To the Revd the Minister of Tamerton Foliett
To be left at Mrs Peters Nutt Street Plymouth

Chanter 232B, 537

  1. Residence, curate and lecturer: I do not reside on my Cure. I reside in the Chaplains House of Plymouth Citadel, and do duty there as Deputy Chaplain. The reason of my non-Residence is the permission granted me by the late Lord Bishop of Exeter, in consideration of the great expence I had been at in building an entire new Vicarage House, on a new Site: (as appears by the Faculty granted by his Lordship for that purpose) and being in a very advantageous Curacy) (the same I am in at present) which I had served from my first takeing Holy Orders. These Reasons, and the additional one, that, before the Vicarage House was well completed, an Act of Parliament passed for the better enabling the Clergy to repair, or rebuild their Houses, of which I had not the Advantage, I humbly hope will induce your Lordship still to dispense with my personal residence - There is a Resident Curate, who gives great Satisfaction. Not licensed. Salary 40 & Surplice fees. No Lecturer.

  2. Other benefices: No.

  3. Divine service at other churches: I perform Divine Service at the Citadel Chapel in Plymouth.

  4. Frequency of divine service: Divine Service is performed in my Church twice on the Lord's Day, with a Sermon in the Morning.

  5. Frequency of communion: Monthly. Number of Communicants on a medium Twenty.

  6. Catechising of children: During the Summer months the Youth are catechised.

  7. Church fabric: Yes.

  8. Glebe terrier: Yes.

  9. Number of families: About 113.

  10. Chapels: No.

  11. Papists, dissenters and meeting houses: No.

  12. School, alms-houses, hospital and charitable endowments: There is a Charity school for twenty poor children of the Parish, founded by Mrs. Eliz:th Deane, to teach them reading & writing. As far as I know, it is managed to the intent of the Founder. No Library.

  13. Charity: A small orchard & Garden given to defray the expence of repairing a House given for the Use of four poor Women. As far as I know, duly applied.

    Priest's orders and institution: Date of Institution. 24th of February 1774.
    Date of Priest's orders 23d of July 1769

    Copleston Radcliffe
    Vicar of Tamerton Foliott
    Direction Garrison Plymouth.