To the Revd the Minister of Warkley

Chanter 232A, 41

  1. Residence, curate and lecturer: I do reside personally in my Parsonage House. I have a Curate who personally resides in my vicarage House at Chittlehampton, who is duly licenced, with a Salary of forty two Pounds a year. No Lecturer.

  2. Other benefices: The Rectories of Warkley & Satterly, & the Vicarage of Chittlehampton all adjoining Parishes.

  3. Divine service at other churches: At None.

  4. Frequency of divine service: The Rectories of Warkley & Satterly have been always held as one the Churches are serv'd every Sunday, morning & afternoon alternately a Sermon at each.

  5. Frequency of communion: Four Times every Year; - The Number of Communicants, I suppose, about twenty or upwards.

  6. Catechising of children: Myself or my Curate, frequently in the Summer Season.

  7. Church fabric: All in good Repair & all things decent.

  8. Glebe terrier: I have no Terrier, but will endeavour to get one, properly made.

  9. Number of families: I cannot exactly say, but I suppose about thirty or more.

  10. Chapels: No Chapel.

  11. Papists, dissenters and meeting houses: No reputed Papist, or Dissenters of any Denomination that I know of.

  12. School, alms-houses, hospital and charitable endowments: No publick School, Alms-House, Hospital, or other charitable Endowment, except a House where the Poor are lodg'd.

  13. Charity: None that I know of.

    Priest's orders and institution: My Institution is dated June 5th 1752
    Priest Orders May 24th 1752
    Warkley near Southmolton
    Peter Beavis, Rector of Warkley.