Supplementary Index of Surnames (pre-1723). Names starting with O.

Oldreeve, David QS17/1/13A/13b
Oliver, Robert QS17/1/14/1
Olner, John QS17/1/14/1
Orbell, John QS17/1/15/6
Orchard, Charles QS17/1/17/8h
Orchard, George QS17/1/14/2b
Orchard, Thomas QS17/1/14/2b
Orchard, William QS17/1/13/3b
Orchard, William QS17/1/13A/1a
Orchard, William QS17/1/17/7b
Orchard?, James QS17/1/13A/6a
Osborn, Peter QS17/1/13A/11
Osborne, Peter QS17/1/13/7b
Osborne, R QS17/1/14/1
Osburn, Thomas QS17/1/13A/4a
Osmond, James QS17/1/15/4a
Overton, Henry QS17/1/13A/10b
Oxenbeare, Richard QS17/1/17/8c
Oxenbeer, Richard QS17/1/13/3b
Oxenbeer, Richard QS17/1/13A/1a
Oxenham, Nicholas QS17/1/14/1
Oxenham, William QS17/1/13/9c
Oxenham, William QS17/1/13A/1a
Oxenham, William QS17/1/14/1
Ozenes, James QS17/1/14/1