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Friends of Devon's Archives: Black History Project references

Parish registers:

Alverdiscott, baptism of Susanna, a black woman, native of Africa and servantto Mrs Watson, 14 4 1771

Ashburton, baptism of Munira Daisy, daughter of Aziz and Maud Ghaleb, abode Praque, profession Egyptian minister, 17 3 1931, also baptism of Osman Eustra[?], sone of the same, 24 11 1932

Ashprington, baptism of Johnan an Indian blacke servant to Captain Matthew of Dittsham [n.d., between 14 Aug. and 19 Nov. 1687]

Awliscombe, baptism of Barnard, a black, 5 5 1789

Aylesbeare, baptism of Richard Argey, a blackmore servant to Madam Duck of Mount Radford, 4 8 1695

Bideford, baptism of John Lewis Walkey, an East India of colour, whose father's nor mother's name is not known, 16 1 1811
Bideford, baptism of Nanny Anana, an Asiatick adult, 2 10 1802

Bishopsteignton, baptism of William Hoyle, `a Negro belonging to the above Mr Cove, aged about 17 or 18 was baptised, his grandfathers were his Mr and Mr William Cumes', 3 4 1708

Buckland Monachorum, baptism of William Coffee, a Negro man at Maristow by Mr John Creed, 19 11 1738

Chulmleigh, burial of Luce the Blackmoore, 1 June 1658

Churston Ferrers, burial of Scipio a black belonging to John Yarde esq (note Scipio is Latin for staff), 20 6 1750
Churston Ferrers: baptism of John Trewin a blackamore belonging to Capt. George Trewin, 30 11 1752

Colyton, burial of Katheren, a blackmore servant of Sir William Pole, 1 6 1619

Dartmouth, burial of David Shepherd, a Negro mariner, aged about 42, 24 1 1781

Dawlish, burial of a drowned negro man, 25 6 1785.

East Budleigh, baptism of Maria, a black woman servant to Mr Walcot, aged 55, abode Budleigh Salterton, 17 2 1828
East Budleigh, baptism of Nancy, a black servant belonging to James Walcot, aged 24, Kerzeybrook

Exeter (Holy Trinity), burial of Robert Hill, a black servant from the Devon & Exeter Hospital, 8 5 1791
Exeter (St David's), baptism of Anne Hobbs, a black woman, 7 8 1772
Exeter (St David's), baptism of Thomas Walker, a black boy, 4 12 1778
Exeter (St Mary Major), burial of Thomas, the son of a Blackmore, 4 2 1631/2

Littleham (Exmouth), baptism of James Wilson, an adult, the son of natives of Bengal in the East Indies, 1 6 1853
Littleham (Exmouth), baptism of Thomas Chesher/Cheser, aged 35, an African by birth, 12 9 1811
Littleham (Exmouth), marriage of John Mayo of the town of Southampton, county of [?] and Isabell Bell, two Asiatic Blacks
Withycombe Raleigh, baptism of Andrew Hector Harris, a black belonging to John Colleton, aged 37 years, 3 8 1748
Withycombe Raleigh, baptism of Elizabeth Marchant, a black belonging to John Colleton, esquire, aged 27 years, 3 8 1748
Withycombe Raleigh, baptism of Mary Ann, a black woman who came from the island of Christopher, West Indies, aged 60 years
Withycombe Raleigh, baptism of William Surmanid [?], Hicks, aged 29, an African American, 4 10 1805
Withycombe Raleigh, baptism of William, an Indian servant of Sir John Colleton, 26 7 1731
Withycombe Raleigh, burial of William, an Indian servant of Sir John Colleton, 28 5 1735
Withycombe Raleigh, marriage of an African black, Worsley, a bandsman in the Denbigh Militia to Mary Webber of Withycombe Raleigh, 12 3 1801

Fremington 1601 Georg an Ethiopian converted to ye faith of Christ openly at ye font making confession of his faith was baptised ye Eighteenth of Septemberí

Hatherleigh, baptism of Grace, a blackamore, 13 5 1604
Hatherleigh, baptism of Rebecca, base daughter of Grace, a Negro, 10 8 1606

Heavitree, baptism of Ann Peel, a Negro woman, 17 3 1805

Ilfracombe, baptism of Silvia, daughter of a Black woman, 21 8 1785

Instow, marriage of Thomas Lazarus, a Negro of this parish, mariner, and Mary Muxworthy, widow of this parish, spinster, by license, 27 5 1779
Instow, George Seal (alias Selguin), an American Indian or Black aged twenty one was born at St Augusta on the River Savannah in Georgia, landed at Instow, 15 12 1791 and was baptised in the presence of a large congregation, 1 15 1792

