Index of Surnames. Names starting with V.

Vagg, Anne Exeter 2
Vagg, William QS17/2/6/1d
Valens, Sarah QS17/2/3/13f
Vallance, David QS17/2/2/5b
Vallet, Alice QS17/2/2/9a
Vallet, Frances QS17/2/2/4b
Vallett, James NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Vallett, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Vallett, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Vanden, John QS17/2/1/7b
Vander, Robert QS17/2/1/7a
Vanstone, Anne QS17/2/3/10
Vanstone, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/6
Vanstone, Stephen QS17/2/2/5b
Varcoe, Robert QS17/2/1/11d
Varder, Anne QS17/2/4/9a
Varder, Anne QS17/2/6/1j
Varder, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/9b
Varder, Hannah QS17/2/4/9b
Varder, John QS17/2/3/4
Varder, Mary QS17/2/3/4
Varder, Samuel jun QS17/2/4/1
Vass, Alexander QS17/2/2/2b
Vass, Joan QS17/2/5/1a
Vaughan, Andrew NDRO 2558-2/102/1.4
Vaughan, Ann QS17/2/3/9
Vaughan, Charles QS17/2/5/4a
Vaughan, Thomas QS17/2/3/1b
Vaulter, Henry QS17/2/4/3b
Vauter, Joane QS17/2/3/5
Vawdon, Hannibal QS17/2/3/12b
Vawdon, Joan QS17/2/2/5b
Vawdon, Laurence QS17/2/2/10b
Vawdon, Richard QS17/2/3/13a
Vawter, Mary QS17/2/3/1b
Vawter, Mathias QS17/2/3/2b
Veal, Agnes QS17/2/4/1
Veal, Henry QS17/2/1/11a
Veal, James NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Veal, Jarvis QS17/2/1/8
Veal, Joan QS17/2/2/1a
Veal, Margaret QS17/2/4/7c
Veal, Mary QS17/2/4/7c
Veal, Oliver QS17/2/2/7b
Veal, Susannah NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Veale, Ann QS17/2/1/12b
Veale, Arthur QS17/2/1/11d
Veale, Charles QS17/2/2/5a
Veale, Edmund QS17/2/4/2c
Veale, Elias NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Veale, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/7d
Veale, Garvis QS17/2/4/6d
Veale, George NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Veale, Jane QS17/2/4/2a
Veale, Jarvis QS17/2/1/9a
Veale, Jarvis jun QS17/2/1/8
Veale, John QS17/2/2/7b
Veale, John QS17/2/2/8
Veale, John QS17/2/2/9b
Veale, Joseph Exeter 2
Veale, Lewis QS17/2/2/7c
Veale, Lydia QS17/2/2/4a
Veale, Mary Exeter 2
Veale, Mellony Exeter 2
Veale, Oliver QS17/2/2/7d
Veale, Reynold QS17/2/2/9b
Veale, Richard QS17/2/2/7d
Veale, Richard QS17/2/2/8
Veale, Sampson QS17/2/3/13e
Veale, Susanna QS17/2/4/2c
Veale, Walter jun QS17/2/2/5a
Veale, William QS17/2/2/7c
Veale, William QS17/2/2/7d
Veare, John QS17/2/2/4b
Veare, Roger QS17/2/3/13e
Vellacot, Elizabeth QS17/2/3/12a
Vellacot, John QS17/2/3/12b
Vellacott, Anne QS17/2/2/12b
Vellacott, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/13
Vellacott, Jeffery QS17/2/2/12b
Vellacott, John QS17/2/2/10b
Vellacott, John QS17/2/2/10c
Vellacott, John QS17/2/2/12b
Vellacott, Nicholas QS17/2/2/11b
Vellacott, Richard QS17/2/2/10c
Vellacott, Sarah QS17/2/3/5
Vellacott, William QS17/2/2/10c
Vellacott, William QS17/2/2/12b
Velley, John QS17/2/2/9a
Veneer, Thomas QS17/2/2/5b
Vening, Anne QS17/2/4/9b
Vening, Robert QS17/2/4/1
Vening, William QS17/2/4/9b
Venman, Anne QS17/2/3/8b
Venn, Anne QS17/2/3/11a
Venn, Catherine QS17/2/3/8a
Venn, Edward QS17/2/2/15b
Venn, Elias QS17/2/4/3a
Venn, George QS17/2/3/4
Venn, George QS17/2/5/1a
