Oaths sworn at The Castle, Exeter, December 1723 before Bampfyld Rodd, Richard Beavis and John Gibbs esq. Exact date not stated.

Catherine Stone of Topsham [Marked "S"]
Margaret Pengelly, wife of Aquille Pengelly of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Dorothy How (Howe), wife of John How of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
Mary Shepheard, wife of Samuel Shepheard of Crediton [Marked "S"]
Agnes Harvey, wife of Edmund Harvey of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "A"]
Peter Carthew of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Edward Gilberd of Tiverton [Signed]
Henry Gerviss (Gervis) of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Prudence King, wife of James King of Tiverton [Marked "P"]
Rachel Pitts, wife of Roger Pitts of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Margaret Manley, wife of Richard Manley of Bickleigh (nr Tiverton) [Marked "M"]
Mary Webber of Monk Okehampton [Marked "W"]
Mary Webber, wife of Richard Webber of Chulmleigh [Marked "M"]
Joane Tanner, wife of Thomas Tanner of Chulmleigh [Marked "J"]
Richord Davy, wife of Hugh Davy of Chulmleigh [Marked "D"]
Richord Buckingham, wife of William Buckingham of Chulmleigh [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Webber, wife of John Webber of Chulmleigh [Marked "W"]
Joseph Bragg of Sandford [Marked "B"]
Mary Earle, wife of Matthew Earle of Topsham [Marked "E"]
Mary Wood, wife of Walter Wood of Topsham [Marked "W"]
Anne Garland, spinster of Topsham [Marked "G"] [Surname has been altered.]
Charity Parker, wife of Jonas Parker of Coldridge [Marked]
William Norris of Kelly [Marked "N"]
Ann Pasmore, wife of John Pasmore of Silverton [Marked "P"]
Joan Clarke of ye same Sampford Peverell [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Bidgood, wife of Robert Bidgood of Witheridge [Marked "B"]
John Calley of Churston Ferrers [Signed]
John Salter of Down St. Mary [Marked "S"]
Agnes Thomas, wife of Edmund Thomas of Colaton Raleigh [Not signed]
William Matthews of Bampton [Marked "B" [sic]]
John How of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
John Quint of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "J"]
Enoch Coomb of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "C"]
John Pentrase of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Peter Taylor of Tiverton [Not signed]
John Laskey of Whitestone [Signed]
Mary Stapleing, wife of James Stapleing of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Sarah Stapleing, wife of James Stapleing jun of Tiverton [Marked "S"]
John Osborne of Newton St. Cyres [Marked "O"]
Wilmot Lane, wife of Henry Lane of Tiverton [Marked]
William Spear (Speare) of Bratton Clovelly [Marked "S"]
Henry Westcott of Alphington [Signed]
Thomas Radford of Tiverton [Marked "R"]
Abraham Roberts of Crediton [Marked "R"]
Philip Comings of Poughill [Marked "C"]
Ann Oliver, wife of John Oliver of Drewsteignton [Marked "O"]
Richard Parker of Exminster [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Parker, wife of Richard Parker of Exminster [Marked "E"]
Robert Giles of Culmstock [Marked "R"]
Peter Sloman of Bratton Clovelly [Marked "S"]
Katherine Pulsford of Sandford [Marked "P"]
George Merser of Morchard Bishop [Marked "M"]
Agnes Holman, wife of John Holman of St. Thomas (Exeter) [Marked "A"]
John Risdon of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Risdon, wife of John Risdon of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "E"]
