Brampford Speke, Deanery of Cadbury

Chanter 225A, 224-225

  1. Population and dissenters: The Number of Families in my Parish is forty four. There are no Dissenters of any Denomination in it.

  2. Public or charity schools: There is a Charity School maintain’d in my Parish by Voluntary Contributions; The Number of Children taught in it is Eight, and good care is taken to Instruct them in the Principles of the Christian Religion According to the Doctrine of the Church of England.

  3. Alms-house, hospital or charitable endowment: There is Not in My Parish any Almshouse or hospital. There is a Charitable Endowment of ten pounds there Interest whereof is is [sic] given towards the support of the Charitable School. There is a house and Garden left for the repairs of My Church seven Trustees have the Direction of I have not heard or known of any abuses or frauds committed in the management of them.

  4. Residence upon cure: I do reside personally Upon my Cure, And in my Parsonage House.

  5. Curate: [No answer given]

  6. Divine service at other churches: I Do perform Divine service Occasionally at Some Neighbouring Churches to Assist an Absent or Indispos’d Brother.

  7. Frequency of divine service: Divine Service is perform’d twice every Lords Day in My Church with a Sermon in the Morning excepting when absent as above.

  8. Frequency of communion: The Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper is administred at least four times in the year in my Church.

  9. Number of communicants: There are an hundred and fifteen capable of Communicating. About thirty of them Usually receive. The number of them who Communicated <at> last Easter was about thirty five.

  10. Catechising of children: The Children are Catechiz’d in my Church every Lords Day in the Afternoon from the beginning of October to the beginning of March. The Parishioners do send their Children and Servants to be Instructed by me.

  11. Chapels or chapels in ruins: There are no Chapels within my Parish.

    Brampfordspeke R--- Tho. Johnston A.M.
    Inst. May 30th 1738. Presb. May 28. 1738.
    Stephen Exon. [Explanation]