Great Torrington 2

North Devon Record Office, 2558-2/102/1, Great Torrington Borough Council, Borough Sessions, Rolls of oaths of allegiance. Oaths sworn at Guildhall, Great Torrington on 17 October 1723.

[The Great Torrington rolls consist of signatures only, with no further information given. It is assumed that most, if not all, subscribers were inhabitants of Great Torrington.]

?Mary ?Allen [Signed]
Deborah Randall [Signed]
Mary Sweete [Signed]
Elizabeth Tucker [Signed]
Mary Smale [Signed]
Margaret Tucker [Signed]
Elizabeth ?Heays [Signed]
Margaret Clark [Marked "M"]
Priscilla Tucker [Signed]
Mary Sage [Marked]
William Tucker [Signed]
Thomas Langdon [Signed]
John Mitchell [Marked "+"]
John Oatway [Signed]
Arthur Randall [Signed]
Ambrose Mitchell [Signed]
Roger Tucker [Signed]
John Green [Signed]
William Ashem [Signed]
John May [Signed]
John Ellery [Signed]
Philip Yeo [Marked "X"]
Chris: Dendle [Marked "C"]
Richard Symons [Signed]
George Walter [Marked]
George Andrew [Signed]
John Rooke [Signed]
Thomas Green [Signed]
James ?Lylwyer [Marked "I/J"]
Christopher Downing [Signed]
Richard Moore [Signed]
Lucretia Barnfild [Signed]
Jean Blackmor [Signed]
Eulalia Blackmor [Signed]
Jane Blackmor [Signed]
Sarah Hayser [Signed]
Margaret Belton [Signed]
Grace Flexman [Signed]
Bridget Butler [Marked]
Susannah Veal [Marked]
Ann Viccary [Signed]
Margaret Pasmoore [Signed]
Agnes Judd [Marked]
Humphry jun Langdon [Signed]
?Cautes Tucker [Signed]
John Meddon [Signed]
William Clotworthy [Signed]
Luke Langdon [Signed]
Benedict Carter [Signed]
Charles jun Carter [Signed]
Richard Walter [Marked "RW"]
Thomas ?Buder [Signed]
Thomas Smith [Marked "T"]
Charles Hatherly [Marked "H"]
Phillip Nicholls [Signed]
William Vicary [Signed]
Hugh Meadland [Signed]
Humphry Cockram [Marked "M"]
John Rowland [Signed]
William Williams [Signed]
George Haynes [Signed]
William Blackmore [Signed]
Richard Tucker [Signed]
George Snell [Signed]
William Harris [Signed]
Jane Palmer [Signed]
Alice Tayller [Marked "A"]
Mary Weeks [Marked "W"]
Susanna Ward [Signed]
Grace Blackmor [Signed]
Grace Scriggons [Marked "G"]
Margery Marshall [Marked "Margery"]
Katherine Scriggons [Marked]
William Frost [Marked "X"]
John Shalter [Signed]
Edward Hooper [Signed]
Hugh Hopkins [Signed]
Agnes Batur [Marked]
William Bowman [Signed]
Henry Bowman [Signed]
William Hockin [Signed]
Richard Ward [Signed]
Joan Lilwin [Marked]
Joan Man [Marked "I/J"]
George Yeard [Marked "X"]
Richard May [Signed]
John Poole [Signed]
John Pinger [Signed]
John jun Coulscott [Signed]
Nicholas Walter [Signed]
Ambrose Vigures [Signed]
William Lander [Marked "X"]
Thomas Quick [Signed]
Nathaniel ?Upright [Marked]
Samuel Heale [Signed]
Richard Evans [Marked "R"]
James Veal [Marked "V"]
Anthony ?Davy/?Dany [Marked "A"]
John Madge [Signed]
Hugh Buller [Marked "+"]