Oaths sworn at Home of John Brewer, Teignmouth, West, 14 Dec 1723 before John Lear bart; Rawlen Mallock esqs

George Follett of Cockington [Signed]
Christopher Pulman of Cockington [Marked "P"]
William Bennet (Bennett) of Cockington [Marked "B"]
John Blackstone of Cockington [Signed]
Ann Blackstone, wife of John Blackstone of Cockington [Marked "B"]
Jane Bray, widow of Cockington [Marked "B"]
Jarves Clay of Cockington [Marked "C"]
Richard Hosgood of Cockington [Marked "H"]
John Hosgood of Cockington [Marked "H"]
William Stephens of Cockington [Marked "S"]
Thomas Goard of Cockington [Marked "G"]
John Prowte of Cockington [Marked "P"]
George Ball of Tormoham [Marked "B"]
Bernard Hole of Tormoham [Marked "H"]
Wingate Marten of Tormoham [Marked "M"]
John Collard of Paignton [Marked "C"]
James Jenkinson of Teignmouth, West [Marked "J"]
Elias Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Mary Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Hugh Perrett of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
John Rowe of St. Marychurch [Marked "R"]
Thomas Rowe of St. Marychurch [Marked "R"]
Mary Rowe, wife of Thomas Rowe of St. Marychurch [Marked "R"]
Mary Aynell, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "A"]
John Acland of St. Marychurch [Marked "A"]
Christopher Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Mary Langmead, wife of Gilbert Langmead of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
William Bickford of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Alice Bickford, wife of Hezekiah Bickford of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Stephens, wife of Thomas Stephens of St. Marychurch [Marked "S"]
John Sowdon of St. Marychurch [Marked "S"]
George Sowdon of St. Marychurch [Marked "S"]
Sarah Hore, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Henry Rendle of St. Marychurch [Marked "R"]
Mary Rendle, wife of Henry Rendle of St. Marychurch [Marked "M"]
Thomas Congdon of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Mary Congdon of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Mary Congdon [Altered, original spelling unclear], spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Mary Rendle, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "R"]
Mary Wedlock, wife of John Wedlock of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Burring (Buring) of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
James Tapley of St. Marychurch [Marked "T"]
Samuel Wichalse of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Sarah Burring of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Joan Waymouth, wife of John Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Cock, wife of John Cock of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Mary Cock, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Mary Pettel, wife of Samuel Pettel of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Thomas Kearby of St. Marychurch [Marked "K"]
Wilmot Aynell, wife of James Aynell of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Theophilus Aynell of St. Marychurch [Marked "A"]
John Aynell of St. Marychurch [Marked "A"]
John Kelly of St. Marychurch [Marked "K"]
Mary Wills, wife of John Wills of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Judith Wilkin, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Joane Waymouth, wife of Christopher Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Mary Tucker, wife of John Tucker of St. Marychurch [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Hore, wife of Caleb Hore of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
William Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Samuel Jackson of St. Marychurch [Marked "J"]
Mary Goodman of St. Marychurch [Marked "G"]
Margery Hussey, wife of Thomas Hussey of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Isaac Mason of St. Marychurch [Marked "M"]
John Pitman of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
John Goodman of St. Marychurch [Marked "G"]
Joan Waymouth, wife of Robert Waymouth of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Susanna Cole, wife of Robert Cole of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
John Tapley of St. Marychurch [Marked "T"]
William Browse of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
Judith Bickford, widow of St. Marychurch [Marked "B"]
John Churchward of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Gregory Howard of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Cicely Howard, wife of Gregory Howard of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Ruth Gregory, wife of John Gregory of St. Marychurch [Marked "G"]
Mary Cole, wife of Richard Cole of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Joan Grantland, wife of John Grantland of St. Marychurch [Marked "G"]
Joan Wollacot of St. Marychurch [Marked "W"]
Agnes Davis, wife of John Davis of St. Marychurch [Marked "D"]
