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Past events

2021 Autumn Meeting and AGM

This took place on Thursday 4 November 2021, at the Devon Rural Archive, Shilston House, Modbury. The papers for this meeting are linked below:

Minutes of the 2021 AGM
Minutes of the 2020 AGM
Chair's report for the year
Covid-19 policy for 2021 AGM
Agenda for 2021 AGM
Accounts 2019-20
Membership Secretary's report
Nomination form for officers
Programme for the day

2021 Lecture. Dr Ian Mortimer: talk on chief rentals of boroughs

Devon Rural Archive, Shilstone House, South Devon, Thursday 2nd September 2021

This talk, arranged in conjunction with the Devon Rural Archives and the Devon History Society, was an introduction to borough chief rents using the Moretonhampstead examples. Although these sources are enormously rich in hidden layers of detail, they are very difficult to use, so this talk also looked at the problems they pose and suggested some ways on how we might overcome them.

2020 Autumn Meeting and AGM

This took place as a virtual event on the afternoon of Tuesday 24 November 2020. It was followed by a colloquium on the Norden Survey transcription project, led by Dr David Stone. Papers distributed were as below:

Minutes of 2020 AGM
Agenda for 2020 AGM
Chairman's report
Nomination form for officers
The accounts for the year 2019-20 were shown at the meeting.

2019 Autumn Meeting and AGM

This took place on the morning of Saturday 21st September in St Nicholas's Priory, Exeter, Exeter's oldest building. Papers distributed were as below:

Minutes of the 2019 AGM
Agenda for 2019 AGM
Chairman's report
Accounts 2018-19
Nomination form for officers
Conference programme following

2019 March seminar

Dr Frances Billinge (Secretary of FoDA), Dr David Stone (University of Exeter) and Penny Martin (Latin tutor) arranged a seminar held on Saturday 2 March 2019 at Berkeley House, Exeter. The title was 'Investigating medieval and early modern Devon: manorial records and the c.1613 Norden survey of Devon Crown Lands'. This was in conjunction with the Devon Archaeological Soociety. For further information, see the poster for this event.

2018 Autumn Meeting and AGM

This took place at Polsloe Priory, Exeter, on 29 September. The speakers were our president John Allan FSA ('An introduction to Polsloe Priory') and Professor James Clark ('The Dissolution of the Monasteries in the West Country'). Papers as below:

Minutes of the 2018 AGM

Agenda for 2018 AGM
Chairman's report
Membership secretary's report
Nomination form for officers
Minutes of the 2017 AGM
Income and expenditure 2017-18

2018 Spring Meeting

This took place at Torquay Museum, 529 Babbacombe Rd, Torquay TQ1 1HG, on Saturday 28 April 2018. The speakers included:

2017 AGM & Autumn Conference

The 2017 Friends of Devon’s Archives Autumn meeting took place in Barnstaple, on Saturday 30th September. It began with coffee at the North Devon Record Office at 10:30 am, and after the AGM, it involved two tours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning one was an introduction to the new layout of the North Devon Record Office and its resources, including a view behind the scenes and an introduction to the North Devon Athenaeum in the same building. After lunch, attendees were treated to a tour of Barnstaple and some of its most historic buildings by Devon’s leading archaeologist and historic buildings expert, John Allan, FSA.

The papers for the AGM are available below:

2017 Spring Meeting

This took place on Monday 3 April 2017 at the Devon Heritage Centre, Exeter (13:00-17:00). Speakers included:

2016 AGM & Autumn Conference

This took place on Saturday 15 October 2016 at the Athenaeum in Plymouth

The following relevant papers are available here:

  • AGM agenda and conference programme
  • Minutes of 2015 AGM
  • Proposed changes to constitution
  • Chairman's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Membership Secretary's Report
  • Nominations for officers

    The speakers at the conference that followed were Louisa Blight on developments at Plymouth & West Devon Record Office; Professor Mark Stoyle (University of Southampton) on the Prayerbook Rebellion; Dr James Gregory (University of Plymouth) on spiritualism in Victorian Devon; and Dr Ian Mortimer (chairman of FoDA) on Mortimer's Cleaning and Dyers, Cobourg Street, Plymouth, 1773-1932.

