Supplementary Index of Surnames. Names starting with L.

Lade, Vincent QS17/1/13A/1a
Lake, Giles QS17/1/13A/4d
Lake, James QS17/1/13A/9e
Lake, James jun QS17/1/13/4a
Lake, James jun QS17/1/13A/14
Lake, James sen QS17/1/13/4a
Lake, S QS17/1/14/1
Lambel, Peter QS17/1/13A/14
Lampen, Thomas QS17/1/16/2b
Lancester, John QS17/1/15/6
Land, Thomas QS17/1/13A/10c
Lane, John QS17/1/13A/6a
Lane, William QS17/1/15/4a
Lang, Henry QS17/1/14/1
Lang, John QS17/1/13A/11
Lang, John QS17/1/13A/11
Langbridge, Samuel QS17/1/13A/8c
Langbridge, Scutt QS17/1/16/6f
Langdon, Gilbert QS17/1/13/5a
Langdon, Gilbert QS17/1/15/4c
Langdon, Peter QS17/1/13A/14
Langdon, Peter QS17/1/15/1b
Langdon, Richard QS17/1/13A/14
Langdon, Richard QS17/1/15/1b
Langdon, Thomas QS17/1/14/1
Lange, John QS17/1/13A/13b
Langford, Henry QS17/1/13A/1a
Langford, Henry QS17/1/16/4a
Langford, John QS17/1/13A/2b
Langford, Samuel QS17/1/13/8
Langford, Sir Henry QS17/1/15/5f
Langford, Sir Henry QS17/1/16/4b
Langford, Walter QS17/1/15/1d
Langford, William QS17/1/13/5b
Langford, William QS17/1/13/5b
Langford, William QS17/1/15/4b
Langford, William QS17/1/16/2d
Langly, Nathaniel QS17/1/15/2
Langmead, John QS17/1/14/1
Langmead, William QS17/1/13A/8c
Langon, William QS17/1/13A/7a
Langton, William QS17/1/13A/13b
Langworthy, Francis QS17/1/13/7b
Langworthy, Francis QS17/1/13A/10c
Langworthy, Joseph QS17/1/15/4c
Lanyon, William QS17/1/13/7b
Lapthorn, William QS17/1/15/6
Lapthorne, Henry QS17/1/17/2c
Lapthorne, William QS17/1/13/2
Lasbury, William QS17/1/13A/1a
Lashbrook, Edward QS17/1/13A/4a
Laskey, Edward QS17/1/13A/4c
Laskey, William QS17/1/13A/12
Lathbury, John QS17/1/13/3b
Lathbury, John QS17/1/13A/1a
Launder, Walter QS17/1/14/1
Lavers, Edward QS17/1/13A/13b
Lavers, Henry QS17/1/15/6
Lavers, Roger QS17/1/13A/4c
Lavers, William QS17/1/13A/4c
Lavey, John QS17/1/13A/5c
Lavington, Thomas QS17/1/16/2d
Lawe, Robert QS17/1/13/6a
Lawe, Robert QS17/1/14/2a
Layton, Henry QS17/1/14/1
Leach, John QS17/1/13A/1b
Leach, Joseph QS17/1/14/1
Lear, John QS17/1/13A/11
Lear, John QS17/1/13A/1a
Lear, Sir John QS17/1/13/3b
Lee, Francis Henry QS17/1/17/2d
Lee, George QS17/1/14/1
Lee, John QS17/1/13/1e
Lee, John QS17/1/13/4c
Lee, John QS17/1/15/2
Lee, Matthew QS17/1/17/6g
Lee, William QS17/1/15/4b
Leeves, John QS17/1/15/4c
Legassick, Henry QS17/1/13A/4c
Legassick, James QS17/1/13A/4c
Legassick, John QS17/1/13/7b
Legassick, Pascho QS17/1/13A/4c
Leightfoot, Samuel QS17/1/13A/11
Lelyett, William QS17/1/14/1
Lenyne, William QS17/1/13A/2c
Lesson, Thomas QS17/1/14/1
Lethbridge, Thomas QS17/1/13A/8b
Lethgold, Thomas QS17/1/15/1h
Lewellyn, Evan QS17/1/13A/1a
Lewelyn, Evan QS17/1/13/5a
Lewes, Henry QS17/1/13A/1a
Lewes, Hugh QS17/1/13/3a
Lewes, John QS17/1/15/4a
Lewes, Thomas QS17/1/13/3b
Lewes, Thomas QS17/1/13A/6b
Lewes, Thomas QS17/1/17/1l
Lewis, Andrew QS17/1/15/1e
Lewis, Henry QS17/1/13/9b
