Oaths sworn at Home of Bourchier Wrey bart, Tawstock, 23 December 1723 before Bourchier Wrey bart, Henry Incledon and John Hacce esq

Diana Lady Wrey of Tawstock [Signed]
Sr Henry Northcote, bart of Tawstock [Signed]
Penelope Lady Northcote of Tawstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Tucker, spinster of Landkey [Signed]
Thomazin Lugg, wife of George Lugg of Shirwell [Signed]
Thomas Sampson of Horwood [Signed]
Reuben Cure of Tawstock [Signed]
Elizabeth Dinner (Dennard), spinster of Tawstock [Signed]
Joan Jugg of Tawstock [Marked "J"]
Sibella Moon, wife of John Moon of Tawstock [Signed]
Katherine Meyrick, wife of Henry Meyrick of Ilfracombe [Signed]
Hannah Wyett, wife of Nicholas Wyett of Ilfracombe [Marked "W"]
Elizabeth Harder of Marwood [Signed]
Mary Harris of Marwood [Signed]
Joan Harris of Marwood [Signed]
Susanna Harris of Marwood [Signed]