The Eighteenth Century in Peter Tavy

By Roger Meyrick

Information concerning Freeholders, Copyholders and Tenants by ancient residence in the parish of Peter Tavy, some of whom took the Oath of Allegiance in 1723

James Arthur gent, Yeoman. The Arthur family came to Peter Tavy at the end of the 17th cent when James Arthur of Ashcombe in south Devon, bought Tortown Farm from Roger Woodman. He also leased adjoining ground called Torparks from the then owner Moore of Moortown who sold to Jasper Radcliffe in 1692. James Arthur, son of James of Ashcombe married Eleanor Easton in 1716, he died in December 1760. He appears in the Freeholders Books from 1717 until 1757 and took the 1723 Oath of Allegiance.

Richard Arthur gent, Yeoman. son of James and Eleanor was born in 1720. He subsequently moved to Cudlipptown, but must have retained land in the parish, where he continued to farm. He died in Cudlipptown in 1807. He appears in the Freeholders Books from 1762-1789. He was Churchwarden at the parish church of St Peter 1762-91.

Roger Badcock. Married Jane WHITE 11 February 1701. two children were baptised at the church, Joan in 1703 and Grace 1705.There is no entry for the burials of either Roger or Jane BADCOCK or of any children. A Roger Badcock appears among signatures to 1641 Oaths. Thomas Badcock is paying rent for land to Radcliffe in 1731.

Samuel Barry. No information found.

John Blatchford. Yeoman, Miller at Lower Mill, Peter Tavy in 1780 until his death in 1789. His son, also John took over as Miller. John senior appears in the Freeholders Books from 1779-89.

William Blatchford. Farming at Wilsworthy in 1720s, later after interval is Miller at Lower Mill, Peter Tavy.

Wilmot Blatchford. A Wilmot Blatchford was baptised in 1719 and two entries in the Burial register for a Wilmot BLATCHFORD buried 27 March 1738 and similarly a Wilmot Blatchford on 14 February 1746. A Wilmot Blatchford nee Cudlipp married Oliver Blatchford in 1696, they had four sons, John, Peter, Hugh, & ? Oliver appears as a Badger in 1736.(q.v.)

John Blatchford Yeoman. He was Miller at Lower Mill then owned by Mary Kinsman, from 1780 until his death in 1789. His son John took on the Mill after his father's death and in the 1795 Land Assessment owns two cottages in the village. John senior appears in the Freeholders Books from 1779-1789.

Andrew Bray Yeoman. A member of a longstanding family involved in masonry, building and property ownership. They were involved in much of the rebuilding of the village in the latter part of the century. Attracted to Methodism as early as 1809 they supported the movement and helped to convert the earliest village chapel from a carpenters shop on the banks of the Colley Brook. At their height in the Eighteenth century there were seven families of Bray in the parish. Only one seems to have farmed a 40 acre farm. Andrew Bray appears in the Freeholders Books 1799-1807.

James Bulteel Esq. He was a Justice of the Peace and probably lived at Sortridge. He witnessed several of the Oaths taken in 1723. Only other reference found is to Mary Bulteel Pengelly who married Thomas Spry of Sortridge. [See also Pengelly].

William Cake. Farmed at Wringworthy farm in Mary Tavy but had land in Peter Tavy.

Richard Carkett. A member of a naval family who lived in Peter Tavy over two generations from 1700. In the 1764 church Glebe Terrier two fields included are specifically mentioned as "Mr Carkett fields". He appears in the Freeholders Book 1711-1715.

Jonas Chubb. Married Martha Broad in 1711, parents to a Roger and twin girls Grace and Martha. Jonas is family name recurring in 1737 and again in 1747. [See also Roger Chubb]

Roger Chubb. Yeoman, a Peter Tavy family from at least 1620, possibly descended from one of the later Abbots of Tavistock Abbey. They farmed at Standon in the 16th cent. Roger Chubb took a tenancy at North Godsworthy, expanding it to include land in South Godsworthy from Walter Radcliffe in 1769. He bought Twist Farm from John Harris in 1796 and Southditch a small farm nearer the village in 1780. He appears in the Freeholders Books from 1778-1807. A forebear of this family appears in the Protetation Oaths of 1641.

