Oath-takers and tax-payers in Georgian Stokenham

By Paul Luscombe

Appendix B: Stokenham Oath Rolls, 1723

See below for notes

Names in Oath Rolls
(28/29 Aug & 4/5 Nov 1723 except where noted)
(all names are followed by 'of Stokenham')
= also named in Militia Assessment
Form of oath
Marriage in parish register

Baptism(s) (with parents' names) or other event in parish register
William Adams S m 1718 Mary Garland ch bp William & Mary A 1718
James Adams S ch bp James & Jane Adams 1692
James Ball, constable [22 Dec 1715] S m 1725 Jane Pritijohn (below) ch bp 1726; wife bu 1726
William Bargain (Bargin) S m 1697/8 Mary Lye
Benedict Bastard MI m 1701 Susanna Head ch bp Benedict & Susanna B 1708
Susanna Bastard MI m 1701 Benedict Bastard ch bp Benedict & Susanna B 1708
Richard Bentley (Bentleig) S m 1715 (or 1721/2) ch bp 1716 (or 1722); weaver
Rebecca Brown, wife of John Brown S m 1710/1 John Brown
Sarah Brown, wife of William Brown MI no record in PR
William Browne S ? s of Thomas B bp 1670
John Browne S m 1710/1 Rebecka Warden
Solomon Burgan S m 1717 Jane Stone wife bu 1729
William Burgin (Burgoyn) S ch bp William & Anne B 1721
Mary Butson S
Thomazin Cawse, wife of Solomon Cawse MI m 1721/2 Solomon Corse ch bp Solomon & Thomasin C 1722
Elizabeth Coker M m 1692/3 Eliz Luist & Epaphras C wid of Epaphras Cawker bu 1722/3
Philip Cole jun S m 1699,( 1703 or 1711/2) ch bp Philip C Jnr & Eliz
Elizabeth Cole M m 1703 or 1711/2 ch bp
Philip Cole M m 1686? Eliz Gould (or 1699) ch bp Phillep Cole 1687
John Cole M m 1682, 1686/7, 1698 or 1708 ch bp
Isaac Cole M m 1690 Ebut Fyall ch bp Isaac & Ibbut C 1691/2
Maud Cole M m 1702 Bartholomew Cole Batholomew Cole de Besson bu 1707
Edward Cole S ch bp Edward & Joan Cole 1723
Phillip Cole, constable [22 Dec 1715] S m 1699? (1703 or 1711/2) ch bp Philep C seaman & Anne 1701/2
Richard Coles S m 1686 or 1692
Richard Collings M m 1683/4 Grace Garland (?) ch bp Richard Colling 1684/5
Nicholas Collings S Nicholas s of Rich C & Grace bp 1691
ch bp Nicholas & Silfane C 1719/20
Joan Collins, wife of Richard Collins MI bu 1736/7 or 1739/40; prob 2nd wife
John Crewys M m 1700/1 Joane Luscomb ch bp John & Joane C 1703
Solomon Cross[? = Cawse] M not in PR; ? error for Cawse (above)
William Deary S m 1691/2 and/or 1697/8 ch bp 1698/9
William Dement M m 1678 Jone Burgin ch bp Willi Dement 1681/2
Joseph Dere[? = Davey in 1715 list] M m 1688 Mary Wakeham ch bp Joseph & Mary D 1688/9
Judith Edmonds, wife of John Edmonds MI John E 'of Sherford' takes oath; Philip s of John E 'of Sherford' bp 1704
Roger Edwards S m 1722 Joyce Rumbelow unbaptized ch bu 1723/4
Mary Ewen (Owne) M m 1686/7 Mary Yowe and Wm E ch bp Wm Ewne & Mary 1688/9;
Wm E bu 1690; Mary E bu 1728,
John Ewens (Ewen) S s of Wm E &Mary (above) bp 1688/9
Robert Ewens MI ch bp Robert Ewne and Mary 1698 ?
Honour Fountain (Fountaine) S d of Mr John F & Mary bp 1684
Mary Fountain (Fountayn) S d of Mr John F & Mary bp 1679
Martha Fountaine (Fountayn) S d of Mr John F & Mary bp 1687/8
Christopher Fyall of Stokenham S ch bp Christopher & Mary F 1703
John Fyall (Fraill) S m 1716 Mary Jellard ch bp John & Mary Fyall 1718
Mikhole Garland (Garland) M see text
Mark Garland S m 1689 Mary Pritijohn ch bp Marks & Mary Garland 1689/90; dissenter: 3 ch bp by minister, 1694-9
Richard Garland S
Sarah Gilberd, wife of William Gilberd esq S m 1702 Will Gilbert gent of W Allington ch bp Mr Wm G & Sarah 1703
William Gilbert (Gilberd) S m 1702 Mrs Sarah Fountaine ch bp Mr Wm G & Sarah 1703
Philip Gillard (Jellard) S m ? 1703 [blank] Bastard of EAllington
Ambrose Gillard M m 1712 Agnes Thorn ch bp Ambrose & Agnes J 1713
Peter Gillard [signs 28 Aug 1723] S m 1706 Mary Pritijohn ch bp Peter & Mary Jellard 1707
Peter Gillard [signs 5 Nov 1723] S may be a duplicate entry