Jane Clogg, wife of John Clogg of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Susanna Garvar, widow of St. Marychurch [Marked "G"]
Margaret Petel, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Petel, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Joan Fox, wife of William Fox of St. Marychurch [Marked "F"]
Agnes Petel, wife of Isaac Petel of St. Marychurch [Marked "P"]
Nehemiah Hore of St. Marychurch [Marked "H"]
Bartholomew Carell of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Grace Carell, spinster of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Agnes Lang, wife of Christopher Lang of St. Marychurch [Marked "L"]
John Scalsbrook of St. Marychurch [Marked "S"]
James Chaplin of St. Marychurch [Marked "C"]
Samuel Neck jun of Kingskerswell [Marked "N"]
Elias Hore of St. Nicholas [Marked "H"]
Jane Hore, wife of Elias Hore of St. Nicholas [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Southcot, wife of John Southcot of Dawlish [Marked "S"]
William Giles of Dawlish [Signed]
Ann Giles of Dawlish [Signed]
John Pridham of Dawlish [Marked "P"]
Jonathan Alward of Tormoham [Marked "A"]
George Langdon of Tormoham [Marked "L"]
Samuel Alward of Tormoham [Marked "A"]
Thomas Alward of Tormoham [Not signed or marked]
James Whitford of Tormoham [Marked "W"]
Robert Alward of Tormoham [Marked "A"]
Thomas Beare of Chudleigh [Marked "B"]
Anne Beare of Chudleigh [Marked "B"]
Jane Collings of Kenton [Marked "C"]
Jane Tripe, wife of William Tripe of Kenton [Marked "T"]
William Towill, wife of William Towill of Kenton [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Towill, wife of William Towill of Kenton [Marked "T"]
John Sainthill of Mamhead [Marked "S"]
Mary Connet, wife of George Connet of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
Thomas Lear of Ilsington [Marked "L"]
Joan Lear, wife of Richard Lear of Ilsington [Marked "L"]
Richard Colman of Ilsington [Marked "C"]
Richord Trislade, wife of John Trislade of Bishopsteignton [Marked "T"]
Mirriam Humphrey, wife of John Humphrey of Bishopsteignton [Marked "H"]
Margaret Rouse, wife of Humphrey Rouse of Wolborough [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Beardon, wife of John Beardon of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
Jane Blackler, wife of Samuel Blackler of Wolborough [Marked "B"]
John Chappell of Wolborough [Signed]
Eleanor Chappell, wife of John Chappell of Wolborough [Marked "E"]
Henry Lapthorn of Chudleigh [Marked "L"]
Robert Heller of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
William Jerves of Combeinteignhead [Marked "J"]
Sarah Bickford, wife of Samuel Bickford of Combeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Martha Sherrell of Combeinteignhead [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Drew of Combeinteignhead [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Gotbed of Combeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
Thomas Squary of St. Nicholas [Marked "S"]
James Webber of St. Nicholas [Marked "W"]
Mary Smith, wife of William Smith of Teignmouth, West [Marked "S"]
Mary Westcot, wife of John Westcot of Chudleigh [Marked "W"]
Mary Norris of Teignmouth, West [Marked "N"]
Wilmot Smith of Teignmouth, West [Marked "S"]
James Escott (Escot) of Teignmouth, West [Marked "E"]
Jane Lake of Teignmouth, West [Marked "L"]
Richard Newbery of Teignmouth, West [Marked "N"]
Elizabeth Newbery, wife of Richard Newbery of Teignmouth, West [Marked "N"]
John Cole of Teignmouth, West [Marked "C"]
Joanna Cole, wife of John Cole of Teignmouth, West [Marked "C"]
Philip Sparke of Teignmouth, West [Marked "S"]
Bartholomew Goodman of Teignmouth, West [Marked "G"]
Raymond Smith of Teignmouth, West [Marked "S"]
John Horrell of Teignmouth, West [Marked "H"]
Mary Williams, wife of P. Williams of Teignmouth, West [Marked "W"]
James Lake of Teignmouth, West [Marked "L"]
Mary Filsom of Teignmouth, West [Marked "F"]
Christopher Glass of Teignmouth, West [Marked "G"]
Richard Perriman of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
John Tucker of Teignmouth, West [Marked "T"]
Hammond Tucker of Teignmouth, West [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Tucker, wife of Hammond Tucker of Teignmouth, West [Marked "T"]
Christopher Blackstone of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Mary Blackstone, wife of Christopher Blackstone of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Thomas Gaunt jun of Teignmouth, West [Marked "G"]
Anne Gaunt, wife of Thomas Gaunt jun of Teignmouth, West [Marked "G"]
Anne Hall, wife of Joseph Hall jun of Teignmouth, West [Marked "H"]
John Perryman of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
Robert Langley of Teignmouth, West [Marked "L"]
Susanna Escot, wife of Richard Escot of Teignmouth, West [Marked "E"]
Martha Litton, wife of James Litton of Teignmouth, West [Marked "L"]
Esther Collings of Teignmouth, West [Marked "C"]
