Bratton Fleming, Deanery of Sherwill

Chanter 225B, 740-741

  1. Population and dissenters: Aboutt fortie, or fivetie Rich and Poor.
    Dissenters not any
    No Meeting Houses
    No Teachers

  2. Public or charity schools: No Publick or Charitie School endow or otherwise maintained A poor person who teaches Children to read and the Catechism. The Children come duly to Church.

  3. Alms-house, hospital or charitable endowment: A Church House or Alms butt no Endowment
    No Lands or Tenements left for Repair of ye Church or other pious uses:

  4. Residence upon cure: I personally reside on my Cure and in my Parsonage house except when the inclementie of the cold weather and the infirmities of Age or sickness oblidge me to retire.

  5. Curate: I have a residing Curate, His name William Hill and duly qualified, He lives in the Parish with an handsome allowance made him.

  6. Divine service at other churches: I perform no divine service in any other Church.

  7. Frequency of divine service: Divine Service is performed regularly in my Church twice every Lords Day both forenoon and afternoon with a Sermon in the Morning.

  8. Frequency of communion: The Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper is administred att Easter Whitsontide, Christmas and as occasion requirs on Several Sundays in the year besides.

  9. Number of communicants: Communicants about one hundred and fortie, And about that Number communicated at Easter last and the Sunday attending that Festivall.

  10. Catechising of children: Children are Catechized in the Church on the Lords day in the afternoon in Somertime and whilst the length of the days conveniently permit, and the Parishioners send their Children thither accordingly.

  11. Chapels or chapels in ruins: I have no Chapell or Chapells in my Parish, Nor any in Ruins.

    Bratton Fleming R. Bartholomew Wortley AM, Instituted August 28 1705. Presbyter November 2d 1681 Anthon Norvic. [Explanation]