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Devon Document Donor Card

The DEVON DOCUMENT DONOR CARD is the first initiative of its kind in Britain aimed at stopping the loss of our historic written heritage. The intention is to end the needless destruction of valuable documents during house clearances when heirs and executors often do not have sufficient time to read through the great accumulation of papers. Important papers are often unknowingly destroyed and this card aims to pre-empt that process. Copies of the cards are available from the record offices and we hope to have the cards in local libraries shortly.

Devon Document Donor Card image

The cards have now been launched for the three county archives in Plymouth, Barnstaple and Exeter. Electronic copies can be downloaded by clicking on the below links:

The Devon Document Donor Card is intended to save original papers relating to Devon such as diaries, letters, recipe books, manuscript maps, accounts, surveys, school records, deeds and leases. We are also interested in old photographs and unusual or rare printed papers. As a general rule, the record offices are more interested in items before 1960. Staff at the three record offices in Barnstaple, Exeter and Plymouth will be able to advise whether particular material is of interest. Please note that any intended donations of historic Devon objects should made to museums while books and photographs should be offered to the Westcountry Studies Library. Material relating to places outside Devon should be offered to offices in those places.

FODA has already had interest from record offices throughout the country with a view to extending the scheme. For further information please email us.