Thomas Gould M s of Mary G (in militia list) bp 1679/80
Nicholas Gould M ch bp John s of Nicholas Gould 1684
William Gould S s of Wm Gould & Elizabeth bp 1690/1
Peter Gould S m 1687 & 1703 no ch in PR; 'weaver' 1703
William Hamlyn M m 1694/5 Elizabeth Cardett ch bp William & Eliz Hamling 1695
Ursula Head M putative d of Nicholas & Sulsella H both bu Ford, 1709 & 1712; ? dissenter
Elizabeth Head MI m 1688 Michael Head wife of next, bp 1648/9
Michael Head M m 1688 Elizabeth Hine
Dorothy Head M d of Abraham & Dorothy H bp 1694
George Head S s of Abraham & Dorothy H bp 1692
Elizabeth Hele MI
Walter Hele, esq (Coleridge) S ch bp Walter H gent & Philippa 1702
John Hext S m 1682/3 Mary Winter & m171l Agnes Coker ch bp John & Mary H 1686/7; & Agnes H 1711
Elizabeth Hine, wife of John Hine MI ch bp John & Elizabeth Hine 1693
John How MI ch bp John H & Joane 1719
Bartholomew Hyne M m 1705 Joane Sumpter
Daniel Hyne M bu 1730; no other refs in PR
John Hyne M ch bp John & Elizabeth Hine 1693
John Issell S ch bp John & Sarah Issell 1715
George Jeffery M ch bp George & Mary Jiffery 1711
William Jellard S m 1716 or 1718 ch bp Wm & Lucie or Winifred J
Nicholas Jellard (Jillard) S ch bp Nicholas J & Mary 1696
Andrew Jillard M s of John J bp 1684
Nathan King M no refs to Nathan King in PR
Peter King M m 1700 Deborah Gi - - - ch bp Peter & Deborah King 1702 43
Richard Lake M m 1667 Elezabeth Udey ch bp Richard L 1668
Andrew Lambell (Lambel) S ch bp Andrew & Margaret L 1714
Thomasin Langworthy N bu 11 May 1729
Nicholas Liscombe N duplicate entry
Nicholas Lome M ch bp 1670; Nicholas Ropper oth Lome
Grace Lome M m 1707 Grace Jellard & Michael Roper als Lome ch bp 1708 Michael R & Grace; widow of Michael L (in militia list)
Robert Lover[? = Lovell] M bu 1734/5; no other refs
William Luscombe M m ? 1684 Elizabeth Galley
Jonathan Luscombe S m 1713 Elizabeth Jeffery ch bp Jonathon & Eliz Luscomb 1714
William Lyfe M m ? 1682 Margret Burgin ch bp 1683
John Lyscombe (Luscombe) S m 1719 Alice Hine ch bp John & Alice Luscomb 1719
Nicholas Lyscombe (Luscombe) S m 1711 Elizabeth Cosen ch bp Nicholas & Eliz Luscombe 1717
Jonathan Lyscombe N duplicate entry
Edmund Lyscombe N
Frederick Macker, vicar [10 Jan 1715] S duplicate entry
Frederick Marker, vicar [29 Oct 1714] S ch bp 1680 & m of daughters
Nicholas Michemore M m 1707 Susanna Laverse ch bp Nicholas M & Susanna 1711
Nathaniel More MI m Elezabeth Glanfell 1675/6 ch bp Nath More 1683
Norton Nelson, esq S ? bu 1761
Alice Nicholas M ? Alice Nichols bu 1742; no other refs
Thomas Paige S m 1721/2 Jane Shephard ch bp Thomas & Jane Page 1722
Jacob Palmer S m 1702 Judeth Shar - - - ch bp Joseph P & Mary; Chysurgeon
John Perrott M m 1681/2 Wilmet Head ch bp John & Willmett P 1691
John Phillips S m ? 1687 &/or 1697 large & complex set of families
Cyprian Pierce (Pearse) S m 1715 Richord Lyfe s of Samuell P bp 1687
Gregory Pike MI
Thomas Pope M m ? 1695 Elizabeth Susley 44 ch bp Thomas Pope & Susley 1708
William Pope M m 1705/6 Deborah Bevill ch bp William & Deborah Pope 1706 45
Thomas Pope S m 1704/5 Elizabeth Knight ch bp Thomas P jnr de Besson & Elizabeth 1705
Nicholas Pope S m 1711 Mary Luist ch bp Nicholas & Mary Pope 1712
Joanna Prettijohn, wife of Nathaniel Prettijohn MI no record in PR, but two other Prettijohns bu 1689/90 at Ford
Nicholas Pretty John (Prettejohn) S m 1682 Mary Edwards & m1687 Eliz Wackham ch bp Nich & Elizabeth 1688
Nathaniel Pretty John (Prettejohn) S ? bp 1660; husbandman 1706; bu 1727
Jane Prettyjohn (Prettijohn) MI m 1725 James Ball (above) ch bp 1726; bu 1726
Nicholas Prettyjohn jun S s of Nich & Eliz P (above) bp 1689/90
Lucy Prettyjohn MI ch bp Wm P'john Jun & Lucy 1716/7
Nathaniel Prettyjohn M ? s of Nich & Eliza P (above) bp 1694
Sibella Prettyjohn M m 1690 John Pritijohn & Sybilla Jefferie ch b John P & [blank] 1697; dissenter