Kingskerswell, baptism of John Polidore, a Negro, 6 7 1771

Lympstone, baptism of Joseph Cutting, a black man, 3 1 1808
Lympstone, baptism of James Trim, a black man, 4 8 1811
Lympstone, Richard Smith, a black, ? 1808

Morchard Bishop, baptism of Charles Southcott West, parents deceased, occupation unknown, a Negro of Africa, servant to Mr Harris of Crediton, 13 11 1815

Petrockstow, baptism of Joseph Domingo, Negro servant to M. Long, 4 2 1733

Pilton, baptism of James Nero, a black, 18 3 1743/4

St Andrews, baptism of Helene, daughter of Cristian the negro servant of Richard Sheere, the supposed father being Cuthbert Holman, illeg, 2 5 1593
St Andrews, baptism of Cristien, daughter of Mary, a Negro of John Whitesand the supposed daughter of John Kinge, a Dutchman, illeg., 17 11 1594
St Andrews, baptism of Fortunatus, son a Negro of Thomas Kegwins, the supposed father being a Portugall, 24 12 1594
St Andrews, baptism of Susan, daughter of a Blackmoore, 1 7 1596
St Andrews, baptism of Katheren Pedro, daughter of Don Pedro, a bastard Negro, 4 10 1596
St Andrews, baptism of Gifferdandgorge, an Indian, 22 10 1602
St Andrews, baptism of Richard, son of Mary a neger, base, the reputed father Rog Hoggett, 23 6 1603
St Andrews, burial of Bastien, a blackmore of Mr William Hawkins, 10 12 1583
St Andrews, burial of Anthony John, a neyger, 18 3 1587
St Andrews, burial of Lazia Carbew, a Negro, 11 3 1591
St Andrews, burial of Cristian, daughter of Cristien, Richard Sheer's blackmoore, 14 4 1594
St Andrews, burial of a blackmore at Captain Sparks, 30 11 1601
St Andrews, burial of Mary, a blackmore at Mr Stallenge, 16 12 1601
St Andrews, baptism of Olive Warren, a black woman, 22 years old, 26 12 1735
St Andrews, burial, Bastien a blackmoore of Mr William Hawkins, 10 12 1583
East Stonehouse, baptism of Thomas Scott Mclean, 13 2 1835, an African taken in infancy from the coast of Mozambique believed at the time of his baptism to be 16 years of age, on board HMS African
Charles, baptism of Thomas Kingston, a black boy about 10 years of age, 12 6 1801
Charles, baptism of John Duncan, a black man, about 22 years old, 7 8 1783
Charles, baptism of John Thomas, a black man, 10 8 1783

Roborough, baptism of Bella May, 14 9 1789, a Negro girl

Sidmouth, baptism of Charles [?]Marinnel, son of Negro parents and servant to Mr Thomas Hardy, 17 4 1773
Sidmouth, baptism of Thomas Williams, black servant of James Huish Woolcott, 29 12 1*85

Stoke Damerel, baptism of James Wager, a black boy, 11 years old, 12 12 1762
Stoke Damerel, baptism of George Thompson, a black man about 20 years old, 10 1 1763
Stoke Damerel, baptism of James Tobias, [?] Swikey, a black boy, 25 4 1764
Stoke Damerel, baptism of Charles Phoenix, a black man, aged 35 years, 23 9 1803
Stoke Damerel, baptism of Charles Williams, a black man 26 years old, sone of Charles and Grace Williams, 19 2 1810
Stoke Damerel, baptism of Charles Zeno, a black boy 16 years old, 13 4 1810
Stoke Damerel, baptism of John Williamson, a black boy aged 16 years, 15 11 1809
Stoke Damerel, baptism of Thomas Bathurst of Wampo in the East Indies, ablack man, aged 20 years, 18 10 1802

Stoke Gabriel, baptism of William Wall, a black, 1762

Tiverton (St Peter), baptism of Bretton, a native of Africa now resident in the town of Tiverton, servant, 21 7 1813
Tiverton (St Peter), baptism of Thomas Gallen, aged 18 years, a black boy living with Mrs Hamilton of Bristol, 4 5 1780
Tiverton (St Peter), burial of John, a Negro, 17 4 1743

Topsham, burial of Ann Avery, a black, 11 6 1715
Topsham, burial of Charles Lewis, a Negro servant, 11 1 1786
Topsham, burial of Mary Williams, a Negro woman, 7 1 1809
Topsham, baptism of Mary Wallay, an adult Negro woman, and Fanny Wallay, her daughter, a Negro girl, 18 5 1787
Topsham, burial of Abigail Wallay, a black woman, buried by the parish, 7 8 1783