Eleanor Peek of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
Thomazin Peek of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
William Jordan of Teignmouth, East [Marked "J"]
Anne Jordan, wife of William Jordan of Teignmouth, East [Marked "J"]
Mary Lamcraft, wife of Richard Lamcraft of Teignmouth, East [Marked "L"]
Samuel Pitts of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Mary Pitts of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Joan Rumbelow of Teignmouth, East [Marked "R"]
Jane Underhay, wife of Edward Underhay of Teignmouth, East [Marked "U"]
Jane Lewis, wife of Daniel Lewis of Teignmouth, East [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Featy of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Mary Fletcher of Teignmouth, East [Marked "F"]
Nicholas Wilking of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
Mary Wilking, wife of Nicholas Wilking of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
Mary Jewell, wife of William Jewell of Teignmouth, East [Marked "J"]
Oliver Courtice of Teignmouth, East [Signed]
Loveday Courtice, wife of Oliver Courtice of Teignmouth, East [Marked "C"]
Thomazin Bussell, wife of Nicholas Bussell of Teignmouth, East [Marked "B"]
William Leeton of Teignmouth, East [Marked "L"]
William Newbery (Newberry) of Teignmouth, East [Marked "N"]
Joan Newbery (Newberry) of Teignmouth, East [Marked "N"]
Edward Fletcher of Teignmouth, East [Marked "F"]
Mary During, wife of William During of Teignmouth, East [Marked "D"]
John Neck of Teignmouth, East [Marked "N"]
William Warren of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
Katherine Warren of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
John Pine of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Manly, wife of John Manly of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Roger Goodman of Teignmouth, East [Marked "G"]
Mary Babb, widow of Teignmouth, East [Marked "B"]
Samuel Rugg of Teignmouth, East [Marked "R"]
Abigail Rugg of Teignmouth, East [Marked "R"]
Jane Cole of Teignmouth, East [Marked "C"]
Mary Potter, wife of Lawrence Potter of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Margaret Screws, wife of William Screws of Teignmouth, East [Marked "S"]
Loveday Jordan, wife of Rufus Jordan of Teignmouth, East [Marked "J"]
Michael Martin of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Mary Martin, wife of Michael Martin of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Michael Martin jun of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Eleanor Goss of Teignmouth, East [Marked "G"]
Thomas Escott of Teignmouth, East [Marked "E"]
Mary Escott of Teignmouth, East [Marked "E"]
John Bully jun of Teignmouth, East [Marked "B"]
Francis Bennet of Teignmouth, East [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Tapley, wife of R Tapley of Teignmouth, East [Marked "T"]
William Pulman of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Pulman, wife of William Pulman of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Judith Matterface, wife of Richard Matterface of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Thomas Whitborn of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Whitborn, wife of Thomas Whitborn of Teignmouth, East [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Prowse, wife of Richard Prowse of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Wilmot Furze, wife of Richard Furze of Teignmouth, East [Marked "F"]
Dorothy Bickford of Combeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Mary Wilking, wife of John Wilking of Dawlish [Marked "W"]
Jane Carswell, wife of John Carswell of Kenton [Marked "C"]
Isaac Elliott of Kenton [Marked "E"]
Richard Narramore of Bishopsteignton [Marked "N"]
John Brown (Browne) of Kenton [Marked "B"]
Patience Slocombe of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Nicholas Tapley of Dawlish [Marked "T"]
Anne Huntly (Huntley) of Dawlish [Marked "H"]
Nicholas Tapley jun of Dawlish [Marked "T"]
Edward Peardon of Dawlish [Marked "P"]
Joan Dally of Dawlish [Marked "D"]
John Kerswill of Kenton [Marked "K"]
Elizabeth Soper, wife of Thomas Soper of Dawlish [Marked "S"]
Hester Carter, wife of Elias Carter clerk of Teignmouth, West [Marked "C"]
Anthony Nation of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Rose Whitburn, wife of John Whitburn of Teignmouth, West [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Ball, wife of John Ball of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Mary Beard of Teignmouth, West [Marked "B"]
Oliver Manwaring jun of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
William Dolling of Ideford [Marked "D"]
Charity Endacott of Ideford [Marked "E"]
Mary Endacott, wife of Stephen Endacott of Ideford [Marked "E"]
Susanna Casely of Ideford [Marked "C"]
Grace Hellings of Ideford [Marked "H"]
John Tucker of Ideford [Signed]
Mathew Collings of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
