Satterleigh, Deanery of South=Molton

Chanter 225B, 653-654

  1. Population and dissenters: My Lord. There are ten, no dissenter or meeting house of any Sort.

  2. Public or charity schools: My Lord, we have no School of any Sort.

  3. Alms-house, hospital or charitable endowment: My Lord. we have no Alms-house, Hospital or Benefactions.

  4. Residence upon cure: My Lord, I reside in ye Parsonage house of Warkley.

  5. Curate: My Lord, I have no Curate.

  6. Divine service at other churches: My Lord, I do not.

  7. Frequency of divine service: My Lord, I perform Divine Service in my church every Lords day, with a Sermon one part of ye day, ye other part of ye day I perform it at Warkley with a Sermon & this alternately as has been ye Constant Custom time immemorial, & on Holidays in Like manner.

  8. Frequency of communion: My Lord, four times.

  9. Number of communicants: My Lord, I beleeve there are about eleven or twelve four or five usually receive, & I think Seven receiv[ed]1 last Easter.

  10. Catechising of children: My Lord, I catechize on Sundays, & on notice children & Servants are Sent.

  11. Chapels or chapels in ruins: My Lord, we have no chapel at all.

    Peter Beavis Minister.

    Warkley - R - Peter Beavis L.L.B. Inst. Feb: 22d: 1721. Presb: July 10: 1720. Lan. Exon.

    1. The end of the word is lost in the volume binding. [Back]