[This roll consists of a single parchment membrane that contains names only, with no header giving the date and location of the adjourned quarter sessions. In some cases, residence is only given for the first of a sequence of entries with the formula "of the same" omitted. Where this is the case, parish of residence has been enclosed in squared brackets for subsequent entries.]

John Alford of Burrington [Marked]
John Rowe of [Burrington] [Marked "R"]
Roger Dagford of [Burrington] [Marked "D"]
John Dagford of [Burrington] [Marked "D"]
John Terry of [Burrington] [Marked "T"]
John Puddicomb of [Burrington] [Marked]
John Searle of [Burrington] [Marked "S"]
John Moyse of [Burrington] [Marked "J"]
John Molland of [Burrington] [Marked "M"]
John Alford of [Burrington] [Marked "A"]
John Isack of [Burrington] [Marked]
John Bindell of [Burrington] [Marked]
John Shaxton of [Burrington] [Marked "S"]
James Ford of [Burrington] [Marked]
Adam Brock of [Burrington] [Marked "B"]
Timothy Downe of [Burrington] [Marked]
Henry Rowe of [Burrington] [Marked]
Simon Snell of [Burrington] [Signed]
Richard Loosmore of [Burrington] [Marked "L"]
James Viccary of [Burrington] [Marked "V"]
Roger Steevings of [Burrington] [Marked]
Philip Skinner of [Burrington] [Marked]
Michael Ford of [Burrington] [Marked "M"]
Richard Batter of [Burrington] [Marked]
Michael Awse of [Burrington] [Marked "A"]
Aaron Downe of [Burrington] [Marked]
Elizabeth Bapell of [Burrington] [Marked]
Mary Viccary of [Burrington] [Marked "V"]
Mary Radford of [Burrington] [Marked "R"]
Amy Tibbs of [Burrington] [Marked]
Joane Hernaman of [Burrington] [Marked "H"]
Joan Woolacott of [Burrington] [Marked "W"]
Francis Ford of [Burrington] [Marked]
Richard Nettacott of [Burrington] [Marked "N"]
Henry Thorne of [Burrington] [Not signed]
John Ford of [Burrington] [Marked]
John Heale of [Burrington] [Marked]
Mary Richards of [Burrington] [Marked]
Thomas Rice of [Burrington] [Marked]
Mary Hernaman of [Burrington] [Marked]
William Harris (Harries) of Eggesford [Signed]
John James of Eggesford [Signed]
Thomas Tolly of Stoodleigh [Marked "TT"]
Mary Grinslade of Rackenford [Marked "M"]
John Webber of Rackenford [Signed]
Roger Webber of Rackenford [Marked]
William Snell of Rackenford [Marked "S"]
Charity Waye of Eggesford [Marked "W"]
Elisha Gording of Roborough [Marked]
Thomas jun Scott of Bickington, High [Signed]
William Thorne of King's Nympton [Signed]
Christopher Rogers of King's Nympton [Signed]
John Furze of King's Nympton [Signed]
John Tout of Burrington [Marked]
Thomas Hodge of [Burrington] [Marked]
Joane Harris of [Burrington] [Marked "I"]
Francis Kelly of [Burrington] [Marked "F"]
John Moyse of [Burrington] [Marked "I"]
John Bragg of [Burrington] [Marked "B"]
John Quick of [Burrington] [Marked]
Anthony Sedge of Bickington, High [Marked "S"]
William Sedge of Bickington, High [Marked "W"]
John Babbage of Ashreigny [Signed]
James Babbage of Ashreigny [Marked]
Richard babbage of Ashreigny [Marked "R"]
Joan Blinch of Ashreigny [Marked]
Mary Babbage of Ashreigny [Marked]
George Towt of Ashreigny [Marked]
Archelaus Cole of Ashreigny [Marked]
Thomas Graden of Burrington [Marked]
George Turner of [Burrington] [Marked]
John Clotworthy of [Burrington] [Signed]
Daniel Rockett Rowcliffe of Burrington [Marked]
Grace Furse of [Burrington] [Not signed]
Richard Ackland of [Burrington] [Marked "R"]
John Evans of [Burrington] [Marked]
John Durham of [Burrington] [Marked "D"]
John Partridge of [Burrington] [Not signed]
Peter Rogers of [Burrington] [Marked]
Charity Godsland of [Burrington] [Marked]
Mary Isack of [Burrington] [Marked "I"]
Joan Luxon of [Burrington] [Marked "L"]
Elizabeth Isack of [Burrington] [Marked]
Richard Radford of [Burrington] [Not signed]
Thomas Scott of [Burrington] [Not signed]