Venn, Hugh QS17/2/3/11a
Venn, Joan QS17/2/4/3a
Venn, Joan QS17/2/5/2b
Venn, Joan QS17/2/5/3b
Venn, Joane QS17/2/5/3b
Venn, John QS17/2/2/15b (2)
Venn, John QS17/2/3/11a
Venn, John jun QS17/2/5/4a
Venn, Margaret QS17/2/3/4
Venn, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Venn, Mary QS17/2/5/2a
Venn, Mary QS17/2/5/4a
Venn, Richard QS17/2/3/3b
Venn, Richard QS17/2/5/1a
Venn, Robert QS17/2/3/1b
Venn, Robert QS17/2/3/4
Venn, Robert QS17/2/4/6b
Venn, Samuel QS17/2/3/1a
Venn, Thomas QS17/2/3/5
Venn, Thomas QS17/2/6/1a
Venn, William QS17/2/2/16a
Venner, Dorothy QS17/2/4/8b
Venner, Frances Exeter 2
Venner, Joan QS17/2/2/11b
Venner, Joane QS17/2/3/8a
Venner, John QS17/2/2/7d
Venner, John QS17/2/3/12b
Venner, Jon: QS17/2/3/8a
Venner, Margery QS17/2/3/7e
Venner, Mary Exeter 2
Venner, Robert QS17/2/2/5b
Venning, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/4b
Venning, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/1
Venning, Frances QS17/2/1/11d
Venning, Henry QS17/2/1/7a
Venning, Henry QS17/2/2/4b
Venning, John QS17/2/4/2d
Venning, Margaret QS17/2/4/1
Venning, Mary QS17/2/4/1
Venning, Robert QS17/2/2/5b
Venning, Thomas jun QS17/2/4/9a
Venning, William QS17/2/1/7a
Venning, William QS17/2/4/7a
Venning, William QS17/2/4/9a
Venning, William jun QS17/2/4/7a
Venton, Grace QS17/2/2/7c
Venton, Joane QS17/2/6/1j
Venton, John QS17/2/2/4a
Venton, John QS17/2/2/9b
Venton, Philip QS17/2/2/8
Venton, Robert QS17/2/2/5b
Veriard, Thomas QS17/2/5/4b
Vernam, Grace QS17/2/2/9b
Vernam, Jone QS17/2/2/9b
Vernam, Thomas QS17/2/2/9a
Vernham, Mary QS17/2/2/9b
Veryard, Ellis QS17/2/3/1a
Veryard, Ellis QS17/2/3/2b
Veryard, John QS17/2/3/2b
Veryard, Richard QS17/2/3/2b
Veryard, Richard QS17/2/4/8c
Veysey, Elizabeth QS17/2/4/6c
Vicary, Alexander QS17/2/3/5
Vicary, Anne QS17/2/3/6
Vicary, George QS17/2/3/13a
Vicary, Grace QS17/2/3/11a
Vicary, James QS17/2/3/11a
Vicary, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.4
Vicary, John QS17/2/3/11a
Vicary, Walter QS17/2/3/7e
Vicary, William NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Vicary, William QS17/2/3/1b
Vicary, William QS17/2/4/7c
Vicary, William QS17/2/5/3a
Viccary, Ambrose QS17/2/5/1c
Viccary, Ann NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Viccary, Edward QS17/2/5/5b
Viccary, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/1c
Viccary, James QS17/2/7/1
Viccary, Joan QS17/2/5/1c (2)
Viccary, John QS17/2/1/4
Viccary, John QS17/2/2/1c
Viccary, Mary QS17/2/2/1c
Viccary, Mary QS17/2/3/12a
Viccary, Mary QS17/2/5/2b
Viccary, Mary QS17/2/6/1j
Viccary, Mary QS17/2/7/1
Viccary, Peter QS17/2/3/12b
Viccary, Richard QS17/2/3/6
Viccary, Sarah QS17/2/3/9
Viccary, Thomas NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Viccary, William QS17/2/2/1c
Viccary?, Anthony Exeter 2
Viccory, John QS17/2/2/10c
Vickery, Francis QS17/2/2/14c
Vickery, John QS17/2/2/10c
Vicry, John QS17/2/3/11b
Vigers, John Exeter 2
Vigor, Joseph Exeter 2
Vigors, George QS17/2/2/8
Vigors, John QS17/2/2/4b
Vigors, John QS17/2/3/10
Vigors, Moab QS17/2/2/4b
Vigors, Richard QS17/2/2/4b
Vigors, Susanna QS17/2/2/8
Viguers, Elizabeth NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Viguers, John NDRO 2558-2/102/1.1