Robert Langdon of [Kings Brumpton] [Marked "L"]
Thomas Langdon of [Kings Brumpton] [Marked "L"]
Joan Lee, wife of Joseph Lee of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "L"]
Ann Rowell, wife of Tho: Rowell of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "R"]
Sarah Warren, wife of William Warren of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Samuel Howard of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Ann Critchett, wife of Simon Critchett of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Braddick, wife of Charles Braddick of Lympstone [Marked "B"]
Thomas Clode of Hemyock [Marked "C"]
James Bowerman of Hemyock [Marked "J"]
Thomasin Clode, wife of Thomas Clode of Hemyock [Marked "C"]
Dorothy Bowerman, wife of John Bowerman of Hemyock [Marked "D"]
Rebecca Marshall, spinster of Hemyock [Marked "R"]
Robert Manley of Morchard Bishop [Marked "M"]
John Manley of Morchard Bishop [Marked "M"]
Rebecca Clampitt, wife of Henry Clampitt of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Coldridge, widow of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "E"]
Mary Whiddon, wife of John Whiddon of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "M"]
Mary Major of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "M"]
Richard Densham of Morchard Bishop [Marked "D"]
Robert Radford of Uffculme [Marked "R"]
Ann Waldron of Cullompton [Marked "W"]
Richard Stephens of Wembworthy [Marked "S"]
Patience Stephens of Wembworthy [Marked "S"]
Thomas Pearce of Clyst Hydon [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Norton, wife of Edmund Norton of Clyst Hydon [Not signed]
Elizabeth Bolt, wife of John Bolt of Paignton [Marked "B"]
John May of Halberton [Marked "M"]
Mary May of Halberton [Marked "M"]
Thomas Tucker of Halberton [Marked "T"]
James Clogg of Halberton [Marked "C"]
John Binford of Halberton [Marked "B"]
John Baker of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
Giles Brooke of Uffculme [Marked "B"]
George Holway of Uffculme [Marked "H"]
Joan Tucker of Uffculme [Marked "J"]
Elizabeth Chinick of St. Marychurch [Marked "E"]
Humphrey Green of Uffculme [Marked "G"]
John Quick of Halberton [Marked "Q"]
Richard Goodridge of Halberton [Marked "G"]
John Jerwood of Halberton [Marked "J"]
William Holway of Halberton [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Woland of Sampford Peverell [Marked "N"]
James Warring of Clayhidon [Marked "J"]
Nicholas Tucker of Uffculme [Marked "T"]
Henry Russell jun of Uffculme [Marked "R"]
John Caseley of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "C"]
William Denham of Cullompton [Marked "D"]
Thomas Evans of Cullompton [Marked "E"]
Robert Willy of Cullompton [Marked "R"]
John Woodrow of Cullompton [Marked "W"]
Joane Holmead of Cullompton [Marked "J"]
Thomas Taylor of Cullompton [Marked "T"]
Roger Cooksley of Cullompton [Marked "R"]
Thomas Voysey of Cullompton [Marked "V"]
Henry Matthew of Cullompton [Marked "M"]
Thomas Whitney of Cullompton [Marked "T"]
Abraham Endacott of Cullompton [Marked "E"]
Thomas Foster of Cullompton [Marked "T"]
Robert Jewell of Cullompton [Marked "R"]
John Prew of Cullompton [Marked "J"]
Richard Selway of Cullompton [Marked "S"]
Winifred Selway, wife of Richard Selway of Cullompton [Marked "W"]
Mary Adams of Moretonhampstead [Marked "A"]
Samuel Perrott of Cullompton [Marked "S"]
John Matthews of Cullompton [Marked "J"]
Thomas Hunsdon of Cullompton [Marked "H"]
John Burdock of Cullompton [Marked "B"]
