magdalen Cooke (Cooke), wife of Henry Cook of Cadeleigh [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Collings of Alphington [Marked "C"]
John Edeny (Edney) of Alphington [Marked "E"]
Mark Dawe of Loxbeare [Marked "D"]
Ann Lawrence of Chulmleigh [Marked "A"]
Grace Lawrence of Chulmleigh [Marked "G"]
Francis Crook, wife of Robert Crook of Chulmleigh [Marked "C"]
Catherine Pearse, wife of Michael Pearse of Chulmleigh [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Pridham, wife of Thomas Pridham of Chulmleigh [Marked "P"]
Susanna Babbage, wife of John Babbage of Ashreigny [Marked "B"]
William Partridge of Ashreigny [Marked "P"]
Susannah Brayley of Morchard Bishop [Marked "S"]
Mary Wood of Halberton [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Furber, wife of Thomas Furber of Halberton [Marked "E"]
[Illegible deletion]
George Wood of Halberton [Marked "G"]
Thomas Furber of Halberton [Marked "T"]
Mary Saunders, wife of John Saunders of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "S"]
Mary Pitt, wife of Thomas Pitt of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Mary Bartlett, widow of Ide [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Pyne, wife of Abraham Pyne of Ide [Marked "P"]
Thomas Durston of Bovey Tracey [Signed]
Elizabeth Rendle of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Jane Bragg, wife of James Bragg of Drewsteignton [Marked "B"]
Joan Brock, wife of John Brock of Drewsteignton [Marked "B"]
Hannah King, widow of Tiverton [Marked "K"]