John Colbourne. Farmed at south or Lower Godsworthy. A gravestone within the church of St Peter states that he died December 1743 aged 65 yrs. A further inscription reads that John son of John died November 1724 aged 6yrs. He was Churchwarden 1730 to 1740

The Cole Family. The family straddles the centuries in Devon. A Roger Cole is cited as one of the five freeholders to obtain land in the breakup of the manor of Taveton Folliott or Taveton Petry as it came to be called in 1428. The others were, Richard Jule, Roger Eleford, Philip Babcombe and Walter Richard.

John Cole. Yeoman, a widespread family who came to Wilsworthy in the 13-14th centuries, later establishing themselves at Sowton Town. In 1780 he was a tenant of Sarah Parson at Sowtontown but by 1795 had moved to Wapsworthy leasing the land from Priscilla Williams. In 1796 however he seems to have returned to Pocock farm close to Sowtontown leasing the land from Walter Radcliffe to farm with his father Thomas Cole. He appears in the Freeholders Books from 1779-1807. Churchwarden at St Peter's in 1761 and in 1778-98

Thomas Cole. Yeoman, father of John, above; farmed at Collaton in 1765 which he leased from Walter Radcliffe. In 1774 he took over the twin farm of Pocock. Thomas' father also Thomas seems to have started farming at Wilsworthy where he appears on the Freeholders Books for Lifton Hundred for 1715-1755. Thomas of Collaton however appears in the Freeholders Books for Roborough Hundred where he served 1757-1778.

Thomas Cragg. Appears in the 1641 and 1723 Oath returns. A Thomas and Margery Cragg had a daughter Elizabeth in May 1682 with an entry for Thomas in the burial Register of St Peter's for December 1730. A namesake was a Badger(q.v.) in 1742

James Crossing, gent. Lived at Langsford Farm a 14th cent. farm on the parish boundary with Tavistock. He also owned an estate at Chaddlehanger, and the farm at Wringworthy outside Peter Tavy Parish. He had by settlement and inheritance a number of houses and land within the churchtown known as the Gatehouse or Cole Bridge Estates. He appears in the Freeholders Books for 1799-1807. Churchwarden in 1802.

Richard Cudlipp gent. A member of the Cudlipp family lived at Cudlipptown but leased land at Collaton which belonged to the Manor of Longford owned by Walter Radcliffe. When he died in 1722 one of his heirs was a John Cunningham who farmed the land there. Richard Cudlipp appears in the Freeholders Book for just one year in 1711.

Anthony Cunningham. Only reference found is to John Cunningham, heir of Richard Cudlipp. He only appears in the Freeholders Book for the one year of 1711.

John Easton gent. Only reference found is that an Eleanor Easton married James Arthur in 1716.(q.v.) Appears in Freeholders Books for 1711,1721,22. [See also Arthur].

Marmaduke Edgcumbe. The Church Register records the burial of a two week old child of Marmaduke and Elizabeth Edgcumbe in 1725. Also the Baptism of an Elizabeth in March of 1727.

Thomas Friend. A family with a long association with the parish, Thomas married Phillis Townsend in April 1698. They had Prudence in 1699, Mary in 1703 Thomas in 1706, Phillis in 1709. Thomas senior died in February 1743.

Joan Friend. There is a "Teardrop" memorial for the burial of Joan in June 1737. There is a another record of Joan Friend in a burial of February 1741.

Richard Friend. There is a burial record for December 1761.

Leonard Gubbins. The name appears in the Oaths of 1723 and relates him to Peter Tavy.

Philip John. Appears in Freeholders Book for 1799.

Mr John King Yeoman. Son of William King farmed at Sowtontown and part of Pocock, leased from Walter Radcliffe. Married Grace Cole in 1714 who died in 1749. They had two daughters Elizabeth and Grace. He appears in Freeholders Books for 1741-55. A forebear of his signed the 1641 Protestation Oath. And he and his brother William both took the 1723 Oath.

William King, yeoman. Born in 1683, brother to John (above). Buried March 1736.

William Knight. Married Elizabeth Chubb December 1726 and appears in the Burial Register for January 1754. He took the 1723 Oath when living in Peter Tavy.

John Maddaford. Farmed at Will farm at Wilsworthy in 1687. The family farmed part of Will farm from the late Seventeenth century and were millers at Wilsworthy Mill. Buried at Peter Tavy in 1729.

Nicolas Martyn. Possibly the brother of Samuel Martyn who married Elizabeth Parsons January 1722. He took the Oath in 1723.

Mr John Parsons Junior. Farmed at Sowtontown leased from Walter Radcliffe and married Margaret Cole in 1715. He appears in the Freeholders Book for 1713 only.