Lewis, John QS17/1/15/5e
Lewis, Samuel QS17/1/13A/2c
Ley, Edmund QS17/1/13A/13b
Ley, Henry QS17/1/13A/5c
Ley, John QS17/1/13A/2c
Ley, John QS17/1/17/8c
Ley, Samuel QS17/1/13/2
Ley, Samuel QS17/1/13A/4c
Ley, Thomas QS17/1/13/6a
Ley, Thomas QS17/1/13/9a
Ley, Thomas QS17/1/13A/12
Ley, Thomas QS17/1/13A/14
Ley, Thomas QS17/1/14/2a
Ley, Thomas jun QS17/1/13/9b
Ley, William QS17/1/13A/2e
Ley, William QS17/1/13A/6a
Leyman, Thomas QS17/1/13A/12
Liddon, Robert QS17/1/15/4b
Liddon, William QS17/1/15/4b
Lidgould, Thomas QS17/1/13/9a
Lightfoot, Alexander QS17/1/13A/14
Limbory, William QS17/1/14/2b
Limebear, Thomas QS17/1/13A/8b
Lindsey, Thomas QS17/1/13A/9d
Linzee, Thomas QS17/1/14/1
Linzee, Thomas QS17/1/15/6
Linzey, Thomas QS17/1/13/2
Liscombe, Thomas QS17/1/13A/7d
Lissant, George QS17/1/13/8
Lissant, George QS17/1/14/2a
Litteltar, Samuel QS17/1/13A/2c
Little, Mark QS17/1/13/5b
Little, Mark QS17/1/13A/1a
Little, William QS17/1/14/1
Littletar, John QS17/1/13A/2c
Littleton, Thomas QS17/1/13A/2b
Lloyd, James QS17/1/13A/11
Loase, William QS17/1/14/1
Lobb, Bennatt QS17/1/14/1
Lobb, George QS17/1/14/1
Lobb, Robert QS17/1/14/1
Lobb, Stephen QS17/1/16/5b
Lock, Christopher QS17/1/13A/10c
Lock, P QS17/1/15/6
Lock, Parson QS17/1/14/1
Lockier, Nicholas QS17/1/13/5b
Locks, William QS17/1/14/1
Lockyer, Edmund QS17/1/15/4c
Lockyer, Nicholas QS17/1/15/3b
Logg, John QS17/1/13/4a
Long, Charles QS17/1/13/2
Long, David QS17/1/13/4a
Long, James QS17/1/17/1h
Long, John QS17/1/13A/3
Long, Joseph QS17/1/13A/13b
Long, Richard QS17/1/13/5a
Long, Richard QS17/1/13A/14
Long, William QS17/1/13/4b
Long, William QS17/1/13A/1a
Lord, William QS17/1/17/8h
Loring, Samuel QS17/1/15/4b
Loring, Thomas QS17/1/17/6m
Love, John QS17/1/13A/9d
Love, John QS17/1/14/1
Love, John QS17/1/17/8c
Loveridge, Joseph QS17/1/15/4c
Lovering, George QS17/1/13/1e
Lovering, George QS17/1/17/10d
Lovering, John QS17/1/13A/13a
Lovering, Richard QS17/1/13A/2e
Lovett, John QS17/1/13A/8c
Lowman, Samuel QS17/1/17/8g
Loyd, James QS17/1/13A/7b
Lugg, George QS17/1/13A/2a
Lugg, John jun QS17/1/13A/2a
Lugg, John jun QS17/1/16/2a
Lugg, William QS17/1/15/4c
Luke, John QS17/1/13A/4c
Luke, Mark QS17/1/16/6f
Luly, Francis QS17/1/13/1e
Lumley, Arthur QS17/1/13/2
Lumley, R: QS17/1/13A/3
Luscomb, Henry QS17/1/14/1
Luscombe, Ambrose QS17/1/13A/4c
Luscombe, Edward QS17/1/13A/4c
Luscombe, John QS17/1/13/6a
Luscombe, John QS17/1/13A/8c
Luscombe, Robert QS17/1/13A/13b
Luscombe, Thomas QS17/1/13/3b
Luscombe, Thomas QS17/1/13A/4c
Luscombe, Thomas QS17/1/16/4b
Luscombe, Thomas QS17/1/17/9d
Lux, William QS17/1/13/9a
Luxmore, Henry QS17/1/13/2
Luxmore, John QS17/1/17/10g
Luxmore, John QS17/1/17/7c
Luxton, Robert QS17/1/13A/8b
Luxton, Thomas QS17/1/13/3c
Luxton, Thomas QS17/1/13A/10c
Lydgould, Thomas QS17/1/13A/4a
Lyney, Elias QS17/1/13/2
Lynzee, Richard QS17/1/14/1
Lyon, John QS17/1/15/1b