Oaths sworn at Home of Joanne Walters, widow, Tawstock, 23 December 1723 before Henry Incledon and John Hacche esq

Elizabeth Harris, wife of Richard Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Jane Rogers, wife of George Rogers of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
Alice Lerwill, wife of John Lerwill of Ilfracombe [Marked "L"]
Susanna Widdon, wife of Richard Widdon of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Beatrice Harris, wife of Thomas Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Joanna Sommers, wife of Thomas Sommers of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Elizabeth Farmer, wife of Thomas Farmer of Tawstock [Marked "F"]
William Horwood of Instow [Signed]
John Hawkes of Heanton Punchardon [Signed]
Mary Knill, wife of Robert Knill of Braunton [Marked "K"]
Mary Gregory, wife of Samuel Gregory of Braunton [Marked "G"]
Mary Richards of Braunton [Marked "R"]
William Davey of Tawstock [Marked "D"]
Grace Rawle, wife of Edward Rawle of Tawstock [Marked "R"]
Henry Worth of Tawstock [Marked "W"]
Nicholas Jones jun of Tawstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Jugg of Tawstock [Marked "J"]
Frances Terry, wife of Archelaus Terry of Tawstock [Marked "T"]
Sarah Ley, wife of Edward Ley of Tawstock [Marked "L"]
Alice Stringer, wife of Peter Stringer of Tawstock [Signed]
Richard Wyott (Wyot) of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
William Rudd of Tawstock [Signed]
William Vagg of Tawstock [Marked "V"]
Margaret Wrey, wife of Chichester Wrey clerk of Tawstock [Signed]
Francis Tucker, clerk of Landkey [Signed]
Grace Spooner (Sponer) of Down, East [Signed]
Dorothy Richards, wife of John Richards clerk of Kentisbury [Signed]
Florence Horwood, wife of William Horwood of Instow [Marked "H"]
Thomazin Ley, wife of John Ley of Tawstock [Marked "L"]
Prudence Slowly, wife of John Slowly of Tawstock [Marked "S"]
Elizabeth Somer, wife of Nicholas Somer of Ilfracombe [Marked "S"]
Anne Parkin, wife of James Parkin of Ilfracombe [Marked "P"]
Elizabeth Somer of Tawstock [Marked "S"]
Robert Somer of Tawstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Burges of Abbotsham [Signed]
Jane Huxtable, wife of John Huxtable of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Rebecca Harris, wife of Michael Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "R"]
James Hamlyn of Tawstock [Signed]
Hester Harris, wife of Thomas Harris of Ilfracombe [Marked "H"]
Thomas Webber (Webbar) of Tawstock [Signed]
Joan Nichols (Nicholls), wife of Maurice Nicholas of Tawstock [Marked "N"]
Joan Parminter of Stoke Rivers [Marked "P"]
Anne Cornish, wife of Jeffery Cornish of Ilfracombe [Marked "C"]
Philip Hill of Tawstock [Signed]
Anne Hutton, wife of William Hutton of Tawstock [Marked "H"]
Dorothy Sainthill of Tawstock [Marked "S"]