Dorothy Cowse of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
Thomas Mardon of St. Nicholas [Signed]
Elias Mardon of St. Nicholas [Marked "M"]
John Davis of St. Nicholas [Marked "D"]
John Craft of St. Nicholas [Marked "C"]
George Squary of St. Nicholas [Marked "S"]
John Rumbelow of St. Nicholas [Marked "R"]
Cicely Goss of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Rowe of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
Thomas Gasking of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Hugh Burrel (Burrell) of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
William Pitts of Dawlish [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Pitts, wife of William Pitts of Dawlish [Marked "P"]
Susanna Tripe, wife of Richard Tripe of Dawlish [Marked "T"]
Frances Payne, wife of Richard Payne of Dawlish [Marked "P"]
Lydia Bussell, wife of Thomas Bussell of Dawlish [Marked "B"]
Anne Gale, wife of John Gale of Dawlish [Marked "G"]
Thomazin Gale of Dawlish [Marked "G"]
Anne Gale of Dawlish [Marked "G"]
Joan Moore of Wolborough [Marked "M"]
Leonard Luccombe of St. Nicholas [Marked "L"]
Samuel Giles of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Lawrence Carpenter of Dawlish [Marked "C"]
John Martyn of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Bridget Stafford, wife of Hugh Stafford esq of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Mary Cove, spinster of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Thomas Comyns jun of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
John Sargeant, clerk of Chudleigh [Signed]
Joseph Taylor, esq of Paignton [Signed]
Elizabeth Harris, wife of Hugh Harris of Wolborough [Signed]
Lydia Underhay, wife of Richard Underhay of Teignmouth, West [Signed]
Mary Bayly, wife of John Bayly of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Mary Best, wife of Stephen Best of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Anne Stickes, wife of Samuel Stickes of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "S"]
Mary Codner, wife of Richard Codner of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "C"]
Sidwell Selman, wife of John Selman of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "S"]
William Gasking of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
Richard Gotbed of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
Nathan Dalling of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "D"]
Christopher Card of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Stephen Pool of Combeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Anne Pool, wife of Stephen Pool jun of Combeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Susanna Gotbed, wife of Anthony Gotbed of Combeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
Grace Lang of Combeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
Sarah Wilking, wife of William Wilking of Combeinteignhead [Marked "W"]
Mary Okeman, wife of John Okeman of St. Nicholas [Marked "O"]
Elizabeth Dyer of Tormoham [Marked "D"]
John Bickford of Bishopsteignton [Marked "B"]
Joan Brecker, wife of Josias Brecker of Bishopsteignton [Marked "B"]
Lydia Brecker, wife of Richard Brecker of Bishopsteignton [Marked "B"]
Susanna Paddon of Bishopsteignton [Marked "P"]
Susanna Bawdon of Bishopsteignton [Marked "B"]
William Eastchurch of Chudleigh [Marked "E"]
Mary Rowe, wife of Mark Rowe of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
John Jeffery of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "J"]
Susanna Ball, wife of John Ball of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Amy Mudge, wife of William Mudge of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Painter, wife of William Painter of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Knighton, wife of Giles Knighton of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "K"]
Mary Reed, wife of John Reed of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "R"]
Mary Bully of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Sarah Codnor of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Thomas Bully of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Samuel Bully of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Margaret Harvey of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Lawrence Harvey of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Elias Lng of Kingskerswell [Marked "L"]
Agnes Hannaford of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Susanna Philp of Kingskerswell [Marked "P"]
John Hunt of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Richard Yeabsley (Yeabsly) of Kingskerswell [Marked "Y"]
Joseph Drew of Kingskerswell [Marked "D"]
Sarah Drew of Kingskerswell [Marked "D"]
Dorothy Stephens of Kingskerswell [Marked "S"]
Mary Philp of Kingskerswell [Marked "P"]
Richard Gidley of Kingskerswell [Marked "G"]
William Wallis of Kingskerswell [Signed]
Elizabeth Codnor of Kingskerswell [Marked "C"]
