Index of Surnames. Names starting with U.

Udall, Mary Exeter 2
Ugler, John QS17/2/5/2a
Underdowne, Mary QS17/2/3/2b
Underhay, Anne QS17/2/1/3b
Underhay, Benedict QS17/2/1/3b
Underhay, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/9b
Underhay, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1a
Underhay, Gawin QS17/2/1/4 (2)
Underhay, Jane QS17/2/5/4c
Underhay, John QS17/2/1/3b
Underhay, Lydia QS17/2/5/4c
Underhay, Nicholas QS17/2/4/6c
Underhay, Richard QS17/2/3/8a
Underhay, Richard QS17/2/4/1
Underhay, Robert QS17/2/1/3b
Underhay, Thomas QS17/2/3/8b
Underhay, William QS17/2/1/2
Underhill, Andrew QS17/2/2/14c
Underhill, Christopher QS17/2/5/2b
Underhill, Edward QS17/2/1/4
Underhill, George QS17/2/3/7e
Underhill, Hannah QS17/2/5/1a
Underhill, Henry QS17/2/1/1
Underhill, Henry QS17/2/3/11b
Underhill, Joan QS17/2/1/2
Underhill, Joan QS17/2/3/12b
Underhill, John QS17/2/4/8b
Underhill, Nicholas QS17/2/2/14c
Underhill, Peter QS17/2/3/11a
Underhill, Richard QS17/2/3/8a
Underhill, William QS17/2/2/5b
Upcott, John QS17/2/3/8a
Upcott, John QS17/2/5/3b
Upcott, Mary QS17/2/5/3b
Upcott, Philip QS17/2/2/11b
Upcott, Philip QS17/2/3/8a
Upcott, William Exeter 1
Upcott, William QS17/2/2/13
Upham, Ann QS17/2/5/2b
Upham, Edward Exeter 2
Upham, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/3a
Upham, Henry QS17/2/2/13
Upham, James QS17/2/3/7a
Upham, James QS17/2/5/2b
Upham, John QS17/2/3/3b
Upham, Mary QS17/2/5/3b
Upham, Nathaniel QS17/2/3/13e
Upham, Richard QS17/2/3/4
Upham, Susanna QS17/2/4/8c
Upham, Thomas QS17/2/2/18
Uphill, Anthony QS17/2/2/1e
Upright?, Nathaniel NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Upton, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/2b
Upton, Margaret QS17/2/4/1
Upton, Roger QS17/2/4/3b
Upton, Stephen QS17/2/5/5a
Upton, Thomas QS17/2/4/3b
Upton, William QS17/2/3/8a
Upton, Wilmot QS17/2/5/5a
Upward, Elizabeth Exeter 1
Urine, William QS17/2/1/11a
Utton, William QS17/2/2/13