Peter Prinn S ch bp Peter & Honor Prinn 1715
William Pritejohn (Prettyjohn) M m 1691 Mary Tombe
Nicholas Prittejohn (Prettejohn) S ? s of John P bp 1663
William Prowte (Proute) S m 1715/6 Elizabeth Pope ch bp William & Elizabeth P 1716/7
Nicholas Randal (Randall) [28 Aug 1723] S duplicate: signs Dec 1715 & Aug 1723
Jane Randall MI wife of Achaicus (below)
Nicholas Randell (Randall) constable [1715] S m 1714 Mary Winter ch bp Nicholas & Mary Randall 1718
Achiacus Randle S ch bp Achaicus & Jane Randall 1709
Joseph Rawlinson, excise officer [1715] S signs in 1715; no trace in PR
John Roberts (Robert) M m 1682 Mary Pereton ch bp John Roberts 1685
Joyce Rumbelo MI m 1686 Gorge Rombelow ch bp Gorge Rombelow 1687
George Rumbelow S s of Gorge & Joyce R bp 1687
Daniel Shath ?M ch bp Daniell & Peternell Shath 1700/1
Thomas Sheppard (Shepherd) S m 1698/9 Hannah Jeffery ch b Thomas Shepherd 'worstead-comber or clothier' 1699; dissenter 46
Nathaniel Sheppard (Shepperd) S ch bp Nath & Joane S 1710; brother (bp 1679/80) of above (bp 1676)
John Smith M ch bp John Smith or Smay & Mary 1721
Michael Steel M ch bp Michael Sim & Elizabeth 1701 47
John Steel M m 1682 Darcus Garland & 1693 Alice Burgaine widow ch bp John Seam 1682/3; 'Steelle oth Sime' in 1687; dissenters
Robert Stone MI m 1678 or 1697 many entries, incl alias 'Comb'
Roger Stone S no record in PR of Roger S after 1648
Sampson Stone S m 1707 Elizabeth Garland and m1711/2 Joane Roper ch bp Sampson Stone & Eliz 1708
ch bp Sampson Stone & Joane 1711/2
Francis Strath[recte Francis Shath] S s of Daniel & Petronell S bp 1700/1
William Tabbe S m 1692 Jane Issel ch bp Will T & Jane 1695; dissenters
Richard Tallyn [at Chittlehampton] S no record of this surname in PR
John Tippet (Tippett) M m 1695 Honor Lake ch bp John & Honor Teppett 1696/7;
wife bu 1696/7
Agnes Tolchard MI m 1696 Timothy Tolcher ch bp Timothy & Agnes Tolcher 1699
Timothy Tolchard M m 1696 Agnes More husband of above
Henry Toms M ch bp Henery Tom and Sarah 1705, 'house carpenter'
James Torring of the same S ch bp James Torring & Sarah 1719
William Trout [Entered by clerk] N m 1680 Katterren Horkings ch bp Willi Trute 1681/2
Michael Trout M m ? 1674 & 1680 ch bp Michaell Trute 1675 & 1680/1
Robert Trout S ch bp Robert T blacksmith & Judeth
Judith Trowt, wife of Robert Trowt MI ch bp Robert & Judeth Troute 1706
George Udy (Woody) S m 1727/8 Joan Trute ch bp 1729/30; s of Nich Udy bp 1702
Hugh Wakeham (Wakham) S
Petronel Wakeham M ch b 1696 Wm Wakeham taylor & Petronel; dissenter
William Wallis (Walles) S m 1701 Wm W taylor & Pricilla Coker ch bp Wm & Priscilla Wallace 1701
William Wallis N duplicate entry
Thomas Edgley Walsh (Welsh)48 S ref to bu 17 Nov 1712 'at Ford p[er] walsh' - i.e. the dissenting minister
Thomazin Warrin, widow MI ch bp John & Thomasine Warren 1691 John Warren weaver bu 1699-00
Nicholas Wats (Watts) M
John Watts M ch bp John Watts & Ursula 1707/8
Philip Watts M m 1685/6 Jone Lust and
m 1689 Eliz Winter
ch bu 1686; Jone Watts bu 1688/9
ch bp Philip Wats & Eliz 1689/90
Thomas Welsh (Walsh) S duplicate entry (see above)
Isaac Will, constable [22 Dec 1715] M m 1706 Elizabeth Came ch bp Isaac Wills & Elizabeth 1708
Thomas Wills MI m 1700 Grace Pope ch bp Thos W husbandman & Grace 1700/1
Peter Winter jun S ch bp Peter Winter jun & Jane 1719/20
Jane Winter MI wife of above
Peter Winter M m 1690/1 Elazab Head ch bp Peter Winter & Elizabeth 1692
Peter Winter S m 1683 Jone Weecks ch bp Peter Winter 1684; husb of next
Joan Winter, wife of Peter Winter sen MI m 1683 Peter W & Jone Weeks dau Mary W m Nicholas Randall 1714
John Yabbacombe MI m 1685 Hester Ellet ch bp John Y 1687; s b 1696 & bp 'by Mr Horsam'; wife bu 1710/1. Dissenter
Grace Yebbacomb MI no record in PR; ?? dissenter


