Exeter city oath rolls, Midsummer 1723

Oaths sworn at Guildhall, Exeter, during Midsummer 1723 adjourned Quarter Sessions before Thomas Salter esq, mayor, John Burell, Joshua Hickman, Nathaniel [query]; Thoma Coplestone esq, Aldermen of the city.

[Place of residence given as 'city of Exeter' unless stated.]

George Knowling, merchant [Signed]
James White, merchant [Signed]
Nicholas Brinley, tobacconist [Signed]
Thomas Tomes, ironmonger [Signed]
Benjamin Johnson, glazier [Signed]
John Pearse, grocer [Signed]
John Hawker, grocer [Signed]
John Ley, gentleman [Signed]
Thomas Wiggington, mercer [Signed]
Peter Powell, leather seller [Signed]
Peter jun Powell, leather seller [Signed]
John Harris, glover [Signed]
Lazarus Mecho, tobacconist [Signed]
William Dyer, esquire [Signed]
Robert Dacie, sergemaker of St. David (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Ley, mercer [Signed]
Humphry Norden, cutler [Signed]
Edmund Richards, goldsmith [Signed]
Robert Moor, alehousekeeper [Signed]
Nicholas Glanvill, fuller [Signed]
John Dwelly, tailor of St. Sidwell [Signed]
Jacob Purchase, tailor [Signed]
Nicholas Pope, sergeweaver of St. Sidwell [Signed]
William Short, gentleman [Signed]
Edward Rooke, mercer [Signed]
John Merrifield, hellier [Signed]
Samuel Stephens, grocer [Signed]
John Starr, merchant [Signed]
John Rice, fuller [Signed]
George Jewell, tailor of St. Sidwell [Signed]
Edward Mann, fuller of Holy Trinity (Exeter) [Signed]
Thomas Jeffery, fuller of Holy Trinity (Exeter) [Signed]
Francis Lydston, merchant [Signed]
John Pym, merchant [Signed]
Benjamin Brimley, grocer [Signed]
William jun Dyer, gentleman [Signed]
Jonathan Fryer, grocer [Signed]
John Norman, gentleman [Signed]
Henry Palmer, pattenmaker [Signed]
James Horswell, sadler [Signed]
Arthury Short, fuller [Signed]
Isaac Gibbs, esquire [Signed]
George Bussell, surgeon [Signed]
Clement Pym, merchant [Signed]
William Spiller, apothecary [Signed]
William Gifford, grocer [Signed]
Hugh Mallet, grocer [Signed]
Nicholas Leachland, grocer [Signed]
Nicholas Parsons, fuller [Signed]
Roger Chamberlin, innkeeper [Signed]
Sarah Legg, widow [Marked]
Robert Dawe, pewterer [Signed]
Elizabeth Keese, widow [Signed]
Joan Shilston, spinster [Signed]
Thomas Henly, doctor of physick [Signed]
John Hornbrooke, merchant [Signed]
Benjamin Johnson, vintner [Signed]
Robert Mudge, druggist [Signed]
Edmund Cock, fuller of Holy Trinity (Exeter) [Signed]
Anne Dally, wife of Edward Dally, esq [Signed]
Elizabeth Gear, widow [Signed]
Mary Teape, widow [Signed]
Frances Abell, spinster [Signed]
Susanna Roach, widow [Signed]
Richard Abell, barber [Signed]
Sarah Tucker, spinster [Signed]
Philip Bastard, sergemaker [Signed]
William Daniel, tailor [Signed]
Richard Bursey, glazier [Signed]
Richard Parker, pattenmaker [Signed]
James Painter, mariner [Signed]
William Bickford, glazier [Signed]
Jane Lissen, widow [Marked]
Richord Yelland, widow [Signed]
Jane Owen, widow [Signed]
Richard Sams, tobacconist [Signed]
Elizabeth May, widow [Signed]
William Cooper, sergemaker [Signed]
George Poe, fuller [Signed]
Richard Hooke, fuller [Signed]
William Bingham, tallow chandler [Signed]
Thomas Mitchell, cordwinder [Signed]
Samuel Bennet, sergeweaver [Marked "B"]
Bridget Stephens, spinster [Signed]
Roger Prowse, merchant [Signed]
Elizabeth Sommers, widow [Signed]
Ann Dyer, wife of william Dyer, esq [Signed]
Rebeccah Whitrow, spinster [Signed]
Mr John Lavington, [Signed]
Mr John Enty, [Signed]
Mr James Green, [Signed]
Peter Scott, fuller [Signed]
John Spiller, apothecary [Signed]
William Glyde, merchant [Signed]
Aaron Tozer, haberdasher of hats [Signed]
John Atkin, linnendraper [Signed]
Joseph Trobridge, grocer [Signed]
John Wind, hotpressman [Signed]
Thomas Eustace, sergemaker [Signed]
John Savery, clergy of St. Peters church witin the city of Exeter [Signed]
Edward Penny, butcher [Signed]
Samuel Dark, sergemaker [Signed]
John Whitborough, mercer [Signed]
Mary Webber, widow [Signed]
Edward Ford, woolendraper [Signed]
John Marsh, bookseller [Signed]
William jun Stone, baker [Signed]
