Appendix 2

1779 Visitation: Bishop Ross' Queries



IT being my Purpose, with God's Assistance, to hold my primary Visitation this Summer, I have drawn up a Paper of Enquiries, leaving a void Space under each of them, in which I desire you to set down your several Answers plainly and distinctly; and to send them, to me at Exeter, by the 15th of May next, signed with your Name, signifying at the same Time how a Letter directed to you by the General Post may best find you. I heartily commend you to the Blessing of Almighty God, and remain,

Reverend Sir,

Your faithful Friend and Brother,


  1. Do you reside personally upon you Cure, and in your Parsonage or Vicarage-House? If not, where do you reside? And what is the Reason of your Non-Residence? Have you a Curate Resident, who is duly licenced, and with what Salary? Have you any Lecturer? What is his Name? And how is he provided for?

  2. Have you any more Benefices than one? If another, what, and where is it?

  3. Do you perform Divine Service at any Church besides your own? and where?

  4. How often is Divine Service performed in your Church? If not twice on the Lord's Day, with a Sermon in the Morning, for what Reason?

  5. How often is the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper administered? And what Number of Communicants have you?

  6. At what Times do you catechise the Youth of your Parish?

  7. Is your Church and Chancel in good Repair, and your Church-yard well kept? And have you all Things decent for divine Service?

  8. Have you a Terrier of the Glebe Lands, Houses, &c. according to the Tenor of the 87th Canon? If not, let one be made and delivered in at the Visitation properly signed.

  9. What Number of Families have you in your Parish?

  10. Have you any Chapel within your Parish? Who nominates to it? By whom is it served? How served? And with what is it supported?

  11. Have you any reputed Papists in your Parish, and how many? Have you any Meeting-Houses for Dissenting Congregations? How many? And of what Denomination? Who are their Teachers?

  12. Have you any publick or other School in your Parish? Any Alms-Houses, Hospital, or other charitable Endowment? Are they duly managed according to the Direction of their Founders? Have you any parochial Library?

  13. Have any Lands or Tenements, or other Benefactions, been left for any pious and charitable Uses? And are they duly applied?

    It would be, at this Time, a further Satisfaction to me if you would write down for me upon this Paper, the Dates of your Insitution (or Collation) and Priest's Orders.