Chanter 232B, 539

  1. Residence, curate and lecturer: I do reside personally at Tavistock, in an House given me by the Duke of Bedford the Patron of the Living, there being no House belonging to the Vicarage. I have not a Lecturer.

  2. Other benefices: I have the Rectory of Petertavy adjoining to Tavistock.

  3. Divine service at other churches: I perform Divine Service alternately at Tavistock and Petertavy, except on Sacrament Sundays or extraordinary occasions when I am allways at Tavistock.

  4. Frequency of divine service: Twice on every Lord's-day, with a Sermon in the morning & afternoon Divine Service is likewise performed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday in every week, on all Saints' days, & other Holy-days, with a Sermon when required.

  5. Frequency of communion: On the first Sunday in every month; at Easter, Christmas & Whitsunday, & the Sundays following. The number of our Communicants is from about Seventy to one Hundred. We have sometimes more, but not often.

  6. Catechising of children: In Lent

  7. Church fabric: Yes.

  8. Glebe terrier: I have neither Glebe Lands nor House. There is however a Terrier in your Lordship's Chancellors Office at Exeter dated June 6. 1727 of which I have a Copy, extracted from the said Registry.

  9. Number of families: About four hundred.

  10. Chapels: There is no Chapel within this Parish.

  11. Papists, dissenters and meeting houses: I know of no reputed Papist in this Parish. There is a meeting House for Presbyterians, whose Teacher is Mr Theophilus Edwards. There are likewise two meeting-houses for the People who call themselves Methodists. at one which William Saltern a Searge weaver officiates: the other; I am informed, is Served occasionally some mean person of the Congregation or by any Itinerant pracher, that appears to be present.

  12. School, alms-houses, hospital and charitable endowments: The Grammar School here is endowed by the Duke of Bedford during pleasure. We have Several other Schools for reading, writing & arithmetick, but not with a fixed Endowment. we have likewise Several Alms-houses. They are all, I believe, duly managed. We have no Parochial Library.

  13. Charity: Several Lands & Tenements have been left for pious & Charitable uses to this parish, which were in the year 1763 vested in his Grace the Duke of Bedford by an act of Parliament, in Lieu thereof an annual rent-charge of 120 was settled and Assined to certain Trustees named in the said Act, which money is duly applied to the Purposes therein mentioned. There is likewise a small Estate given for the Education of a poor Boy of the Town at the University which is properly applied.

    Priest's orders and institution: Institution Augt: 22. 1758
    Priest's Orders Sepr: 25. 1743

    Jno: Jago Vicar of Tavistock at Tavistock Devon