The Eighteenth Century in Peter Tavy

By Roger Meyrick

The Badgers of Peter Tavy in the 18th century

[Badgers and Kidders were licensed traders of the market place. Badgers mainly dealt in corn and grain, Kidders originally traded in carpets and rugs. As itinerant traders other items quickly became included. They had to apply to Quarter Sessions for their Licence. There were no Kidders during the period living in the parish. The Badgers of Peter Tavy are listed below cover the period from 1731 - 1744.]

William Reap, yeoman1731, 1732, 1735, 1736, 1739, 1742, 1743
John White1731,1735
Tristram Cundy1731, 1735, 1736
Arthur Beckalake, husbandman1736, 1739, 1740, 1742
Oliver Blatchford, yeoman1737
Richard Eastlake, husbandman1737
John Fuge, yeoman1737, 1741, 1743, 1744
William Fuge, husbandman1739, 1742
Charles Friend, yeoman1739
John Reep1740
Thomas Cragg, husbandman1742
John Foot1742
Robert Woodley,yeoman1742

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