To the Revd the Minister of Lamerton

Chanter 232B, 494

  1. Residence, curate and lecturer: I reside personally in my Vicarage House. I have no Lecturer.

  2. Other benefices: I have another Benefice Dolton near Torrington.

  3. Divine service at other churches: I perform Divine Service at no other Church besides my own.

  4. Frequency of divine service: Divine Service is performed twice on the Lords Day with a Sermon in the morning and in the Summer months a Sermon in the afternoon.

  5. Frequency of communion: The Sacrament of the Lords Supper is administered five Times. The Communicants sixty.

  6. Catechising of children: Between Easter & Whitsunday.

  7. Church fabric: Yes.

  8. Glebe terrier: I have a Terrier.

  9. Number of families: About one Hundred.

  10. Chapels: Here is no Chapel within this Parish.

  11. Papists, dissenters and meeting houses: No.

  12. School, alms-houses, hospital and charitable endowments: No.

  13. Charity: No Lands &c have be[en] left.

    Priest's orders and institution: My Institution to Lamerton is Dated April 23d 1771
    Institution to Dolton June 11th
    My Priest Orders are dated 1778
    24 of June 1764. A Letter directed Lamerton near Tavistock will find your Lordships most Dutifull, & most Obt Humbe Servt

    Rd Vyvyan