Rackenford Oath-Takers, 1723

By Sarah Child

A note on Creacombe

There are three oath takers for Creacombe, which had a population aged over 16 of 24 in 1676. This small parish, adjoining Rackenford, consisted of a hamlet and four farms which were owned by the Acland and other estates, with one other which was owned by the patrons of the living. All these were normally let on three-life leases, often to members of the Tanner family who were of yeoman status. If Mrs Greenslade who is included under Rackenford was in fact the Mary Greenslade who held East Batsworthy from the Aclands at the time, the heads of households are almost covered by these four entries. The incumbent, Thomas Shebbear, does not seem to have sworn anywhere; he may well not have been resident in Creacombe anyway.

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