Hugh Bartlett of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Mary Bartlett of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Bidlake of Kingskerswell [Marked "B"]
John Tremill of Kingskerswell [Marked "T"]
Mary Tremill of Kingskerswell [Marked "T"]
John Goswill of Kingskerswell [Marked "G"]
Noah Helman of Kingskerswell [Marked "H"]
Daniel Crockwell of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
Thomas Codner (Codnor) of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
Richard Pasons of Coffinswell [Marked "P"]
John Bickford of Coffinswell [Marked "B"]
John Ford of Coffinswell [Marked "F"]
Stephen Howard of Coffinswell [Marked "H"]
Michael Crockwell of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
George Chaplin of Coffinswell [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Endell of Coffinswell [Marked "E"]
Humphrey Mayo of Combeinteignhead [Marked "M"]
Lydia Lang of Combeinteignhead [Marked "L"]
James Honey of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
Edward Bickford of Combeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Rowe, wife of John Rowe of Teignmouth, West [Marked "R"]
Susanna Gasking, wife of Roger Gasking of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "G"]
Elizabeth Soper, wife of William Soper of Bovey Tracey [Marked "S"]
Mary Hempson of Kenton [Marked "H"]
Patience Lowdon of Kenton [Marked "L"]
Susannah Brenton of Ideford [Marked "B"]
John Alward of Tormoham [Marked "A"]
Michael Symons of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Laskey, wife of John Laskey of Dawlish [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Paddon, widow of Dawlish [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Cock of Dawlish [Marked "C"]
William Webb of St. Nicholas [Marked "W"]
Thomas Scott jun of Dawlish [Marked "S"]
Ruth Scott, wife of Thomas Scott of Dawlish [Marked "S"]
Julian Gill of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
Anne During, wife of Richard During of Dawlish [Marked "D"]
Mary Roper, wife of Mathew Roper of Dawlish [Marked "R"]
Agnes Way, wife of John Way of Dawlish [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Haydon, wife of Richard Haydon of Dawlish [Marked "H"]
Mary Wolland, wife of Gawen Wolland of Dawlish [Marked "W"]
Thomas Conant of Dawlish [Marked "C"]
William Bickham of Dawlish [Marked "B"]
Gawen Sowden of Dawlish [Marked "S"]
William James of Dawlish [Marked "J"]
Mary Grant of St. Nicholas [Marked "G"]
Sarah Oakman of St. Nicholas [Marked "O"]
William Drew of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "D"]
Mary Drew, wife of William Drew of Stokeinteignhead [Marked "D"]
Elias Drewe of Stokeinteignhead [Signed]
Mary Harvey, wife of Peter Harvey of Dawlish [Marked "H"]
Jeffery Babb of St. Nicholas [Marked "B"]
Jonas Perryman of St. Nicholas [Marked "P"]
Julian Burd, wife of John Burd of Bovey Tracey [Marked "B"]
John[Joan?] Pulling, wife of Anthony Pulling of Teignmouth, West [Marked "P"]
Prudence Way of Teignmouth, West [Marked "W"]
Mary Hayman of Combeinteignhead [Marked "H"]
William Martin of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Sarah Martin, wife of William Martin of Teignmouth, East [Marked "M"]
Susanna Harris of Teignmouth, East [Marked "H"]
Avis Clapp of Teignmouth, East [Marked "C"]
Avis Painter of Teignmouth, East [Marked "P"]
Caleb Browne of Teignmouth, East [Marked "B"]
John Salter (Sallter) of Teignmouth, East [Signed]
Richard Voysey of Teignmouth, East [Marked "V"]
Jane Langley, wife of Humphrey Langley of Dawlish [Marked "L"]
Henry Humphrey of Dawlish [Marked "H"]
Catherine Humphry (Humphrey) of Dawlish [Marked "H"]
Lydia Stephens, wife of William Stephens of Woodbury [Marked "S"]
John Bennet of Combeinteignhead [Marked "B"]
Robert Burrows of Dawlish [Marked "B"]
Jane Burrow, wife of Robert Burrows of Dawlish [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Lewis, wife of Daniel Lewis of Teignmouth, East [Marked "L"]
Richard Matterface of Bishopsteignton [Signed]
Joan Matterface (Materface) of Bishopsteignton [Marked "M"]
John White of Bishopsteignton [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Stooke, wife of Nicholas Stooke of Ashcombe [Marked "S"]
Meryam Wedlake, wife of Thomas Wedlake of Ideford [Marked "W"]
John Parr jun of Ashcombe [Signed]
Nicholas Arthur of Ashcombe [Signed]
Edward Moale of Ashcombe [Signed]
Wilmot Parr of Ashcombe [Signed]
Martha Arthur of Ashcombe [Marked "A"]
Charity Witchalls (Withalls) of Ashcombe [Signed]
Martha Tripe of Ashcombe [Marked "T"]
Joanna Moale (Moalle) of Ashcombe [Signed]
Mary Moale of Ashcombe [Marked "M"]
Susanna Bond of Ashcombe [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Leamon of Ashcombe [Marked "L"]
George Moale (Moalle) of Ashcombe [Signed]
James Cliffe of Ashcombe [Signed]
Daniel Cliffe of Ashcombe [Marked "C"]
Avis Downe of Ashcombe [Marked "D"]
Deborah Downe of Ashcombe [Marked "D"]