Supplementary Index of Surnames. Names starting with A.

Abraham, William QS17/1/14/1
Ackland, James QS17/1/13/5a
Ackman, James QS17/1/16/4b
Acland, John QS17/1/13/7b
Acland, John QS17/1/13A/11
Acland, Sir Hugh QS17/1/17/6a
Acland, Thomas QS17/1/13A/14
Acland, Thomas QS17/1/15/1f
Adams, John QS17/1/13A/4c
Adams, John QS17/1/13A/4c
Adams, John QS17/1/17/7b
Adams, Nicholas QS17/1/13A/12
Adams, Peter QS17/1/14/1
Adams, Richard QS17/1/13A/14
Adams, Richard QS17/1/13A/4c
Adams, Robert QS17/1/13A/11
Adams, Samuel QS17/1/13A/10c
Adams, Stephen QS17/1/16/6f
Adams, William QS17/1/13/7b
Adams, William QS17/1/13A/10c
Adams, William QS17/1/15/4a
Addams, Samuel QS17/1/13/9a
Addis, Samuel QS17/1/17/1i
Agland, Edward QS17/1/16/2b
Aires, Terrell QS17/1/13A/4a
Akarman, Richard QS17/1/15/1b
Alchorne, John QS17/1/13/4c
Alchorne, John QS17/1/13A/7d
Alden, Thomas QS17/1/13/4a
Aldwyn, John QS17/1/17/10b
Alford, Henry QS17/1/13A/2f
Allen, George QS17/1/15/4a
Allin, Peter QS17/1/14/1
Allyn, George QS17/1/14/1
Allyn, John QS17/1/14/1
Amery, George QS17/1/13A/8b
Amy, Thomas QS17/1/13/5a
Amyatt, John QS17/1/15/1h
Amyatt, John QS17/1/16/2d
Amyatt, John QS17/1/17/10b
Amyatt, John QS17/1/17/10g
Amyatt, John QS17/1/17/8g
Andrew, John QS17/1/13A/3
Andrew, Vincent QS17/1/13A/11
Andrews, Elias QS17/1/13A/11
Andrews, James QS17/1/14/1
Andrews, John QS17/1/13A/13b
Andrews, John QS17/1/14/1
Andrews, Richard QS17/1/13A/13b
Andrews, Robert QS17/1/13A/4c
Andrews, William QS17/1/13/2
Andrews, William QS17/1/15/6
Ansty, William QS17/1/15/4a
Anthony, Richard QS17/1/13A/13b
Aply, Roger QS17/1/15/2
Arbury, William QS17/1/13A/12
Arbuthnott, Robert QS17/1/13/3b
Archer, Samuel QS17/1/13/4c
Ardin, Nicholas QS17/1/15/6
Ardrin, Nicholas QS17/1/13/2
Arscot, Arthur QS17/1/15/5c
Arscot, Arthur QS17/1/16/4b
Arscot, Edmund QS17/1/16/4b
Arscott, Arthur QS17/1/13/1e
Arscott, Arthur QS17/1/13/3c
Arscott, Arthur QS17/1/13/8
Arscott, Arthur QS17/1/13A/10a
Arscott, Edmund QS17/1/13/1e
Arscott, Edmund QS17/1/13A/10a
Arscott, John QS17/1/13A/8c
Arscott, Moses QS17/1/13/3b
Arscott, Moses QS17/1/13A/1a
Arthur, James QS17/1/13A/11
Arthur, William QS17/1/13/2
Arthur, William QS17/1/16/6f
Ash, Francis QS17/1/15/4c
Ash, William QS17/1/15/4b
Ashe, Joseph QS17/1/13/1e
Ashford, Balt? QS17/1/15/2
Ashford, John QS17/1/13/5b
Ashford, John QS17/1/15/4b
Asterley, John QS17/1/15/5e
Asterly, John QS17/1/16/4a
Astin?, John QS17/1/14/1
Atkin, Thomas QS17/1/16/4b
Atkin, William QS17/1/13A/9a
Atkins, Robert QS17/1/15/5f
Atkins, Robert QS17/1/16/4a
Atkins, William QS17/1/16/2a
Atkinson, Matthew QS17/1/13/3b
Atkinson, Matthew QS17/1/13A/1b
Atwell, Tristra: QS17/1/13A/3
Atwill, Matthew QS17/1/13/9a
Atwill, Matthew QS17/1/13A/14
Austin, Robert QS17/1/17/9b
Austin, Samuel QS17/1/14/1
Austin, William QS17/1/14/1
Avent, Henry QS17/1/13A/10c
Avent, John QS17/1/13A/10c
Avent, Nicholas QS17/1/13A/10c
Avent, Robert QS17/1/13A/13b
Avery, Edward QS17/1/14/1
Avery, Samuel QS17/1/13A/4c
Avery, William QS17/1/13A/2f
Avery, William QS17/1/14/1
Awton, Richard QS17/1/15/4a
Axford, John QS17/1/14/1