Oaths sworn at At Pill, Bishop's Tawton, 23 December 1723 before Bourcheir Wrey bart, Arthur Chichester and Henry Incledon esq

The Honourable Mrs Bridget Fortescue of Filleigh [Signed]
Arthur Chichester, esq of Bishop's Tawton (Pill) [Signed]
Dorothy Chichester, wife of Arthur Chichester of Bishop's Tawton (Pill) [Signed]
Katherine Chichester, wife of Arthur Chichester esq jun of Bishop's Tawton (Hall) [Signed]
Katherine Houblon (Hobly), wife of Carew Houblon clerk of Georgeham [Signed]
Dorothea Harris, spinster of Georgeham [Signed]
Elizabeth Harris, spinster of Georgeham [Signed]
Mary Babbige (Babbidge), wife of William Babbige of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "B"]
Elizabeth Pike, wife of Humphry Pike of Bishop's Tawton [Marked "P"]
John Incledon of Braunton [Signed]
Jane Parminter, wife of William Parminter of Stoke Rivers [Marked "P"]
Joan Wiilis, wife of John Willis of Fremington [Marked "W"]
Thomas Willis of Fremington [Signed]
Agnes Courtice, wife of Richard Courtice of Barnstaple [Marked "C"]
Ann Gread, wife of Thomas Gread of Barnstaple [Marked "G"]
John Denner (Denned) of Tawstock [Signed]
Catherine Moon, wife of William Moon of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
Frances Dean, wife of Thomas Dean of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
Catherine Deane, wife of William Deane of Bishop's Tawton [Signed]
William Lawrence of Chulmleigh [Signed]
Edmund Ley of Swimbridge [Marked "L"]
Sr Bourchier Wrey, bart of Tawstock [Signed]
Henry Incledon, esq of Braunton (Buckland) [Signed]