Oath-takers and tax-payers in Georgian Stokenham

By Paul Luscombe

Appendix A: Stokenham Militia Assessment, 1715

See end of Appendix for notes

DevonshStockingham P'ish
Coldridg,An Establishment of' the Soldiers and Arems both of' foot and Horse with in the Hundred Aforesaid p'ish and Courty, to be of' the standing mallitia Charged by us Deputy Leiutenants of' this County the 29th Day of' Septembe in the second yeare of' his majesties Reaigne Anno Dom'o, 1715

Name in Militia Assessment, 1715Assessment £ and shTook oath 1723 [] or buried 1715-23 [X]Additional information
NichoAdames 06-00 ? also assessed at Slapton (£32-00)
JamesAddams13-00bu 29 Sep 1724
StephenBastard03-10 'of Charleton' in oath rolls & assessed there
Benet'Bastard03-10m Susanna Head 22 Jul 1707
The ocupiers of WillBasterd Esqr [H]46-00  
Will Brown02-10  
Will Brown gt [H]20-10wife, Sarah, took oath
Sol' Burgin03-00 
John Burgin [H]04-00X? bu 16 Jul 1708
Will Burgin.07-00 
Henry Butson gent [H]51-00 relationship to Mary B who took oath unclear
Edward Carrey Esqr [H]50-00Xof Torre Abbey d 15 Jul 1718
Phin' Coker04-00Xbu 1 Dec 1722
Philip Cole01-10m Elizabeth Tucker 30 Mar 170339
Mr John Cole15-10 
Isack Cole08-00 
Philip Cole05-00 
Mote Cole05-00Bartholomew Cole m Maud Langford, 31 Dec 1702 (he was bu 14 Apr 1707)
Mr Richard Colling17-00wife, Joan, took oath ; assessed at Sherford
John Cruse04-00
Joseph Davey40 01-00? scribal error = Joseph Derey in oath rolls
Will Deary01-00 
WillDier Esqr [H]15-00 also assessed to horse in Chivelstone
Will Dimond01-00'Dement' in oath rolls
Mr Edgly08-00 signs oath roll, 1715 'of Totnes'; dissenter
John Edmonds06-10 also assessed at Sherford; and 'of Sherford' when son bp 29 Oct 1704
Dorethy Edwards12-00 Roger Edwards m Dorroty Came 1 Sept 1671
Mr Elmestone15-00 surname not in PR
Richard Essell01-00 not in PR as Essell or Issell
John Ewens02-00bp 5 Mar 1688/9 (John E Snr bu 27 Aug 1715)
ouckepiers of JonathanFord gt.04-00 signs oath roll 'of Sherford' (QS17/2/1/11a)
The ocupiers of JohnFounting Esqr [H]80-00XJohn F bu 7 Apr 1715; 3 dau sign oath rolls
John Fyall06-10 
Mr Christephor Fyall15-00 
Mrs Mary Garland 26-00  
Richard Garland06-00also assessed at South Pool (£26-15)
Widdo Garland10-10X? Elizabeth G bu 19 Feb 1720/1; wid of Wm G
Marks Garland07-00m Mary Pritijohn 7 Dec 1689
Will Garland Winslad04-10  
Sill' Gellard10-00Xbu 10 July 1718
Peter Gould03-00 
Nicho Gould05-00 
Mary Gould02-00 widow of Thomas G bu 12 Nov 1699
Will Gould10-00s of Wm & Elizabeth G bp 20 Jan 1690/1
Michael Head04-00bp 23 Oct 1653; m Elizabeth Hine 24 Apr 1688
Richard Head 19-00 ? bp 28 Oct 1684
Mr Nicholas Head 10-10X? bu 16 Feb 1717/8
Mr Walter Heell gt31-00'the worshipfull Walter Hele' bu 11 Sept 1730
The ocupiers of RogerHele Esqr [H]20-00  
John Helmer06-00 also assessed at Charleton (£16-5) John Helmer 'of Charleton' signs oath roll
John Hine 06-00wife, Elizabeth, took oath
Mr Henry Hingson07-00 surname occurs in PR, but no Henry
Arther Holdsworth Esqr [H]70-00 'of Dartmouth' swears at Kingsbridge, 4 Nov 1723, (QS17/2/4/6a)
Mr Will Horsham08-00 'dissenting minister' at Ford Chapel (see text)
John Hyne of Hala 02-00 ? might take oath as John H 'of Slapton'
Daniel Hynes05-00no PR refs except bu 27 Apr 1730
John Issell03-00 
Mr Walter Jago4109-00 in hearth tax (3h) & Lysons but no PR refs
Will Jeffery04-00Xbu 10 Mar 1720/1
Robt Jeffery01-00XRobert J 'of Loo' bu 20 Apr 1724
Mr Philip Jelerd11-00? s of Peter J of Middlecomb bp 23 Nov 1669
Petter Jellard08-10s of Philep & Elezabeth J bp 8 Aug 1671
Agnes Jellard09-00Xbu 6 Dec 1719
PhillipJellard gt [H]04-00 ? of Sherford where he pays £18-19-0d
Elizabeth Jellerd 01-00Xbu 11 Dec 1717 or 28 Mar 1721
Richard Lake03-00s of Richard Lake bp 7 Apr 1668
John Lambel01-00 m Rebecka ye d of Nich Roper 8 Aug 1700
Mr Will Lange15-00 absentee landowner. m Joana Edwards 8 Apr 1703; 'William Lang of Brixham' swears at Moreleigh 26 Aug 1723 (QS17/2/1/9a)
