Ashford, Deanery of Sherwill

Chanter 225B, 746-747

  1. Population and dissenters: We Have but eight Families in our Little Parish. The whole Contains but 300 Acres of Land within its narrow Bounds. There is no Dissenter in it.

  2. Public or charity schools: There is no Public School, only a poor Widow woman Teaches a Few children to read & Say The Catechism.

  3. Alms-house, hospital or charitable endowment: There is a Church House or Alms House unendowed & only one poor man & his wife & Two Children in it.

  4. Residence upon cure: I generally Reside Here in the Parsonage House as we generally Call it For Ashford is call'd a Rectory in the Arch Deaconry of Barum & So Styled in Mr Arch-deacons Register Book. But is indeed a Vicarage Endowd for all The Tithes great as well as small has bin beyond The memory of Man paid as due To The Pastor as He is Call'd in ye oldest Terrier or Rector Vicar or Minister as He is Sometimes Named I most commonly Reside one week at Yarnscomb and The other Here at Ashford.

  5. Curate: No.

  6. Divine service at other churches: No.

  7. Frequency of divine service: I Perform Divine service in my Church Here at Ashford Once Every Lords Day with a Sermon either in The Morning or in The Afternoon when I come from Yarnscomb.

  8. Frequency of communion: Three Times in the year.

  9. Number of communicants: About 6 or 7 Communicants, There was not a greater Number Than That at Last Easter Communion.

  10. Catechising of children: Sometimes on Sunday Mornings but Most Commonly After The Second Lesson at Evening Prayer in The Summer Time The Parishioners upon my Calling on & reminding Them of Their Duty send Their Children & Servants to be taught & examind By me in The Catechism.

  11. Chapels or chapels in ruins: There is no Chapel within the Parish of Ashford.

    Ashford V.--- William Palmer A.B.
    inst. March. 6. 1723. Presb. June. 28 1719 [Explanation]