John Parsons gent, Senior. Father of this large family who leased from Walter Radcliffe at Sowtontown. He married Margaret Cole in 1687. He died April 1757. He appears in the Freeholders Book for 1753 only.

Mr Azarias Parsons gent. Perhaps the best known of this family he also farmed at Sowtontown. He was born 1704 and married an Elizabeth (?) They had John 1729, Twins Thomas & Samuel 1733, Joan 1735. He died in 1753. He was Churchwarden at St Peter's Church, Peter Tavy 1723-25 and appears in the Freeholders Books for 1729-52 .

Elizabeth Parsons. Elder sister to Azarias born in 1695, she died unmarried in 1733. She took the 1723 Oath.

Elizabeth Parsons junior. Wife to Azarias died October 1751. She took the 1723 Oath.

Mr Thomas Parson gent. It is not clear that this is a separate family from that with an (s) on the name. Thomas and Mrs Sarah Parson owned Coxtor, parts of Sowtontown, Youlditch and for a while Langsford and parts of South Godsworthy farms with some cottages in the Churchtown. He died in 1770. He appears in the Freeholders Books for 1755-69. Churchwarden at St Peter's church 1765 - 1770

Francis Pengelly Esq. The Pengelly family lived at Sortridge an outlying estate of the parish of Peter Tavy. It belonged to the Glanville family in the 17th cent. and was disposed of by them to the Pengelly family. Mary Bulteel Pengelly married Thomas Spry, who subsequently came to live there. Francis Pengelly lived at Sampford Spiney but evidently had a claim in Sortridge, part of Peter Tavy parish. He appears in the Freeholders Books from 1721-1725.

Jacob Pengelly, Took the 1723 Oath and appears in the Freeholders Book of 1725 only for Peter Tavy.

John Francis Pengelly Esq. Son of Francis Pengelly appears in the Freeholders Books for a considerable period from 1747- 1776.

Roger Phillips. Baptism of a child Richard in February 1696 to parents Roger and Thomasine Phillips. A burial of a Roger Phillips appears for April 1733.

Peter Reddicliffe Yeoman. Was a Miner and farmer at Yellowmead, the family settled in Wapsworthy and Cudlipptown. He married a Susannah and they had two children both christened Peter, one must presumably have died. He appears in the Freeholders Books for 1778-83.

Tamazin Reddicliffe. Was living at Langsford Farm in 1780, had moved to Cudlipptown by 1796. Perhaps a sister to Peter, above.

John Rowe. John son of John Rowe and Florence was baptised in March 1702. A namesake appears in the Oaths of 1641.

John Skinner, Yeoman. Bought tenement at South Godsworthy from Roger and George Veare in 1723. He married Christian Veare in the same year. Wilmot, was born in 1724. She married Walter Fuge who also farmed at Godsworthy. Mary Skinner was born in 1733.

William Spry, Esq. As referred to above lived at Sortridge and farmed there. He appears in the Freeholders Book for 1711 only. [See also Pengelly]

Henry Stitson. Burial records show a death in February 1765. His wife Wilmot had died in 1762. They had two children in 1719 and 1723.

Elizabeth Taverner. Part of the family who farmed in Wilsworthy possibly the daughter of John and Joan (see below) She died in March 1729

John Taverner gent. The Taverner family had come to Wilsworthy in 15th cent. This John is the son of John Taverner and his wife Joan Herne born 1683. In 1715 he was Constable for the hamlet of Wilsworthy but now living at 3rd Hilltown. In 1739 Roger Rice takes over Hilltown when the lease expires with Walter Radcliffe. Taverner's name appears in the Freeholders Book for 1755 so he is still farming in the parish.

Edward Tregilgus. Another family farming in Wilsworthy and Hilltown. He married Ann Pheasant June 1700 and they had eight children between 1701 -1717.

Philip Westlake. Appears in Freeholders Book for 1789 only, and was Churchwarden at St Peter's in 1800.

Thomas Willesford, gent. One of a local Tavistock family. A relative was curate at Peter Tavy church from 1780 - 1821. Another was a lawyer in Tavistock. He may have lived in the Church house in the village, close to the church. He appears in the Freeholders Book for 1711 only.

Richard Williams. Born in 1762 he farmed at Barnecroft and was the Parish Clerk at the end of the Eighteenth century. He died in 1821. His father, also Richard held a Victuallers Licence for Peter Tavy between 1753 and 1760. He appears in the Freeholders Book for 1799 only.

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