To the Revd the Minister of Chulmleigh

Chanter 232A, 4

  1. Residence, curate and lecturer: My Lord,
    I reside at Exeter for the Benefit of my Health, & the Education of my Children. I keep a resident Curate (Mr May) who is duly licenced with an appointment of 50 a year besides Perquisites, which are very considerable.

  2. Other benefices: The Rectory of North Tawton.

  3. Divine service at other churches: At no otherwhere.

  4. Frequency of divine service: Prayers & a Sermon both parts of the day throughout the year.

  5. Frequency of communion: Thirteen times a year, & about Forty Communicants at a time.

  6. Catechising of children: During the Summer Months.

  7. Church fabric: The Church Chancel & Church yard is in good Repair & well kept & allthings decent for divine Service.

  8. Glebe terrier: Here is a terrier of the Glebe Lands Houses &c according to the tenor of the 87 Cannon, which was made in the year 1727.

  9. Number of families: Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Families.

  10. Chapels: None.

  11. Papists, dissenters and meeting houses: Here are no reputed Papists, but here is a meeting House for Dissenting congregations (Viz) Presbyterians but no teacher for along time past.

  12. School, alms-houses, hospital and charitable endowments: Here is a School for Boys & another for Girls Founded by a Mrs Gertrude Pinkham & managed according to the direction of the Donor but no Parochial Library.

  13. Charity: Lands and Tenements of the Yearly Value of Fifty Pounds & upwards have been given for repairing the Church & for other pious & Charitable Uses & are duly apply'd.

    Priest's orders and institution: The Institution is dated December 11th 1773. Priests orders March 18th 1753.

    Richd Hole Rector.