Torrington, Great, Joe, a Black belonging to Richard Litchfield, esquire was buried in Great Torrington churchyard, 12 8 1790

Totnes, John Peters, a Negro boy, born in Demerary, West Indies, an adult, 2 1798

Wembury, ?baptism of John, a blackmoor and servant to Mr Calmady, 7 6 1713

West Ogwell, baptism of a woman blackamoor of about 20 years of age by the name of Elizabeth, 15 11 1696

Other documents:

1160M/Jamaica 1, conveyance of a foundry, islands and tenements in St Thomas in the East, including Negro slaves, 1787

337Badd3/1/8/1-2, agreement to purchase and conveyance plantation on Nevis Island with papers, and schedule of equipment, stock, list of 74 Negroes by name, 1812-1823

1148Madd/36/424, letter from S. H. Barrow to Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, papers about slave trade, 1830

1148Madd/36/95, letter from Robert H. Inglis to Sir Thomas Dyke Acland regarding slavery, 1807

1148M/8/12, letters about the suppression of the slave trade from various correspondents to Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 1848-50

3704M/05, journal of HMS Pomona on an anti-slavery cruise, n.d.

1148Madd/27/3, pamphlet on slave trade by Revd J. L. Wilson, 1850

337B/1/435 (46/5), sale of sugar plantation in Granada, West Indies, with slaves named as property, n.d.

4508M/F72, inventory of the goods of William Grogen, deceased, in South Carolina, including Polydore, a Negro boy, valued at £500, 1817-1820

1926B/T/F1/2, will of John Hallet, including Negroes on two plantations in Barbados, 1698

3327Aadd/PZ3, book of John Burwell, including ledger entries with details of ships' cargoes including slaves from West Africa, 1689-1700

388M/E1-13, accounts of Maine Swete sugar plantations with lists of Negroes, 1714-1745

2147Badd/M/T67-8, conveyance of a plantation and two Negro slaves on Grenada,1780

3012Z/T5-6, conveyance of plantations with Negroes, slaves and their children, 1780, Jamaica

63/2/11/2/38, letter regarding slave trade petition, 1788

126M/L50, petition of the inhabitants of Ottery St Mary against the slave trade, c.1801

3779B/MF1, conveyance of Grove Place, plantation in St Elizabeth in Jamaica with slaves, etc., 1802

5214M/T52-4, share of plantation, slaves, animals and equipment in St Thomas, Jamaica, with schedule of slaves, 1822-3

152M/C1788/F54-5, letter from G. I. Huntingford to Henry Addington regarding abolition of slaves, 1788

152M/C1789/OC/1-2, minutes of House of Assembly, Jamaica, regarding slave trade, 1789

Harrowby Mss, volume 7, cancellation of meeting in Tiverton about the slave trade with note `the patriots and sons of liberty say much about', 18 2 1788

2147B/M/T68, paper regarding Peter and Samuel Walker and lands in Grenada, two Negro slaves named Gift and Leveille, 1780s

3740M/E9, Conveyance of messuages and lands in Tiverton, 1828, containing reference to marriage settlement re plantation and estate in the parish of Saint Thomas in Pear Tree Grove, Jamaica, together with slaves, utensils and appurtenances, 1818

DQS/bundles, 1751, includes letter `Sir, on inspection of the ship Brittanis Books, I find a man entered by the name of Oliver, who the East India Company has nothing to do with and I apprehend him to be a slave of Captain Somners (who is commander of the above ship and is now abroad in the Indies), deserted from his master. I am your most humble servant, Charles Raymond, Exeter' September 1 1751.

5183M/Z1, journal of Samuel Poole, an Exeter dyer, for 20 3 1795, a black was hung on the new drop for a murder, he was the first that was hung at the new gaol

Calendar of prisoners at Exeter, Lent Assizes, 1803, William Greenwood, a man of colour, committed by Thomas Lane and J. Newcombe, esquires, charged upon oath by Thomas Jago and others, with suspicion of breaking open a pleasure yacht, dated 15 October 1802

Exeter police charge book, 15 9 1880 - 20 10 1883, page 40, Mansfield George, a sailor from Barbados, aged 22, a black man, 5' 3" in height

874D M685, Accounts of Exeter [Quaker] Monthly Meeting, 1691-1766, 13 Apr. 1713 'paid Jos: Spark 2s that he gave to a black that said had been cast away and traveling to London and was a Servant to a Friend there... 0 02 0'.

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