Great Torrington 1

North Devon Record Office, 2558-2/102/1, Great Torrington Borough Council, Borough Sessions, Rolls of oaths of allegiance. Oaths sworn at Guildhall, Great Torrington on 7 October 1723.

[The Great Torrington rolls consist of signatures only, with no further information given. It is assumed that most, if not all, subscribers were inhabitants of Great Torrington.]

Jonas Darracott [Marked "D"]
William Clement [Marked]
John Marshall [Signed]
John Abram [Signed]
Robert Peckard [Marked "R"]
Elizabeth Luxton [Marked]
Mary Cory [Marked]
Jerome Prust [Signed]
William Colmor [Signed]
John Pickard [Signed]
Susannah Cole [Marked]
John Elsworthy [Signed]
Elias Veale [Marked]
David Balson [Marked]
George ?Larch [Signed]
Henry Davy [Marked "H"]
Joseph Balkwill [Signed]
Thomas Rawleigh [Signed]
John Rawleigh [Signed]
William Saunders [Signed]
Robert Squire [Marked "R"]
Roger Groome [Signed]
John Dennis [Marked]
William Halse [Signed]
William Halse [Signed]
Isaac ?Beare [Signed]
John Southard [Signed]
George Veale [Signed]
Samuel Cawke [Signed]
John Chalk [Signed]
William Williams [Marked]
William Adams [Marked]
Hugh Marcombe [Signed]
Laurence Mitchell [Marked]
Jonathan Bright [Marked]
John Treweek [Marked]
Ambrose Mitchell [Signed]
Thomas Viccary [Signed]
John Green [Signed]
William Madge [Marked]
Elizabeth Tucker [Marked]
Andrew Martyn [Marked]
John ?Green [Signed]
Robert Sanders [Signed]
Thomas Elsworthy [Marked]
John ?Daney [Signed]
John Munkley [Marked "JM"]
Mary Way [Marked]
William ?Pitt [Signed]
Philip Taylor [Signed]
Richard Blake [Signed]
Philip Blake [Signed]
Thomas Flexman [Signed]
Gilbert Knill [Marked]
Francis Nation [Marked]
Robert Elliott [Signed]
Richard ?Huet [Signed]
Daniel Skinner [Signed]
Mary Anse [Signed]
Joane Skinner [Signed]
Katherine Reed [Signed]
Susanna Flexman [Signed]
Mary Rawleigh [Signed]
Susanna Ley [Signed]
Mary Vallett [Signed]
Agnes Welsh [Signed]
Elizabeth Viguers [Signed]
Jane Ley [Signed]
Elizabeth Payne [Signed]
Mary Cocke [Signed]
Wilmott Blake [Marked "W"]
John Sweete [Signed]
Giles Titherleigh[?] [Signed]
John Cock [Signed]
James Possett [Marked "I/J"]
Margaret Dyer [Marked]
Elianor Banberry [Marked]
Joan Baker [Marked]
Luke Blackmore [Signed]
Luke jun Blackmor [Signed]
John Awse [Signed]
William Cradock [Signed]
William Webber [Signed]
Ste[phen] Sharsell [Signed]
Roger Clark [Signed]
Henry Wickham [Signed]
John Viguers [Signed]
Thomas Baker [Signed]
John Tucker [Signed]
John Trott [Signed]
Roger Flexman [Signed]
Gilbert Knill [Signed]
Alex: Tayller [Signed]
Roger jun Flexman [Signed]
Philip Potter [Signed]
Samuel Palmer [Marked "S"]
James Cradock [Signed]
Hugh Sweete [Signed]
James Vallett [Signed]
John Cornish [Signed]
Richard Stoneman [Signed]
William Hearle [Signed]
William Denis [Signed]
Thomas May [Signed]
Thomas Stoneman [Signed]
Anthony Grantt [Signed]
Mary How [Signed]
Daniel Maxworthy [Signed]
Roger Andrew [Signed]
Leonard Cann [Marked]
Roger Moore [Signed]
Robert Frances [Marked "F"]
Humphry Langdon [Signed]
John Heanes [Signed]
Agnes Lewis [Marked]
Grace ?Kestlake [Marked]
Jane Heard [Marked "H"]
Henry Langdon [Signed]
Richard Adams [Marked "X"]
Evan ?Rice [Signed]
Michael Bonberry [Marked]
Robert Dalin [Marked "RD"]
Charles Bonberry [Marked "CB"]
James Flexman [Signed]
John Sweete [Signed]
George Westcott [Signed]
George Moore [Signed]
Robert Saunders [Signed]
Paige Bewse [Signed]
Joan Flexman [Signed]
Edmund Lee [Marked "E"]
Thomas Welsh [Signed]
William Ashton [Signed]
Giles Best [Marked "X"]
John ?Lor [Signed]
Richard Wescott [Signed]
John Beere [Marked "J"]
William Clarke [Marked "W"]
James sen Smyth [Signed]
James jun Smyth [Signed]
Richard Foss [Signed]
Jane Sweet [Signed]
Margaret Sweet [Signed]
Mary Sweet [Signed]