Viguers, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Vigures, Ambrose NDRO 2558-2/102/1.2
Vigures, Hugh QS17/2/2/7d
Vigures, Humphrey QS17/2/2/9a
Vigures, Jane QS17/2/2/13
Vigures, Mellis QS17/2/2/13
Vigures, Petronel QS17/2/2/7a
Vigures, Thomas QS17/2/2/7d
Vigures, Thomazin QS17/2/2/7d
Vigures, Urbanos QS17/2/2/7d
Vile, Grace Exeter 2
Vile, Oliver Exeter 2
Vincent, Elizabeth QS17/2/2/7a
Vincent, Henry QS17/2/2/17a
Vincent, James QS17/2/2/17a
Vincent, Jane QS17/2/2/7a
Vincent, Joan QS17/2/2/18
Vincent, John QS17/2/1/4
Vincent, Joseph QS17/2/2/17a
Vincent, Prudence QS17/2/2/17a
Vincent, Robert QS17/2/2/18
Vincent, Thomas QS17/2/2/17a
Vincent, William QS17/2/2/17a
Vine, James QS17/2/2/9a
Vine, John QS17/2/2/2a
Vine, John QS17/2/2/9a
Vine, Michael QS17/2/2/9a
Vine, Richard QS17/2/2/9a
Vinecomb, William QS17/2/3/11a
Vingston?, Margaret QS17/2/1/11b
Vinicomb, Catherine QS17/2/5/2d
Vinicomb, John QS17/2/3/11a
Vinicomb, Mary QS17/2/2/15b
Vinicomb, Mary QS17/2/3/1b
Vinicomb, Mary QS17/2/5/4a
Vinicomb, Nicholas QS17/2/4/5d
Vinicomb, Robert QS17/2/5/1c
Vinicomb, Sarah QS17/2/3/7e
Vinicomb, Simon QS17/2/2/16b
Vinicomb, Thomasin QS17/2/5/3b
Vinicomb, William jun QS17/2/5/3b
Vinicombe, John Exeter 2
Vinicombe, John QS17/2/3/11a
Vinicombe, John QS17/2/5/4a
Vinicombe, Katherine QS17/2/5/3b
Vinicombe, Rebecca QS17/2/2/7d
Vinicombe, Samuel QS17/2/4/7c
Vining, Redigon QS17/2/3/13e
Vinnicombe, Robert QS17/2/5/1c
Vinnicombe, William QS17/2/4/5d
Vinning, John QS17/2/1/12b
Vinning, Mary Exeter 2
Vinton, Stephen QS17/2/2/4b
Vinton, William QS17/2/2/4b
Viol, Mary Exeter 1
Vitroy, Robert QS17/2/1/11b
Vivyan, Walter QS17/2/4/5a
Vogwell, Edward QS17/2/6/1j
Vogwell, Henry QS17/2/2/5b
Vogwell, Richard QS17/2/2/5b
Vogwell, William QS17/2/2/5a
Vogwell, William QS17/2/2/8
Vogwell, William QS17/2/5/1c
Vogwill, Edward QS17/2/2/14c
Voleare, Christopher QS17/2/1/11d
Voscombe, Patience QS17/2/2/9b
Vosper, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1j
Vosper, Francis QS17/2/2/7b
Vosper, James Exeter 2
Vosper, Joseph QS17/2/5/5a
Vosper, Mary QS17/2/2/4a
Vosper, Nicholas QS17/2/2/8
Vosper, Richard QS17/2/2/7d
Voss, Elizabeth QS17/2/5/5a
Voss, Elizabeth QS17/2/6/1a
Voss, Hezekiah QS17/2/5/2b
Voss, Thomas QS17/2/2/10b
Vosse, Mary NDRO 2558-2/102/1.7
Vowler, Andrew QS17/2/2/7d
Vowler, John QS17/2/1/1
Vowler, John jun Exeter 2
Vowler, Thomas Exeter 2
Voysay, Nicholas QS17/2/2/8
Voysey, Bernard QS17/2/2/13
Voysey, Charles QS17/2/3/5
Voysey, Charles QS17/2/3/6
Voysey, Edward QS17/2/1/8
Voysey, George QS17/2/3/6 (2)
Voysey, John QS17/2/1/3b
Voysey, John QS17/2/5/2b
Voysey, Jon: QS17/2/3/7a
Voysey, Margery QS17/2/1/8
Voysey, Mary QS17/2/1/7a
Voysey, Paul QS17/2/3/1b
Voysey, Richard QS17/2/1/4
Voysey, Richard QS17/2/5/4c
Voysey, Robert QS17/2/3/5 (2)
Voysey, Robert QS17/2/3/7a
Voysey, Robert QS17/2/4/1
Voysey, Roger QS17/2/5/2a
Voysey, Thomas QS17/2/1/7a
Voysey, Thomas QS17/2/2/15a
Voysey, Thomas QS17/2/5/3b
Voysey, Thomas QS17/2/6/1a
Voysey, Tristram QS17/2/3/5
Voysey, William QS17/2/3/12b
Vye, Joan QS17/2/2/11a
Vye, Nathaniel QS17/2/2/10c
Vye, William QS17/2/2/10c (2)