    2016 Spring Conference

    This took place on Saturday 16 April 2016 in Barnstaple Guildhall. The speakers were Dr Todd Gray ('Elizabethan North Devon: Taxation and Revolt'); Peter Christie ('The church, sex and slander in Elizabethan North Devon'); Dr Janet Tall ('The wartime diaries of Lewis Burfitt'); Mary Siraut ('The social history of Exmoor since the eighteenth century'); and John Bradbeer ('Cod and pottery: the real basis of North Devon's eighteenth century prosperity').

    2015 AGM & Conference

    Monday 19th October 2015 at the Guildhall, High Street, Exeter

    The following AGM papers are available here:

  • Minutes
  • Chairman's address
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Update on Plymouth Heritage Centre
  • The speakers at the conference that followed were: Robin Ravilious on the photographs of her late husband, James Ravilious; Scott Pettit on manorial records; Ellie Jones on medical manuscripts in the Cathedral Archives; and Ian Mortimer on how to reconstruct the medieval history of a settlement when manorial records do not survive.

    2014 AGM & Conference

    Monday 20th October 2014 at the Devon History Centre

    The theme of this years conference was Crime and Punishment. Speaking this year were Angela Sutton-Vane (Curator at the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Heritage & Learning Resource (the police museum at Okehampton) and PhD student at the Open Universityɮternational Centre for the History of Crime, Policing and Justice), Dr John Booker (Formerly Deputy County Archivist at Essex Record Office and Chief Archivist at Lloyds Bank and currently volunteer cataloguer and palaeography tutor at the Devon Heritage Centre), David Hawkings (Researcher and author of several genealogical publications, including Criminal Ancestors and Bound for Australia) and Professor Kim Stevenson (Professor of SocioLegal History at the University of Plymouth and Co-director of the SOLON network of universities (Interdisciplinary Studies in Law, Crime and History).

    Subjects ranged The Case of the Missing Crime Files and the Future of Policing History, through The Right to Remain Silent Project: Cataloguing Devonѵarter Sessions records, Bound for Australia: A Westcountry Case Study to Newspaper Crime Reporting in the 19th and Early 20th Century

    Plymouth Spring History Day: "Plymouth in the First World War"

    Saturday 29 March 2014 at the Sherwell Centre.

    This interesting event was held on at the Sherwell Centre, Plymouth University, North Hill.  Speakers were Todd Gray on Plymouth War Memorials, Commander Crighton on the RN & Dockyard, Anne Corry on Votes for Women & the Great War and Richard Batten on Voluntary Recruitment to the Army.  There were also updates on the Plymouth Roll of Honour Project and the Plymouth History Centre

    Meeting on the proposed Joint Heritage Trust for Devon and Somerset

    Planning for a joint Heritage Trust between Devon Heritage Services (comprising the Devon Heritage Centre in Exeter and North Devon Record Office in Barnstaple) and the equivalent service in in Somerset is currently underway. A consultation process will be taking place in January and February, as well as an awareness event at the Devon Heritage Centre on 20th January (11am to 1pm, all are welcome to attend). Please see here below for more information, or contact the Devon Heritage Centre, Great Moor House, Bittern Road, Exeter, EX2 7NL.

    2013 AGM & Conference "What's New in the Archives?"

    Saturday 19 October 2013 at the Devon Heritage Centre.

    This year࣯nference was held at the Devon Heritage Centre, focusing on recent additions to the Centre࣯llections, and new ways in which the archives are being made accessible. Heritage Centre staff gave talks on new acquisitions at the North Devon Record Office, developments to the online catalogue (and discoveries among the archives resulting from this work), insight into how new deposits are processed and a look at the Merivale collection, a fascinating piece of social history recently purchased with help from the Friends.