Degory Spark, locksmith [Signed]
Mary Viol, widow [Signed]
Richard Darke, maltster [Signed]
George Hodge, barber [Signed]
John Caunter, apothecary [Signed]
Martha Paty, wife of John Paty, officer of excise [Signed]
Samuel Sparke, hellier [Signed]
Joseph Cheeke, dyer [Signed]
Frances Cheeke, widow [Signed]
John Poole, gentleman [Signed]
Susanna Poole, widow [Signed]
Mary Prince, spinster [Signed]
Sarah Poole, spinster [Signed]
Susanna Poole, spinster [Signed]
Jane Poole, spinster [Signed]
Joan Martyn, widow [Signed]
Hannah Larkham, widow [Signed]
?Duance Mawrey, widow [Signed]
Charles Prist, joiner [Signed]
Jonathan Carter, scrivener [Signed]
Katherine Parr, widow [Marked]
Hannah Menheir, widow [Signed]
Elizabeth Gould, spinster [Signed]
Thomazine Bastard, widow [Signed]
Thomazine Palmer, widow [Signed]
Mary Davy, widow [Marked]
Thomas jun Downing, basketmaker [Marked]
Angell Parkis, tailor [Signed]
Angell Spearke, mariner [Signed]
Ezekiel Gribble, tobaccopipemaker [Signed]
William Morrish, cordwinder [Signed]
Samuel White, hellier [Signed]
John Hooper, woostedcomber [Signed]
William Pike, barber [Signed]
Joseph Taylor, esquire [Signed]
William sen Stone, baker [Signed]
John Brockington, woolcomber [Signed]
Thomas Cowell, silkweaver [Signed]
Roger Huggins, hellier [Signed]
Joseph Pike, fuller [Signed]
William Strang, woolcomber [Signed]
Lionel Williams, woolcomber [Signed]
John Lowten, woolcomber [Marked]
Elioner Bowman, spinster [Marked "EB"]
George jun Binmer, tailor [Signed]
John Bovett, grocer [Signed]
John Mattens, maltster [Signed]
Elizabeth Upward, widow [Signed]
Elizabeth Hill, wife of John Hill, baker [Marked "EH"]
John Haddy, merchant [Signed]
John Osmond, tallow chandler [Signed]
Samuel Tremlett, sergemaker [Signed]
Nicholas Purchase, tailor [Signed]
William Upcott, merchant [Signed]
Elizabeth Bayly, widow [Marked "E"]
Jane Nicolls, widow [Signed]
Thomas Trenick, grocer [Signed]
John Hooper, carpenter [Signed]
Lewis Jones, coffeeman [Signed]
John Jordain, gentleman [Signed]
John Dipford, gentleman [Signed]
Thomas Weekes, sergemaker [Signed]
Thomas jun Weeks, sergemaker [Signed]
John Cannington, sergemaker [Signed]
John Hutchins, carpenter [Signed]
Richard Strong, mason [Signed]
Elioner Pepperell, wife of Shadrack Pepperell, sergemaker [Marked]
Sarah Sommers, widow [Signed]
John Gandy, mercer [Signed]
Nicholas Sommers, fuller [Signed]
Nathaniel Franklyn, fuller [Signed]
Anne Ball, widow [Signed]
Susanna Turner, widow [Signed]
Katherine Gay, widow [Signed]
Susanna Wevill, widow [Signed]
Sarah Pope, widow [Signed]
Elizabeth Pearce, widow [Signed]
Mary Glyde, widow [Signed]
Anne Portbury, widow [Signed]
Peter Tucker, tailor [Signed]
Timothy Abbott, packsaddlemaker [Signed]
Richard Radford, tailor [Signed]
George Gould, linnendraper [Signed]
James Tayler, grocer [Signed]
James Atkin, sergeweaver [Signed]
William Laskey, barber [Signed]
John Kingdom, tallow chandler [Signed]
Nicholas Evans, sadler [Signed]
William Pepperell, sergeweaver [Marked]
Robert Ivie, merchant [Signed]
Peter Husband, glover [Marked]
Jael Rowe, widow [Signed]
Mary Wish, widow [Marked]
Grace Sampson, widow [Signed]
Sarah Gibbs, wife of Isaac Gibbs esq [Signed]
Samuel Sampson, apothecary [Signed]
Elizabeth Sampson, wife of Samuel Sampson [Signed]
Henry Gandy, gentleman [Signed]
Jael Gandy, wife of Henry Gandy [Signed]
Mary March, wife of John March, bookseller [Signed]
Elizabeth Rowe, widow [Signed]
Melony Skinner, spinster [Signed]
Anne Jewell, spinster [Signed]
John Drake, surgeon [Signed]
Nicholas jun Munckley, fuller [Signed]
William Brown, goldsmith [Signed]
Nicholas Savery, grocer [Signed]
Joan Binford, widow [Marked "B"]
Alice Gilbert, spinster [Signed]
Emm Gilbert, spinster [Signed]
Thomazine Bidwell, widow [Signed]
John Fryer, goldsmith [Signed]
Henry White, grocer [Signed]
Thomazine Elwill, widow [Signed]
Elizabeth Sheppeard, widow [Signed]
Elizabeth Tothill, spinster [Signed]
Rebeccah Youatt, spinster [Signed]
Caleb Youatt, sergemaker [Signed]
John Knight, hellier [Signed]
Miriam Gooding, widow [Signed]
Sarah Bingham, widow [Signed]