names in both Oath Rolls and Militia Assessment ch child(ren) N not marked or signed
d daughter of PR parish register
bp baptised m married S signs
bu buried MI marked with initial s son of
b born M makes mark [ ] editorial additions

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  1. The PR has the following entries: (a) 19 May 1700 'Peter King husbandman & Deborah Gist were marryed', (b) 13 Oct 1702 'Peter ye son of Peter King & Deborah... was baptized'. The corresponding entry in the separate register of births has on 21 Sept 1702 'The son of Peter King day labourer was borne' (and again in June 1705). [Back]
  2. When Elizabeth's first child was bp (13 Apr 1696), the PR entry records her christian name as Susly, but as elizabeth when the next child was bp (27 Mar 1698). See text. [Back]
  3. In the birth register, Grace Pope is recorded (20 Apr 1706) as the 'daughter of will Pope day labourer & Deborah his wife', while the entry for their marriage (5 Feb 1705/6) described him as 'son of Thom Pope de Besson [=Beesands] husbandman' - a few steps down the ladder. [Back]
  4. Records of 3 children born (1699, 1701 and 1704), but no corresponding records of their baptisms. His mother, Margaret, b u 16 Mar 1714/5 at Ford. [Back]
  5. The register of births records on 12 Mar 1700/01 the d of 'Mich Steel day-laborer was borne', and on 26 Oct 1704 the s of 'Michael Sim husbandman was borne'. His wife is probably the Elizabeth Steel b u 27 1716 at Ford; there is no record of his burial. [Back]
  6. Takes abjur. oath at Moreleigh, 29 Oct 1714; Thomas W (Walsh) of Stokenham signs at Exeter, 10 Jan 1715; and Thomas W (?Wash) of Chivelstone signs at Kingsbridge, 29 August 1723. [Back]