Rackenford Oath-Takers, 1723

Appendix: Table 2


Relationship to others
Date & place of oath

Parish register/ Marriage licences/Acland Survey of Lands 1726. (1184add 6/110)

Age in 1723

Wife alive in 1723 (Y)
Offices heldDocument referencesSocial status

Property or holding
Ayre, Arthur5 Oct., Witheridge

Marked AA but could sign, see Doc ref 2
m Katherine Nicholls 1708 by licence; d 1725

(at least 40, more probably 50)

On Jury list 1711 onwards1.Bought life lease of Canworthy 100 acres and moor rights for £50 1694, leased to tenant (1148m/add2/L36/10)
2. In 1705 one of 11 signatories to Colman pew application (Moger PR517/176)
3. Widow gave silver flagon to church in his memory 1725 (TDA 51 p106)
Yeoman (Doc 1)

(East Backstone)
Ayre, Dorothy wife of Thomas25 Dec., Exeter

marked A
d 1750  Yeoman's wife
Ayre, Thomas23 Oct., Chulmleigh

bapt 1678; m Dorothy Crooke by licence 1707; d 1762

age 45

1. On jury list 1711 onwards
2.1729 Constable Witheridge 100
3. Overseer, 1740 & 1750
1. Sale of lease of village house shows educated signature 1703 (2309B/T52/36)Yeoman (Doc 1)
4th generation freeholder of Worthy with Colson, 200 acres. House reduced from 4 hearths to 3 1680.
Burcher, Hugh

(brother in law to Deborah Farr)
23 Oct., Chulmleigh

marked B
bapt 1653; m Anna Crooke 1686; d 1732

age 70
Churchwarden 1705 and 1712 Brother of yeoman
Cockram, William23 Oct., Chulmleigh signedd 1742


1. Overseer 1728
2. On jury list 1726 and from 1734
3. Churchwarden 1737
Party in tithe dispute 1741 (PRO E112/1104/175)Yeoman (jury list). Originally leased but had bought Tidderson 200 acres by 1738
Courtenay, Bartholomew

brother to Philip and William
23 Oct., Chulmleigh

marked C
(bapt c 1673); d 1753


age c.50

Churchwarden 1728, 1744 (terrrier) 1745 Marked terrier 1744 (Moger 264)Father a butcher (Church Reg)
Courtenay, Philip

Brother to Bart and William
5 Oct., Witheridge

Marked P
bapt 1668; m Susannah Hagley by licence 1697; d 1743

Age 55
Overseer 17421. Deposition re will of P Quicke 1712 as yeoman aged 41 (Moger Test Causes series 11 P374)Yeoman (Doc 1) (possibly Blindwell, son there 1768)
Courtenay, William

Brother to Bart and Philip
12 Dec., Exeter

Marked C
bapt 1676; m Mary Stephens by licence 1697; d 1749

age 47
Overseer 1734Lease to him as butcher; two tenements in Oakford 1722 for 21 years, rent £24. Butcher
Crook, Peter Brother in law of Wm Handford the elder23 Oct., Chulmleigh

Marked P
bapt 1677; m Charity Handford 1704; d 1731

age 46

 Other members of family were carpenters Freeholder of tenement in village (Myrtle Cottage deeds) (carpenter)
Farr, Deborah5 Oct., Witheridge

Marked F
as widow of William Burcher of Rackenford m Thomas Farr of Sampford Peverell, serge maker, by licence 1717

executrix to first husband with 2 children still under age 1723
 TNA, PROB11/558 William Burcher's will; yeoman; left £400 to younger children and rights in estate in Wilton to second son ThomasYeoman's widow
Gammon, Mary5 Oct., Witheridge

born Grant, m Anthony Gammon gent widowed 1719

age 41
 Lease (1184 add 6/11)Yeoman's widow. Paid £50 to add lives of children to lease of Canworthy 200 acres 1722. Son is yeoman in 1738 jury list.
Greenslade, Hugh23 Oct., Chulmleigh

Marked G
Greenslade, MaryNot knownd 1727  Possibly widow tenant of E. Batsworthy Creacombe 1726(1184add 6/11)
Gregory, Grace23 Oct., Chulmleigh

Marked G
m John Veysey of Witheridge farmer by licence 1730

Two sisters also m by licence 1728 and 1733
Gunn, John

Brother in law of William Veysey
8 Oct., Exeter

Marked G
m Joan Veysey; d 1731

Overseer 1730Will shows legacies of £200 before main legatee and describes as yeoman (Moger Series II p1171 )Yeoman (will) Leased Middlecott 160 acres (55/8/6)
Gunn, Thomas

