East Portlemouth, Deanery of Woodley

Chanter 225B, 537-538

  1. Population and dissenters: There are Thirty Six Families in my Parish. Of these Two are Presbyterians. There is no Meeting=House of Dissenters.

  2. Public or charity schools: There is no Publick or Charity School, endowed or otherwise maintain'd in my Parish.

  3. Alms-house, hospital or charitable endowment: There is an Alms-house for the Poor maintaind by the Parish; but no Endowment.

  4. Residence upon cure: I reside personally upon my Cure, and in my Parsonage House.

  5. Curate: I have no Curate.

  6. Divine service at other churches: I perform Divine Service at no Church besides my own.

  7. Frequency of divine service: Divine Service is perform'd in my Church, twice every Lord's-Day with a Sermon each Part of the Day: and Prayers on Holy Days.

  8. Frequency of communion: The Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is administered in my Parish, Four Times in the year; On Christmas-Day, Easter Day, Whitsunday and the first Sunday after the Feast of St. Michael.

  9. Number of communicants: There are about Sixty Communicants in my Parish. Thirty, or thereabouts, usually receive. There were between Thirty and Forty Communicants at Easter last past.

  10. Catechising of children: I Catechize the Children in my Church on several Sundays in the Summer Season. My Parishioners do not usually send their Children to be instructed by me.

  11. Chapels or chapels in ruins: There is no Chapel in my Parish.

    East-Portlemouth R.. James Grantham A.B.
    inst. Apr: 10. 1730. Presb. Sept. 21. 1729.
    R. Winton. [Explanation]