St Mary Arches, Deanery of Xtianity

Chanter 225A, 262-265

  1. Population and dissenters:
    St Mary Arches St Olaves
    Families 80 134
    Houses void 11 14
    Ditto ruinous 3
    --- ---
    94 148

    1 Licenced Meeting of its own Denomination which has no settled Teacher since the Death of the late Mr Hallett.
    NB The No. of Inhabitants or Houses cannot be well computed from the no. of Families. Since above fifty of these Families consist of single Person, such as Old Widows Aged Men, Many of whom rent single Rooms and particularly in One House there are Ten such families.

  2. Public or charity schools: In St Mary Arches Parish. There is One Hospital for Poor Maidens under the direction of the Chamber of Exon, called Hele’s Hospital the no of Children variable. There is another Charity School for forty Girls under the Direction of the Trustees of the City Charity School. In St Olave’s there is likewise one such Charity School for forty Girls. And Another Charity School, wherein Thirty Children of the City are taught to read the English Protestant Bible; supported by the Benefactions of ye late Mr Wm Wotton by some Part of the Money collected at the sacrament at St Mary Arches Church and other Contributions – under the direction of the Feoffees of St. Mary Arches <as per Mr Wotton’s Gift but> who have desird me to take the whole management of it my self as I have done for These four years last past, and from the Time the School was reviv’d. The Children in all These Schools are instructed in the Principles of the Xtian Religion according to the Doctrine of the Church of England.

  3. Alms-house, hospital or charitable endowment: In St Mary Arches – There is one Alms House for four Aged People, and One Hosptial for Poor Maidens both under the Direction of the Chamber. One House in St Mary Arches given by the late Mr Poyntel for the better support of the Poor People of St M. Arches by the weekly distribution of Bread, under the Direction of the Feoffees of St M Arches. The Two Mr Lethbridge’s Gifts & Mrs Tucker for the like distribution to the yearly value of £8 4s 4d. Sundry Lands & Tenements given for the Repairs of the Church, the Exibit[ing]1 of Books & Vestments &c: The Particulars whereof I have not Room to mention, but as I receive the Rent & keep the Accounts I endeavour to prevent any Abuse or Misapplication.

  4. Residence upon cure: I reside upon my Cure in a House given to the Minister of St. Mary Arches for His Residence by the Late Mrs Tucker. If He pleases to accept of It paying One Shilling per Week to the Poor. If the Minister refuses to accept of It <and make it his Residence> upon Three Months notice from the Trustees appointed by Mrs Tuckers Will, the House falls to the Poor of the Parish.

  5. Curate: No Curate.

  6. Divine service at other churches: No, except upon Extraordinary Occasions.

  7. Frequency of divine service: At St. Mary Arches. Every Lord’s Day Twice. Prayers & Sermon. Prayers Ev’ry Holiday Wednesday & Saturday. At St Olaves. There is a sermon Once ev’ry Lords Day & Prayers Twice, in the French Tongue, by the Revd Mr Courtal.

  8. Frequency of communion: Every Month.

  9. Number of communicants: The Number of Communicants in St Mary Arches & St Olaves are Upwards of 100. At Easter & Xmass between 70 & 80 at other Times from 50 to 70 Communicate. NB There are several of my Parish of French Extraction, not included in the above Numbers who generally communicate with Mr Courtal at St Olaves Church.

  10. Catechising of children: Twice a year the Charity Children are catechized as in other Churches. As there is but a small number of Children in the Parish except what are educated in the Maiden’s Hospital & the three Charity Schools, I catechize but once in Two years the rest of the Children, at which season a course of Catechetical Sermons is preached.

  11. Chapels or chapels in ruins: No Chapel.

    St. Mary Arches R—Robert Wight, A.M.
    Collat: April 3. 1731. Presb. June 1. 1729.
    Stephen Exon. [Explanation]

    [There follows, bound in the the volume and written on a separate sheet]:

    An Inventory of the Lands, Tenements, Rents, Annuities & Pensions belonging to the Feoffees of St. Mary Arches in the City of Exon taken July 11 1744.

    Belonging to the church at an yearly Rent.

    1. One Tenement in the High Street wherein Mrs Peters lives, at the yearly Rent of £14 0s 0d.
    2. Two Third Parts of a Tenement in St. Mary Arches Lane, now Part of Hele’s Hospital, at the perpetual yearly Rent of £4 0s 0d. In lease Head Rents
    3. A Tenement in St Mary Arches Lane formerly in the Possession of Ignatius Jourdain / lost for many years £0 0s 0d.
    4. A Courtlage Linney, or Stable, on the North side of the Church lately in the Possession of Mr Eth: Davy £0 10s 8d.
    5. A Small court on the S. Side of the Church in the Possession of Dr Fortescue S. Short Tenant. £0 2s 0d.
    6. A Tenement in St Mary Arches Lane formerly called the Storehouse in the Possession of Ald: John Newcombe Mr Carpenter Tenant £0 10s 0d.
    7. A Tenement in Ginney Street in the Parish of St George in the Possession of Mr Ald: Dewdney. £0 16s 0d
    8. An Annuity of Six & Eight Pence out of the late Sr John Davy’s Shop in the High Street. £0 6s 8d.
    9. An Annuity of Six Pence payable out an House in the Parish of St Kerrian £0 0s 6d.
    10. An Annuity of Two Shillings & Six Pence out of the Back Part of a Tenement in the Northgate Street called the Fleece. £0 2s 6d.
    11. An Annuity of Two Shillings out of Mr Nich: Blakes Tenement in the High Street £0 2s 0d.
    12. An Annuity of Eight Pence or one Pound of Wax, for which the Dean & Chapter of St Peters Exon are Debtors for a Considerable no. of years. £0 0s 8d.
    13. An Annuity of Two Shillings payable out of Certain Gardens in St M. Arches, formerly in Possession of John Tucker £0 2s 0d. (Lost for want of being demanded).

      (Out of Which an Annuity of 6s 8d is paid to the Chamber of Exon and 17s 11d to the Kings Auditor.)

    14. Mr Spicers Gift of 10s per annum for the Repairs of St Mary Arches Church paid by the Chamber of Exon £0 10s 0d.

      Mr Wottons Charity

      An Estate called East Culm in the Parish of Columpton Mr James Pratt Tenant per annum £30 0s 0d.


      To the vicar of Blackawton Annuity £10 00 0
      To the Assinges of Giles Risdon Esqr Chief Rent £2 3s 10d
      The Residue to the teaching of Poor Children of the City of Exeter to read the English Protestant Bible.
      NB This Estate brought in nothing for Twenty years together, besides Rates, Taxes, Reparations & annuities at present Twenty Children are kept at School.

      Mr Poyntel’s Charity.

      Mr Poyntel’s Gift of Two Houses or Stables in Bewley Lane now a Cellar, & Chambers over it.
      For the Weekly distribution of Bread to the Poor People of St. Mary Arches, NB For some time past This Estate has brought in 1s 6d per week clear.

      Other Gifts to the Poor not under the Direction of the Feoffees.

      Mr Ald Lethbridge’s Gift paid out of the late Mr Eth: Davy’s House per week 1s 2d per annum £3 0s 8d
      Mr John Lethbridge’s Gift of £52 / per annum £ 2 12s 6d
      Mrs Tuckers Gift of one shilling per week out of the Parsonage House per annum £2 12s 0d.
      Mr Richd Bevis’s Gift to poor Maidens per annum £1 0s 0d.

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