John Churchill of St. Marychurch [Marked "J"]
Grace Blatchford of Ashton [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Bussell of Broadclyst [Marked "E"]
Jane Bennett, wife of John Bennett of Chagford [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Symons, wife of Jasper Symons of Ashton [Marked "S"]
Margaret Worth, wife of John Worth of Crediton [Marked "M"]
Simon Webber, clerk of Broadwoodkelly [Signed]
Rebecca Webber, wife of Simon Webber clerk of Broadwoodkelly [Marked "R"]
Sarah Phillips, wife of William Phillips of Christow [Marked "P"]
John Dally of Cheriton Fitzpaine [Not signed]
Joan Ayre, wife of Thomas Ayre of Rose Ash [Marked "J"]
John Arscot (Arscott) of Drewsteignton [Marked "J"]
Joan Holman, wife of Caleb Holman of Chudleigh [Marked "H"]
Agnes Thomas, wife of Edmund Thomas of Colaton Raleigh [Marked "T"]
Thomas Radford of Chawleigh [Marked "R"]
Samuel Beacham of Chawleigh [Marked "B"]
John Brownscomb of Crediton [Marked "J"]
Francis Bennett of Chudleigh [Marked "B"]
Lewis Wilson of Burlescombe [Marked "W"]
Eleanor Wilson, wife of Lewis Wilson of Burlescombe [Marked "E"]
Thomas Haydon of Oakford [Signed]
Charles Davis of Lympstone [Marked "D"]
Gilbert Abbott of Lympstone [Marked "A"]
Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Peter Taylor of Tiverton [Marked "T"]
Mark Gribbell of Stockleigh English [Marked "M"]
John Burges of Tiverton [Marked "J"]
John Simons of Kenton [Not signed]
Elizabeth Hurd, spinster of Topsham [Marked "H"]
Richard Cox of Morebath [Marked "C"]
Joane Warrin, wife of Bennett Warrin of Silverton [Marked "W"]
Hannah Jutsam, wife of John Jutsam of Sampford Peverell [Marked "H"]
John Christopher of Bovey Tracey [Not signed]
Daniel Mardon of Bow (als Nymet Tracy) [Marked "M"]
Bartholomew White of Colebrooke [Marked "W"]
Christopher Bartlett of Brixham [Marked "C"]
Peter Bidder of Ide [Marked "B"]
Samuel Fost jun of Paignton [Marked "S"]
Mary Cornish of Doddiscombsleigh [Marked "C"]
Martha Preson, wife of Richard Preson of Ashburton [Marked "P"]
William Hammett of Brampford Speke [Marked "H"]
Thomas Hammett of Brampford Speke [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Hammett of Brampford Speke [Marked "E"]
Robert Burrow of Clayhidon [Marked "B"]
William Clark (Clarke) of Drewsteignton [Marked "W"]
Grace Barby, wife of Andrew Barby of Willand [Marked "G"]
Samuel Butson of Budleigh, East [Not signed]
John Dally of Stockleigh Pomeroy [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Lymbery, wife of William Lymbery of Talaton [Marked "L"]
Richard Towell of Ashreigny [Marked "T"]
Elizabeth Towell, wife of Richard Towell of Ashreigny [Marked "E"]
Katherine Searle, wife of John Searle of Burrington [Marked "S"]
Humphrey Harris of Burlescombe [Marked "H"]
Joseph Withyman of Burlescombe [Marked "W"]
Mary Gribbell, wife of James Gribbell of Tiverton [Marked "G"]
Jeffery White of Brent, South [Marked "W"]
Joseph Brutton of Crediton [Marked "B"]
James Branscomb of Crediton [Marked "J"]
Catherine Saunders, wife of William Saunders of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "S"]
John Hayman of Withycombe Raleigh [Marked "H"]
Joseph Francis Hill of Bampton [Marked "H"]
George Hill of Bampton [Marked "G"]
Daniel Duning of Lympstone [Marked "D"]
Mary Greenslade, wife of Robert Greenslade of Woodbury [Marked "M"]
Tabitha Hayman, wife of George Hayman of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "H"]
Katherine Sprague, wife of Richard Sprague of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "S"]
