Great Torrington 4

North Devon Record Office, 2558-2/102/1, Great Torrington Borough Council, Borough Sessions, Rolls of oaths of allegiance. Oaths sworn at Guildhall, Great Torrington on 18 November 1723.

[The Great Torrington rolls consist of signatures only, with no further information given. It is assumed that most, if not all, subscribers were inhabitants of Great Torrington.]

Daniel Davy [Signed]
Elizabeth Souten [Signed]
Elizabeth ?Dene [Signed]
Thomas ?Carrew [Signed]
Andrew Vaughan [Signed]
Christian Goss [Marked "+"]
Samuel Dinis [Signed]
William Collwill [Signed]
Laurence Doble [Marked "D"]
Elizabeth Clark [Marked]
Daniel Gorden [Signed]
Charles Sweete [Signed]
John Vicary [Signed]
Mary Cory [Signed]
William Clarke [Marked "W"]
John ?Diccing [Marked]
William Bright [Marked "X"]
Philip Kern [Marked "+"]
E Buller [Signed]
John Welsh [Marked "+"]