Great Torrington 7

North Devon Record Office, 2558-2/102/1, Great Torrington Borough Council, Borough Sessions, Rolls of oaths of allegiance. Oaths sworn at Guildhall, Great Torrington on 20 December 1723

[The Great Torrington rolls consist of signatures only, with no further information given. It is assumed that most, if not all, subscribers were inhabitants of Great Torrington.]

Mary Woollacott [Signed]
Abigail Wollacott [Marked "A"]
Sarah Penicot [Signed]
Susannah Lang [Marked "SL"]
James Cory [Signed]
Phillippa Cradock [Signed]
Joan Pool [Marked]
John Stribling [Signed]
Jane Stribling [Signed]
[Forename unclear] Williams [Signed]
Mary Barry [Signed]
Mary Sherbrook [Marked "S"]
Ann Penhorwood [Signed]
Mary Yeo [Signed]
Ann Penhorwood [Signed]
Mary Andrew [Signed]
Margaret ?Howe [Signed]
Grace Cornish [Signed]
Arminall ?Haird [Signed]
Mary Welsh [Signed]
Jane Green [Signed]
Margaret Bense [Signed]
Elizabeth Mitchell [Signed]
John Wollcott [Signed]
John Paddon [Signed]
Elizabeth Nation [Signed]
Margaret Langdon [Marked]
Jane Lee [Marked "J/IL"]
Mary Langdon [Signed]
Grace Sheere [Signed]
Ann Welch [Signed]
Joan Clement [Signed]
Alice Wollacott [Marked]
Jane Blight [Marked]
Jane Bittle [Marked]
Elizabeth Nation [Signed]
Mary Walter [Marked]
Hannah Butlar [Marked "HB"]
Elizabeth Harris [Marked "EH"]
Elizabeth Potter [Signed]
Grace Hooper [Signed]
Elizabeth Rowland [Marked "X"]
Grace Haynes [Marked "G"]
John Walter [Marked "W"]
Mary Viguers [Marked "M"]
Deborah Grant [Signed]
William Vallett [Signed]
Eulalia Cory [Signed]
Mary Venn [Signed]
Elizabeth Sweete [Signed]
Hannah Hammett [Marked "H"]
William Cole [Signed]
Anthony Joce [Signed]
Mary Vosse [Marked "M"]