Eliza Wood, wife of William Wood of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "W"]
John Hayman of Withycombe Raleigh [Not signed]
Sarah Adams of Littleham (Exmouth) [Marked "A"]
Mary Scott, wife of Peter Scott of Lympstone [Marked "S"]
William Merryfeild of Paignton [Marked "M"]
Sarah Merryfeild, wife of William Merryfeild of Paignton [Marked "S"]
Thomas Venn of Morchard Bishop [Marked "V"]
Thomas Mercer of Morchard Bishop [Marked "M"]
Henry Pope of Morchard Bishop [Marked "P"]
Mary Ellacott of Bratton Clovelly [Marked]
Cha: Ellacott of Bratton Clovelly [Marked "C"]
George Ellacott of Bratton Clovelly [Marked]
Alexander Endacott of Drewsteignton [Marked]
Francis Rowe of Drewsteignton [Marked "R"]
Richard Duning of Throwleigh [Marked "D"]
Mary Cogan, wife of James Cogan of Buckerell [Marked "C"]
Julian Hackham, wife of John Hackham of Buckerell [Marked "H"]
Julian Miller, wife of Robert Miller of Buckerell [Marked "M"]
Mark Carpenter of Bishopsteignton [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Salter, wife of Michael Salter of Crediton [Marked "S"]
Margaret Salter of Crediton [Marked "S"]
Jane Chambers of Winkleigh [Marked "J"]
Oliver Lang of Tawton, South [Marked "O"]
Christopher Westcott of Tawton, South [Marked "W"]
Alexander Cann of Tawton, South [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Wood of Exmouth [Not signed]
Sarah Adams of Exmouth [Not signed]
Philip Roach of Halberton [Marked "R"]
Joan Roach, wife of Philip Roach of Halberton [Marked "J"]
James Reed of Milton Abbot [Marked "R"]
William Dawe of Milton Abbot [Marked "D"]
Charity Newton, wife of Hugo Newton of ?Milton Abbott [Marked "C"]
Charity Glanfeild, wife of Thomas Glanfeild of Chagford [Marked "C"]
Elizabeth Hodge of Chagford [Marked "H"]
Susanna Lock, wife of Anthony Lock of Tiverton [Marked "L"]
Henry Shapcoat of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
Robert Baker of Dunkeswell [Marked "B"]
Daniel Linnell of Kenton [Marked "L"]
Mary Linnell, wife of Daniel Linnell of Kenton [Marked "M"]
Elizabeth Cock (Cocke) of Kenton [Marked "C"]
Sarah Sydenham of Kenton [Marked "S"]
Mary Wills of Exmouth [Marked "W"]
Thomas Holcomb of Tiverton [Marked "H"]
Margaret Holcomb, wife of Thomas Holcomb of Tiverton [Marked "M"]
Richard Follett of Halwell [Marked "R"]
Andrew Rider (Rider) of Halwell [Marked "R"]
John Rider of Halwell [Marked "J"]
Nicholas Jackson of Halwell [Marked "J"]
Mary Soper of Halwell [Marked "S"]
Cornelius Gillbert (Gilbert) of Tiverton [Marked "C"]
Joane Gillbert (Gilbert) of Tiverton [Marked "J"]
Mary Hore of Lympstone [Marked "H"]
Mary Parker of Topsham [Marked]
Joseph Chamberlain of Halberton [Marked "C"]
Mathew Lee of Woodbury [Marked "L"]
Mary Maning of Woodbury [Marked "M"]
William Hall of Woodbury [Marked "H"]
Robert Beall of Woodbury [Marked "R"]
John Perry of Woodbury [Marked "J"]
Joseph Pridham of Uffculme Ottery St. Mary [Marked "P"]
Thomas Richards of Broadhembury [Marked "R"]
Mary Drewe, wife of John Drewe of Clyst Hydon [Marked "D"]
John Drewe of Clyst Hydon [Marked "D"]
Mary Minnifye of Clyst Hydon [Marked "M"]
Deborah Barrett of Clyst Hydon [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Voss of Clyst Hydon [Not signed]
Christopher ?Boyce/?Boyse of Paignton [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Norcott of Clyst Hydon [Marked "N"]
Anthony Harvy jun of Brent, South [Marked "H"]
Elizabeth Underhay, wife of Benedict Underhay of Bovey Tracey [Marked]