Nicho Lome08-00? s of Nicholas L (als Roper) bp 15 Dec1659
Michael Lome09-00Xals Roper m Mary Garland 3 June 1701 & m Grace Jellard 9 Oct 1707 ; bu 31 Mar 1720 or 3 Apr 1721
Robt Lovell09-00also assessed at Chivelstone (£3-0)
Widdo Lucham05-00 widow of Andrew L bu 31 July 1713; Amy L m Nicholas Pitts (at Sherford) 17 Sept 1717
John Luckesraft01-00Xbu 4 Apr 1723
Mrs Elizebeth Luscomb 18-00 bu 4 Mar 1724/5; s Jonathon L takes oath
Elizebeth Luscomb 05-00  
Nicho Luscomb09-10
Elizebeth Luscomb04-00Xbu 19 July 1723; s John L takes oath
Will Luscomb05-00 
Will Lyfe09-10 
Widdo Lyfe05-00X? prob Mary L bu 26 Aug 1718
Frethrick Marker vic24-00incumbent; inducted 18 Apr 1674
Roger Mothens09-00 no PR refs
Henry Nelson Esqr [H]110-0 assessed to horse in Chivelstone & Sherford42
Will Paty01-00Xbu 10 July 1719
Seperin Pearse05-00 
John. Perret08-10 
Mary Philips09-00 unclear whose widow: many PR refs
Thom Pope05-00prob s of Mr Thom Pope (below)
Mr Thom Pope35-00Xbu 2 Nov 1720; wid of Grace P bu Oct 1709
Mr Nicho Pretteiohn08-10m Mary Edwards, 1682 & Eliz Wackham, 1687
Mr Nath Prettejohn12-00wife, Joanna, took oath but no record in PR
Mr William Prettejohn 13-00Xbu 16 Feb 1717/8; wife bu Ford Chapel 17 Feb 1689/90
Will Prettejohn jun 09-00s of above bp 15 Nov 1681
Will Prout07-00 no trace of 2nd Wm P; ?duplicate - see text
Mr Will Prout10-00s of Will P & Willmot bp 29 Mar 1692
Mr Nicho Randell13-00Xbu 7 May 1720; 'miller'
Acayaus Randell07-00 
Goyse Rumbelow12-00Gorge Rumbelow m Joyce Ewne 12 Oct 1686; he was bu 14 Aug 1715
Edmond Rynell Esqr [H]09-10 'of Sherford': swears at Exeter 5 Dec 1723, QS17/2/5/1c Absentee landowner.
Mr Daniel Shath18-10also assessed at Chivelstone (£22-10)
Nath Shipherd02-00Xbu 14 Jan 1715/6; wife Margaret bu 16 Mar 1714/5 at Ford
Thom Shipherd07-00s of Nath S (above); bp 28 Nov 1676
John Smith06-00also assessed at Chivelstone (£6-00)
John Steel05-00 
Thom Stone01-00  
Samson Stone02-00 
Will Tabb06-00 
Stephen Terry02-00Xbu 23 Oct 1717
Timo Tolcherd01-00m Agnes More 8 Oct 1696
Henry Tombs05-00 
John Tombs 10-00Xbu 17 Apr 1716
Robt Troute02-00wife, Judeth, takes oath
Widdo Tucker01-00X? bu 13 Feb 1717/8; wid of Joseph T junr
John Udey04-10 bu 3 May 1726; 'husbandman'
Nicho Udey02-00Xbu 3 June 1718,'fisherman'; s takes oath
Will Wallies02-00 
Nicho Watts 02-00 
Tamsing Wearing02-00wid of John W 'weaver' (bu 14 Feb 1699/1700) & mother of Thomazin Cawse in oath rolls
Nicho Weeks06-00 ? also assessed at Slapton (£5-00)
Sam' Weeks14-00Xbu 8 Feb 1717/8
Thom Wills05-00 
Isaac Wills05-00 
Thom Winston01-10 Thomas Winston of West Allington m Susanna Earle relict of Robert Earle, 25 May 1700
Petter Winter10-00m Jone Weeckes 4 Sept 1683
Mr John Yabbucomb28-00 

In all to hors476-00In all seventeen mens Arames
to foot850-00
Sum in all1326-00

Constables with Thare Assistance [=assisistants]
Philip ColeJohn RobeartsJohn EwensJohn Lear
Sam WeekesJohn PerrottJames AdamsEdw Yarde
Will GouldChristopher FyalJohn ColeArt Champernowne

same name recorded in Oath Rollsbpbaptisedhhearths
Xburial recorded in PR, 1715-23buburiedsson of
HHorsemmarriedPRparish register
All baptisms, marriages and burials are at Stokenham unless noted otherwise.

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  1. Or m Elizabeth Pritijohn, 11 Mar 1711/2. [Back]
  2. The name, though clearly 'Davey', has been amended in the mss; it appears in neither the parish register in this period nor the Stokenham hearth tax return. [Back]
  3. At 'Dartmouth', Daniel & Samuel Lysons, Magna Britannia: volume 6: Devonshire (1922), pp. 152-74. [http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=50574, accessed, 6 Mar 2007]. [Back]
  4. He inherited part of the manor, vide 'Stokenham', ibid, pp. 451-68. [http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=50591, accessed, 6 Mar 2007]. [Back]