Brother of John
23 Oct., Chulmleigh

born 1679; m Charity Voysey 1701 by licence; d 1754

age 44

On jury list 1734-1747mentioned in probate dispute 1731 (Moger Series II p1171)Yeoman (jury list) Paid £90 for Lease of Lower Bulworthy 1702 and £31 to add lives 1729 (1184m/add 6/11)
Handford, William

Father of Wm Junr
5 Oct., Witheridge

marked W
bapt 1677; m Eliz Braddon by licence Mar 1723/4

d 1743

age 46
Parish constable 1732 (QS Process Bk 9/30)
Jury list from 1727
1.Witness to lease 1703 (2309B/T52/36) with a signature
2. Leased tenement 1707 for £37 also signed
Tanner and miller (lease). Leased Blackdown Mill 1713 , bought it for £315 1726 (2309 B/T52/5 & 6)
Handford, William Junr5 Oct., Witheridge signed b 1704; d 1754

age 19
  Tanner and miller
Heard, Malachi22 Oct., Chulmleigh

marked H
d 1726 George Heard husbandman sold Taddyport 1741 for £42 18s(husbandman) freeholder of small tenement Taddyport in village
Matthews, Joan23 Oct., Chulmleigh

d 1747 as a widow   
Matthews, John23 Oct., Chulmleigh

d 1757Churchwarden 1734Signed terrier 1745Possibly an innkeeper; his father Adrian Matthews who died 1718 was a licensee
Mogford, Katherine11 Dec., Exeter

marked M and wife of Lewis
born Parkhouse married Lewis Mogford of Oakford Jan 1713; (d Jan 1723/4)   Yeoman's wife. Lewis Mogford of Oakford described as yeoman on 1727 jury list.
Parker, Robert11 Dec., Exeter

marked P
bapt 1688; m Eliz Pollard 1712

age 55
  Parkers a Rackenford yeoman family
Parkhouse, Frances

Daughter of Humphrey
11 Dec., Exeter

marked P
bapt 1700; m Thomas Heyman of E Anstey farmer 1726 by licence

age 23
Parkhouse, Humphrey23 Oct., Chulmleigh

d 1723 Dec 30Witheridge hund. Constable 1700-17031.Signed as witness to lease 1703 (2309B/T52/36) and Colman Pew application 1705
2. 1707 Appl. to discharge apprentice
Yeoman (Doc 2) (possibly Hilltown Witheridge; Church reg ref to grandfather)
Partridge, John5 Oct., Witheridge

d 17681. Parish Constable 1726
2. Churchwarden 1730
3. Petty jury list from 1722
Compiled list of jurors 1726 describing self as yeomanYeoman (jury list)
Snell, WilliamNot known

marked S
Tanner, Robert

(crossed through; is probably Robert Tanner of W Anstey who signed on the same date)
11 Dec., Exeter

Not signed or marked
bapt 1651

age 72
  Yeoman family of E & WAnstey and Creacombe. Probable lessor of W Batsworthy Creacombe 140 acres 1698 (1148m/add2/L17/7) Bought half Northcombe 1724 for lives £35
Tarr, William23 Oct., Chulmleigh

marked T
Thomas, Alice5 Oct., Witheridge

Voysey, John (Veysey)

brother of Wm
11 Dec., Exeter

bapt 1674; d 1746

age 49

  Yeoman. 3rd generation freeholder Higher Bulworthy (Cal.DeedsEnrolled) 2 hearths in 1684. 158 acres.
Voysey, William

Brother of John

Brother in law of John Gunn
23 Oct., Chulmleigh

d 17691. Churchwarden 1711
Overseer 1734
mentioned in probate dispute 1731 (Moger Series II p1171)Farmer, later of Creacombe
Webber, JohnNot known

Webber, RogerNot known

Burston, Richard8 Oct., Exeter

marked B
Tanner, William5 Dec., Exeter

marked T
m Agnes Venn by licence 1699; d 1747 Yeoman in release naming him as trustee (47/3/1/6)Tanners a yeoman family originally with freehold of Creacombe Barton Later leaseholders of E and W Batsworthy
Tucker, Humphrey5 Dec., Exeter

marked H
Table 2: Rackenford Oath takers 1723 (references are to DHC docs unless otherwise stated; churchwarden and overseer information all from DHC 2984A/PO) (references in brackets are possibilities)

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